Clean Water
Water Tables and Aquifers

Blue Gold and Future Wars

The largest aquifer in America stretches from the Dakota's down into Texas, it covers 174,000 square miles across eight states, and holds over 978 trillion gallons of water. Since the 1950's the Ogallala has sustained a net loss of 120 trillion gallons—11% of its volume, if drained it would take 6,000 years to refill the reservoir.

Snow and rain on land is influenced by mankind involved in agri. and industry, also the general population spreading polutants and dangerous organics or chemicals, this leaches into water tables and aquifer's of successive depth's. Clean water accounts for 3% of the total water on earth, presently 2/3 found in mountain and polar glaciers, leaving 1/3 for consumption by everything that depends on clean water.

Example of a potential problem or devestating consequence:
1. Keystone Project (BP Oil) laying a massive oil-pipleline crossing the Ogallala
2. Nuclear Dump being set up on Texas border very near the Ogallala

Terms concerning natural water movement and water condition:
  1. Aquifers - natural rock formations, which contain ground water.
  2. Recharging - The natural process of snow and rain entering and replenishing a reservoir.
  3. Eutrophication - The process of slowly filling in a water body with sediments and organic matter.
  4. Non point source - delivers pollutants indirectly through environmental changes. One way in, which this occurs, is through run-off.
  5. Pathogens - or disease producing organism.
  6. Point source - occurs when harmful substances are emitted directly into a body of water. One way in which this occurs, is when someone throws a coke can into a body of water.
  7. Pollution - to make foul or unclean; dirty.
  8. Sediments - minerals or organic matter deposited by water, air, or ice...matter which settles to the bottom a liquid.
Typical aquifer in America as found in Texas, the Texas 'Edwards Aquifer' is very important to the agri-industry from which much of our food products are grown and shipped around the entire nation. These aquifers because of growing usage are all seeing gradual depletion.

Texas by the way is one of the nations now indetifying fracking as cause of serious earth quakes, and has begun litigation. Keywords involved: Toxic torts, fracking, environmental contamination, drinking water pollution, civil litigation defense.
Another of somewhat more unusual formation is found in the South-Western area of the nation and called the Florida Aquifier.

This aquifer although salt water polluted in the very southern tip, when depleted by pumping faster than can be recharged by normal rains, points out the problem of drawing in salt water from deeper regions or shoreline into the aquifer and poluting the supply.
Ground water is the source of life...
Wealthy Buying Water reserves World Wide...
Certainly as the photo to the right shows, because of the heavy depletion by pumping great quantities of water from these aquifers, areas including Florida, Texas, Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania are experiencing ever larger sinkholes. Strange also is that these are seldom reported anywhere in the written news or covered on TV.
A very dangerous situation is now being discovered all around America, from an operation called fracking. Fracking is done by drilling wells deep within the rock mantle of earth, then shooting a sludge at up to 15,000/psi to crack up this mantle. Up to 600 chemicals are used in fracking fluid, many of the chemicals oil and gas companies are using in fracking fluids are far from safe, but thanks to the "Halliburton Loophole," fracking is exempt from the Safe Drinking Water Act. Besides dangers of Methonal shown earlier flowing from faucets, also fracking materials used in these operations, now is found caused are increasing earthquakes. Although fracturing-related earthquakes are chronic, thought to be minor, new research is showing they can be quite large and damaging. The focus of the study, a 5.7 magnitude quake near Prague, Oklahoma, damaged 14 homes and other structures in the area. States initiating lawsuits against these fracking corporations are Texas, Oklahoma, and various East Coast States.
Clean Water Problem Growing...This is not only in America but especially in areas of the world with large and growing populations, also those in Southern latitudes such as Africa where shifting weather conditions are seeing a substantial drop in rainfall...
South Americas has the third largest aquifer in the world beneath several South American nations, and being depleted at an unsustainable rate. Along with this and world powers are trying to gain control of such water sources, at the same time Rain Forest's are being eliminated for agriculture, the land mass involving considerably more acerage than needed to feed the local population. Western Mining corporations clear the land to get at the rich resources, in the process despoiling it for the peoples and tribes that live on the land.
A full scale attack by EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers to take control of all water from any source whatsoever is under way. What these agencies are attempting is an end run around water and land rights. These agencies are constructing regulations and fictional jurisdictional control. We cannot depend on our courts or the federal government to reign in and control these agencies as they are both privately owned corporations that masquerade as public service agencies. While congress may express their concerns about the police state actions being constructed, they have no authority or power to dictate what these agencies do under private contract law.

Adding to this problem is Mega-Corp 'Privitation' of Water Utulities world wide backed by agencies like IMF and World Banking institutions. This 'Blue Gold' as it becomes less in supply (clean water) is being grabbed up at the detriment of all consuming citizen's in many nations.
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