Wise and Informed Voters

       In this November 'election' when we elect representatives into our government, it should not be in dismay we realize there is no difference between Democrat and Republican members we have as choice, or that these same are already in government. To be truthful at least with our selves, there is very little difference between DEM and GOP leaders who hold the real or upper levels of power within our government.

       This all means there comes a time when Christians must remember they are not to yoke themselves with unbelievers, and of these for those not familiar concerns lies and deceit, theft, torture, murder of the innocent, contempt of law, greed and many other realities today in our government. This does not even include Treaties, Laws and Constitution broken in darkness and in secret. Is this all due to the (present) Administration, both DEM and GOP leaders were as much in complicity in creating our present rogue government. The answer is that both DEM/GOP have been in complicity selling out our nations and our future.

       Are our choices this November only between these "lesser of two evils?" Surely it is obvious for many decades we have been deceived, we should know by now choices are not limited between DEM and GOP only, and the wise (or now wiser) should look to the future as most before did not. Is one political party saintly to a fault, and the other the servant's of Satan on earth? I will say in clear conscience and without worry of judgment that both political parties have proven their works, and of those important, these are the same that created out present rogue government.

       It is time to stop being locked into a mindset that is damned if you do, and damned if you don't. It is time to step outside of this lockstep, and begin as best of our abilities to regain control of a government that no longer represents the people or nation. Beginning in the removing of men in government as described above can best do this, this will also allow removing agents that have been embedded within our government that are part of this whoredom. This will be accomplished not by playing their game of "lesser" again, or by continuing in lockstep with one or the other of these lesser evils. Instead it will begin by removing in every election men who by their deeds reveal their "lesser" purposes, whether DEM or GOP, or any other detriment to America.

       At this point there is no doubt our present rogue government is very dangerous, not because of one man, but because many appointed into un-elected positions of power, and where they proved they are servants of an elite few. This includes weak men in the (GOP) Legislature who did not protect the citizens of this nation, also the (DEM) Legislative leaders who were in collusion with this evil, it also includes out Supreme Court. The removal of all GOP and DEM who were part of this past evil (in) America must be a great concern in November for all voting citizens.

       False and empty promises are easy to make, these include political 'platforms' once used to get into Office. Please look to tomorrow, weighing the background deeds and tangible results of these government representatives, not just their empty words. The danger of our rogue government must be removed; the best way is to elect Third Party candidates to clean out the Washington-DC whorehouse, terminating illegal and unconstitutional laws, and returning (our) US Constitution and Bill of Rights and identifying WHO are our true enemy in the world.

       It does not end there; it is only a beginning, citizens of this nation must learn to discern lies from truth. It took many years for evil to develop control of our government; it will take years and multiple elections for this nation to get rid of such control and once again establish (as much as possible) a Democracy 'of the people'.

       As a person who decided that first comes God and my commitment to Him, with this said please understand whether you are a believer or not, in this life you will best be served by a government with ethic's and a moral character, or by a dictatorial often heard called the New World Order. Our government and Democracy was not religious before, nor will it be after taking back our nation. As assurance, God does not rule today in mans government's, He rules in the heart of man. Does God establish all rulers and authorities, yes, and of the government we have today, here is found ample reason to worry about that which we deserve. For those who don't understand, read in the Bible about the evil spirit God sent between a people and their leader who also usurped power.

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