One of the oft-used analogies to describe money in itself as evil, is taken out of context, this being the story of the coin Jesus was asked if we should pay as taxes to Caesar. Jesus knew the hypocrisy of the question, and asked that they show him the coin. Jesus then asked whose image they found upon the coin. When their response was Caesar, Christ then said, give unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and unto God that which is God's. At this time was understood not the coin for Temple tax every male above a certain age must pay.

In this context, the image upon the coin was Caesar's, directing attention to the person of Caesar. Caesar was a king and also a man, yet he reigned with power over the Hebrew nation, he also reigned as a god. He was of course a false god, the image upon the coin was a false god, so it is that this false god and his image are tributes to themselves. Paying taxes is not paying tribute to false god's, but a duty that God calls upon his people to understand.

It does not mean that Christians must offer false idols to false gods. Obedience to God Jehovah is that we render in peace that which is called for such as taxes, for it is God who establishes all rulers and authority. It is when greater value is placed upon false value systems such as money, rather than upon love and obedience to our supreme God, that money or false values become our god. It is at this point that money will become our root of evil, and we become slaves to a false god. The greater lesson here on 'authority' is to know the authority you serve. If you place greater value upon things of this earth than obedience to God who is the supreme authority, these earthly things become the false god you serve.

It must be remembered that God Jehovah did not say honor all god's, but if you owe then give in value that which you are indebted, understand you are not selling your soul to pay taxes. A thief and burglar may come to rob and steal, but only a fool willingly offers treasures safely hidden. So it must be remembered that God is the Creator of all, and out of His great abundance He provides for our needs. In this present world money is a method of exchange, if exchange of coin is required, it should be remembered that God has provided.

All teachings must be in accordance with Gods Word, and if doubt exists the teaching must be compared with the word of God. Learn what the Lord wants you to submit and how you are to submit. Learn what the Lord wants you to honor and how you are to honor. Do not blindly or in ignorance submit to and honor in a manor which you should not. If you are unsure of what is required, then surely find a mature Christian who can give you the answer.

Beware of the teacher who uses scripture out of context, saying God wants us to honor all authorities and Caesar's in like fashion, here is what God said in Matt 22:10.."Give to Caesar what is Caesar's...

...and to God what is God's."
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