2 Cor 10:3-5
For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does.
The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary,
they have divine power to demolish strongholds.
We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up....

        Mans evolution of war now has little resemblance to the days of old. The battle of fist and might gave way to weapons, weapons to logistic and intelligence, until weapons and their use fell to the creativity of the mind alone.

        The history of mans wars began with the clenched fist of physical combat. Yet creative man was never to be limited by another's advantage in strength or stature, soon the equalizer of club and projectile entered the arsenal of combatant advantage.

        Yet for every new weapon added to advantage, counter weapon were soon developed. Thus evolved the creativity in advantage called logistics, concepts such as spearhead and wedge, pincer and commando, measure and counter-measure. Concepts in which any and all advantage were used for control, limiting and enabling only disadvantage to the enemy.

        It was at this stage when man realized that the most important part of war was not upon the battle field with gun and cannon, but within the very minds of all involved. Soon a new word was added to our language, propaganda. It was a word meaning both truth and lie, with it you could totally undermine your enemy and his ability to fight war, and at the same time place your own forces into a state of fighting frenzy. Many gun and cannon might still be used, but a single word could now destroy an entire nation.

        We have come a long way from the old Chinese 'water torture' (of bending the mind), beyond the 'amazing truth' (of telling a lie often and long enough that it is accepted as truth), we are presently in the period which I call the 'bent-truth'. In our present era truth is diluted with lies and lies with truth, and when confusion rules, both are used for advantage of those in power.

        But those who desire this power must now control information, and to control information requires a great wealth. Information like individual thought is as nebulous as air which surrounds this earth. In the quest to control information, a small local power is unseated by those of greater national power, and national power by those whose power is international.

        We must now look not only for information, but most importantly for truth, for it is truth that sets men free. For those of discernment, all wars both past and present were described best in the Bible, and in detail within 2 Cor. 10. If you have truly followed history and the (evolution) of man, true wars have always been a war from within, instigated by evil without. The Bible has given ample warning that as man evolves (within), his nature will be to lose these wars. So truth and lie converge as man discovers that the enemy has been met and he if adopting the ways of the world are the enemy. The Bible also says that in this end time, in the very last days Satan with his Fallen Angel and Nephilim will come and reign over earth and man (for a short time).

        Good men have no fear in this world, as the Word has always ruled, and His Son is the Savior to all those who endure and keep His faith.

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