What I Learned
From Ecclesiastes
and Life

        There is an old saying important and key to this study, it is expressed saying, the more I learned I learned the less I know. Simple logic would indicate you do not learn less by learning more, certainly suggesting there must be a deeper meaning to this simple adage. In this context of being a deeper meaning, I followed a teaching similar as admonished by Christ, the need for validating everything taught and learned, validating every spirit and word against truth. So began my study and research to validate what I had been taught as educated in the world. What I learned was that much I had learned in the world was false, untrue, perhaps innocent as imagined by historian, regardless contrary to true historic fact... so I discovered in validating what I had learned less, from what I had learned before, was truth.

        I have discovered in this context that to learn it is necessary not to be surprised, surprised in that all you have understood before is invalid, based upon incomplete as false or deceptive information. This may sound a little strange, but without validating the more you learn, the result may well be the more misinformed you become. In this world, suspected lies may hide more truth than historic document, laws and governing may serve a purpose other than purpose they were espoused. In this world, it may be easier finding truth in suspected lies, than sifting through a mountain of accepted fact. What you do not know is more important than what you do know.

        Christians need become aware concerning the method of Satan and his servants, in mixing 'truth' with 'lies', and spewing both at the same time. Called by some the tactic of 'thesis against antithesis', the result to confuse those unaware and unprepared, and when eventually revealed when needed, causing doubt even of truth. Today the establishments of man on earth, government and often religious bodies have been infiltrated as Christ warned, yet few church leader or congregation warning that needed precaution might be taken. Among precaution Christ taught, have nothing to do with the fruits of darkness, but rather expose them... this is evident and sorrily lacking among most Christian churches today.

        There is one exception, I am thankful that essentially all I have learned from the Bible has proven profoundly and unalterably true. I am thankful the word of God is spiritually discerned, and no man outside the will of God may change its message nor meaning. There are men who are similar to Satan the Devil, sometimes called Lucifer, who although able to quote scripture effortlessly, have no understanding of Gods word. I am encouraged that a simple man in this world may learn more from God than a wise man. A wise man of this world may strain over every word and symbol in the Bible, while God gives a faithful fool great revelation.

        I have found this truth in my search for wisdom and knowledge. All wisdom and knowledge of man is foolishness as God has called it. The greatest discoveries man has ever made, reveal only another portion of what exists within Gods creation. The wisest man on earth is a fool if he does not have God in his life, and the further mankind strays from God, the greater error they suffer. It is more important to be obedient to God in one thing, than to inherit all the treasures on earth. It is more important to do one thing God asks, than to find acceptance by all those around us.

        I have also begun to understand the difference between the natural world of understanding, and the much different spiritual world of understanding. In the natural world we learn from redundant memorization of that gathered from the natural world. In the spiritual world it requires the Holy Spirit to impart or deposit spiritual truth called spiritual discernment. This spiritual truth then needs be understood in spiritual context, giving understanding such as 1 Cor 2:14-15 "But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man." This spiritual discernment at first presents a learning difficulty, for maturity comes by renewing of our mind from the ways of the world. The ways of God are so different than the ways of man, in our own time truth brings understanding already imparted and existing within.

        What I have found in life is how few know of the important wisdom we are commanded to have, this disclosed when the Lord said, I am sending you out like sheep among wolves, therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. I find very few church leaders or Christians have prepared themselves as commanded. Secular man would call this becoming informed, and in this need even secular man knows that when absent, allows being led astray. This absence will in time as the bible warns, result in the love of many growing cold.

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