Tribulations and Rapture

        There are two words used often today referring to Biblical times, these two words are Tribulation and the Rapture. Tribulation is generally used in referring to conditions in the very last of days or the 70th prophetic week, however scripture calls this the time of Desolations, when Christ opens the abyss beginning desolation. The very end of this desolation period or last 3 1/2 years is also referred to as the Apocalypse.

        Desolation is described as beginning with the release of Satan, leading to armies of Satan called Gog and Magog that surround 'The Camp of the People' (Jerusalem or Israel) and begin their attack. The chosen remnant in Rev-20 are called those who come out of the Great Tribulations, this would be the first half of the 70th week, the last half concerns the wrath and curses that God pours out as punishment, scripture clearly tells us God does not punish the innocent. Many things lead up to and are before the release of Satan and the attack of Israel, among these are wars we now have including acts of nature. Tribulations or troubles occurring today before the 70th week are common act's of man and nature told of in John 16:33 "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." These ordinary Tribulations will climax and begin the prophetic 70th week called Desolations, before this during our ordinary tribulations Christ tells us in Mark 13:8 " Such things must happen but the end is still to come...These are the beginning of birth pains", indicating ordinary tribulations grow eventually into the disasters and desolations of the 70th week.

        The second word often used is Rapture, this being found no where within the Bible, the language of Revelation describing this event in symbology, being salvation guaranteed with the seal of the Holy Spirit, called the Coming of Christ before judgment to gather the faithful yet living. The importance of this regarding the beginning of Desolations is as a time of spiritual gathering, and this before the (observed) appearance of either Satan or Christ, take note that Christ makes His (Return) appearance after the release of Satan from the abyss. Rapture in itself is a very generic term, if the 'Coming of Christ' to gather His people is a rapture, then there is also another rapture, this being when Satan described in 2-Thess 2:3 using deception gathers a people who receive the mark of the beast. The importance is that these destination's or gathering's are determined during our lifetime by either accepting or rejecting the Savior, the word Rapture deserving no significant attention.

        During the apparent first half of desolation is required the mark of the beast for commerce and living, two Witnesses of old brought to the streets of Jerusalem where they cannot be killed as they prophesy and teach, also 144,000 are brought forward to evangelize, these later very likely Messianic for the nations where the chosen are scattered. During the first half of the prophetic seven year period is a short and false peace that will exist, soon the abomination will result and the armies of Gog and Magog will start forming around the camp (Jerusalem or Israel) of Gods people, when formed are a sign that desolation for Jerusalem is near. This will also be a time that the servants of Satan (the wicked) prepare the way for the appearance of their Lord, a time of increased spiritualism when the False Prophet and Beast will soon appear. Desolation of the prophetic 70th week then is when Christ unlocks the abyss, and as scripture describes, smoke rises as from a furnace.

        The above concern and understanding might be due to interpretation's regarding the first resurrection. Scripture describes this first resurrection as after Christ crucified and goes into the depth (Sheol), after preaching or proclaims, rises in victory over death leading captives (meaning the souls of those redeemed) in captivity. These would be the Upright and righteous of the Old Covenant, the same who God promised resurrection. The Apostle Paul began his teaching saying that after the crucifixion of Christ for (both the Upright and redeemed through faith) thereafter instead of going into Sheol to wait judgment, go immediately to be with the Lord in heaven. This is as the thief upon the cross next to Christ, being promised he would be in Paradise today with Christ, not to confuse Gods Paradise as a paradise of Sheol (grave). The Lord is present in all of creation even Sheol, however the thief was promised not paradise of Sheol but Paradise meaning heaven. Although a day with the Lord might mean a thousand years, even this period has by now passed, the thief at this time would then be in heaven, among the souls John tells of seeing below the alter.

        Martyrdom in this context does not require beheading or similar violent deaths. We are told during our lives there will be trials, tribulations, and spiritual war. In these the martyr is he who stands fast in faith not defeated in sin, meaning they do not receive the mark of the beast. Regarding these martyr's Paul describes as those in heaven seated on thrown's given authority to judge (and) in addition those beheaded for their faith, adding that they (indicating both) had not worshiped the beast or his image or received the mark of Satan on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years, think of this as being our present earth age, and the soul's set free being from Adam and Eve until the end of this earth-age. The second resurrection from Hell will be the unredeemed, remembering scripture says at the Return of Christ (observed), he sends His angels to gather (all) of the saints from the four corners of heaven. The Thousand or Millennium then is this earth age of the salvation period when the saints are gathered each in their time into heaven. These saints after gathered are given authority to judge, Paul said in [1 Cor 6:2] do you not know that the saints will judge the world, indicating not a few or a special few, instead by saying "the saints" indicating essentially all saints. In the end then is the second resurrection being the wicked remaining that by this time have all been cast back into the Lake of Burning Sulfur (Hell), this begins final judgment concluded in the Lake of Fire and is the second death.

        Both those of faith from the Old Covenant of Law (living by faith), and those of faith from the New Covenant, these after death by grace would be the souls described in Revelations as the souls beneath the alter. These souls ask when judgment will begin, they are given a white robe, then told to wait for the last that will die as they had and who would then fulfill the souls in heaven. The robe these soul's receive would apparently be the robe's of righteousness, given as reward for the works of righteousness. This gives symbolic meaning to the spiritual heaven and Temple of God, John saying that in the city he saw no Temple within the New Jerusalem in heaven, that God and the Lamb (Christ) are the Temple. This further gives meaning to the only Temple God will now reside, being His saints and Paradise in heaven, the Sanctuary God has made with His own hands. And regarding the Temple measurement John is told to make, being Temple, Alter, Worshipers, excluding Outer Court given to Gentiles, this is in the New Jerusalem and is the supernatural or Spiritual Temple. Later both an angel and John measure instead the city of God with a golden reed. During judgment and before the new heavens and earth is the desolation some call the Apocalypse, compared to the time of creation so turbulent as not seen since creation, and never to be seen again.

        The meaning of this desolation must be looked for in scripture of both Old and New Testaments. There will be only one return of Christ known as the second coming. Among description's of this is the sequence in Revelations described as seeing a throne coming down from heaven with the Lord sitting upon the throne, here at this time the heavens and earth flee and have no place, fairly obvious in meaning that in creation the old order meaning old heaven and earth is no longer found. This agrees with different scripture describing the devastation of judgment when the old order of heaven and earth perish or pass away in destruction along with all the wicked. Within both the Old Testament(Isa 65) and New Testament(Rev 21) are mention of this new creation or making all things new. Paul it may be remembered saying since everything will be destroyed in this manner (of the old order of heaven and earth), we should all make ready ourselves for the return of Christ and the new heavens and earth, the place of righteousness.

        Concerning the temple some say must be built (or rebuilt) before the Lord returns, of such a Temple there is found no reference in the New Covenant. The Archangel in Daniel describes a sanctuary within a wing-edge or border area that is destroyed, this sanctified place could only be within the remnant of Herods Temple. The archangel Michael describes instead these end time events as concerning the rebuilding of Jerusalem, and almost in after though mentions a sanctuary that will be destroyed in Jerusalem. Do Christian leaders believe the Land of Promise (for eternity) and the Temple will have an alter where blood-sacrifice is made for sins. The only Temple's described in the Old Testament that were built (or should have been built) in this earth age, today are found only as remnant and no longer exist. We are told in Haggai 2:9 "The glory of this latter house shall be greater than that of the former, says the Lord of hosts; and in this place I will give peace, says the Lord of hosts." Compare this with the man made Israel of today, and the Rabbi of old (70AD-1900) that warned Israel and the Temple can only be re-established when the Messiah returns.

        Do the end days of desolation fulfill Gods promise, 'in this place I will give everlasting peace?' The later house being greater is in reference to the heavenly Temple or Sanctuary of God that He will establish on the New Heavens and New Earth within the New Jerusalem, of the former in this earth age some call a millennia are the earthly Temple's built by man that Pass Away to be remembered no more. And as Paul confesses prophetically about the old Jerusalem in Heb 13:14 "For here we do not have an enduring city, but we are looking for the city that is to come." In the New Heaven and New Earth where is found the New Jerusalem, concerning these the Bible says in Ps 10:16 "The LORD is King for ever and ever; the nations will perish from his land."

        Regarding those of whom God calls the chosen people, these still scattered around the world with approximately 80% preferring to live outside of Israel, most being found in such places as the America's and Europe among other Western nations. Of all these chosen, God still calls them a rebellious people, God also calls the Gentile nations of these end or last days as the generation turning ever more rebellious. The New Testament tells about the Promised Land and of the many who have died before seeing it. This Promised Land is described in Heb 11:15-16 "If they had been thinking of the country they had left, they would have had opportunity to return. Instead, they were longing for a better country-a heavenly one." This Promised Land has trees with life giving fruit, having living water flowing in a river from the throne, also new imperishable and spiritual bodies walk with Peter, Abraham, Moses and Christ, can you even imagine anything like this in our present earth age. Everything made new describes instead a spiritual garden as was Eden, so vastly different we are told it is beyond our imagination compared to anything within this present earth.

        Why then do some Christian leaders call the gathering into Israel today being done by man as fulfilling the good purpose called the prophetic promise of God. Isn't it obvious (who) is gathering many innocent Jewish into Israel today; the great majority being secular, and although not fulfilling Gods good purpose shall fulfill Gods prophesied will. With even the most amateurish research into conditions of Israel today, this has disclosed growing and serious moral, ethic and economic problems, a secular-Zionist government of mostly non-religious minority who guide unwisely with vindictive and egregious deceit. Poverty in Israel growing as in America where many do not share in what economic growth there is, but instead see worsening costs in living, also complaining of criminal charges against leaders growing worse each year. Where growing corruption and organized crime is responsible for much killing, and these criminal organizations spreading into other nations including America. One Jewish weekly newspaper of New York in 10/5/2005 reported crime within Israel, saying per-capita they were forth among Western nations, with more Jewish people killed that year by other Jews than by the Palestinians. An Israeli politician saying that inequality and poverty were the most serious strategic problem's facing the nation of Israel, and not their neighbors.

        Who today has the largest terrorist operation within that part of the world, isn't it America. Did you know Winston Churchill was the first man to give permission in using poison gas on Iraqi civilians in 1925, this deemed necessary when Iraqi revolted against being under the domination or false cloak being colony-status put upon them by the League of Nations. Where are the wise men of today, knowledgeable with the wisdom and discernment of the Lord? Do you remember the warning of our Lord before sending out in service those He had chosen. Here is what the Lord said in Matt 10:15-16 "I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves. " A good reporter takes his as concerning 'Who, What, Where, Why, and When' regarding subject.
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