As horticulture developed into present day vocations, many parts of nature became available to our knowledge and use. With each new understanding in nature came greater abilities in plant beauty and productivity. To some the simple characteristic such as bloom was sufficient, to the crop producer it was increase of quantity and quality. As with all new understanding, each has led also to new questions and at times new problems. The effects have been diverse, touching both individuals and nations of the world. Today we reach even beyond breeding and grafting; soon we will enter the threshold of genetic building and altering.

So what does this mean to those who believe in the Almighty God, for the Lord used this nature to impart His knowledge and wisdom? God used for example the simple analogy of a tree, a guide as how we may judge a tree by the fruit it produces. What now may a simple person do, as he may see both lemons and apples growing on what may appear to be a thorn bush.

Has the discernment of those who are to be witness kept up with the horticulture of today? Now we profess greater knowledge about plant life yet, do we really consider that in fact the earth is part of the plant? How much discernment does it take to realize that the earth upon which we live is complex, or that action in one place effect life in another? There is theory that the movement of a single grain of sand would eventually effect the entire earth, this being the observations and hardships that become the wisdom of man.

It has always been hard to understand why there so much evil, why there is so much pain and suffering upon this earth. Yet just as the theory of man explains how a grain of sand may effects us all, so God also teaches that greed and selfish concern for only our own needs will effect the entire world around us. Indeed, how many problems within this world are due to acts of nature caused by no man, and what problem and imbalance in nature might have been prevented by a wise man? Remember that when God finished creation on the sixth day, He looked at all creation and said it was "very good." We are stewards of Gods creation, a wise man saves in good times planning for times of want, a fool wastes the needs of many.

Who in this nation is not aware of the great worldwide importation of raw materials needed to fill our cup to overflowing? There is no one who can argue that our nation was not blessed with cup to overflowing. With this knowledge, consider the problem in which one man must diet to save his life, and another who must eat to prevent starvation. Or another in which the starving from one part of the world provide raw materials to built machines for harvesting the bounty in another part of the world. Who in this world is the lesser, those who give much and receive little, or those who take much and give little? It is out of the earth that our blessings come, then is wanton waste of both life and resource not an act of a fool?

Is it a Godless nation which advances by extracting greater and greater bounty at unknown cost to the entire earth. Who would increase greater and more beautiful produce with ever increasing demand of quality, without expecting to return some of earth's needs? Would only a Godless nation continue to take in this manner and still call it divine blessing. Do the Spirit filled in this nation fail to see inequities spanning this entire earth. The evolutionist knows that the pendulums will eventually swing back from imbalance, the Godly knows that the Lord will halt this pendulum forever.
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