Listen to a warning about our Spiritual war. Listen to a warning about Spiritual Discernment. Look around you, can you tell the Signs of the Times.

        Our spiritual war is not in voting for a political party, nor policy on abortion or prayer. Our Spiritual War is knowing the differences between good and evil, being diligent not to become deceived into fighting the symptoms of sin, rather than sin itself. For it is possible to fight the symptom, the results of evil, while sin itself is unresolved and continues uncontested. Surely the servants of darkness and evil are to be revealed, those who are of the deceiver who lead others astray. But as light and salt we are to just as importantly reveal the way to the lost, being the preserving salt upon this earth.

        How could the churches in America have been led so astray. Christ sent his church out into the world as examples, to be witnesses and peacemakers. Why instead are we becoming law-givers, as thought more law leads to righteousness. Hasn't the Lord shown us that the law is to convict sinners of their sin. Convicting sinners is not what Christ sent us into the world to accomplish, we are to be examples of Gods mercy and forgiveness of sins. We are to be example of the Lords power and authority, of a steadfast love that is faithful and fulfilling, knowing both our needs and our weaknesses. Witnesses of hope where there is no hope, and instead of sin that leads to death, salvation with everlasting life.

        Abortion is not the battle we are fighting in this world. Abortion is the result, just as the deed itself is the culmination of a war; abortion is the point beyond which the battle was lost. Bibles and prayer in school is not the problem we are fighting, nor is adding more laws, witnesses of Gods righteousness and disciplining the world around us is what God has commanded. Who do we serve as witnesses by demanding our own rights, how have our contributions helped others find Gods grace through Christ. What does the world around us see in our lives, that they would find as need in their own life.

        How have we come this far yet cannot recognize what is spiritual and how the spiritual battle is fought. God gave us arms, legs, and a brain. Why do we always think that we must retire into a closet to do spiritual battle? Why have we listened to men mouth reverence and abortion decrees, who then turn to the spiritual wickedness from which evil sin arises? Look at how these false leaders wink in darkness at true sin, and with inner evil plot with the vilest sinners who bring more sin into the lives of everyone.

        How often have we known in our hearts that some purpose or method was wrong, but allowed these leaders to hide behind screens of righteousness? How much evil must we allow before all discernment is lost to us. Why may we partake in this same evil without fear of the sin we commit? Where is our faith, we have the body of the church which has all parts needed. Yet where was the preparation for the battle, surely no one goes to battle unprepared.

        If we know only how to pray in battle we leave much of the fighting to others, for unless we are in the battle, we will acquire precious little knowledge discerning purpose or need. The world of sin is not invisible to us, even without faith. The Lord helps us in prayer when words fail us, he brings those who are obedient to the places of need. Our fight is not only from the outside, or on the outside, evil tries to enter through our weaknesses. Sin has been committed in commission and omission, but not before the battle.

        How far has this nation traveled down the road of sin? With all of its greatness and riches, what did it truly accomplish? Did the nation lust after more wealth and riches, or do the poor of the world call us ugly for no reason. Is it blessing which we now have, then why do the poor of the world curse us and our villainous leaders who made them slave to provide our blessings. Did we support our leaders because of what they might do for us, or were we working for our brothers and sisters all over the world. Did we speak out against evil when it was in high places, for this is where our heart should be.

        This is where the Spiritual battles will be fought, the places of greatest importance. When our brother is thirsty, thirst is the place of highest importance. Where there is sickness, this is the place of highest importance. Where there is the smallest to largest need, these are the highest places. If we were to only pray for each other, why did Christ speak so often of our helping those in need? Christ took care of our Spiritual and Physical needs in teaching us, He then said that we would do the same and more. Remember what He said about those who failed to understand His example and teaching.

        The Lord said, "do not cast your pearls before swine." The 'Pearl' is our treasure of great importance, what do we consider important, and what significance will it be to others. Today the American Church has sold its voice into silence, a tax deferment was found of great importance. Today we accept the vast importations of 3rd world (slave labor) merchandise, and discern it to be Gods blessings. Has the church become mature, and as wise as the serpent, but as innocent as the dove. How long can the Lord ignore such blindness from an entire nation. Do we not daily have Gods warning, awake o'sleeper, for the time draws nigh.
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