This nation has witnessed a tremendous increase of people in need, among these not long ago living as gay or homosexual suffering serious Aids problem related also with the drug addict. These demanding not only total national effort in research to eradicate aids, but also special laws to guarantee their lifestyles, which in fact are root and cause of their problems. Submitting to these demands which include special recognition and laws would require drastic altering or negating the basic ethic and moral principle upon which many generations worked in establishing as foundation our present nation. At present it is estimated 2-3% of this nations population live a gay lifestyle, many other estimates are offered, however these at most are imagined rather than based upon present day facts.

       Many are being used today as they express their love and charity for this suffering people within our society. Of the mature who offer help, are ridiculed for believing and stating that abuse of drugs and sex is not only wrong, but has followed a path that wisdom and reality predicts. Promiscuity against moral and natural law has caused suffering (i.e. aids and death) beyond themselves to others who are innocent of those suffering aids and family issues. Giving in to these demands will not change the error caused by immature emotional development, nor help others also falling victim during the stressful and uncertain period of childhood development.

       Humanity has developed during collective history not only because of biological facts of life, but also because man has learned from life to successfully continue our race. Although we all start life from infancy in an imperfect world, still most learn and mature with enough ability to become a successful part of society. Today we have many books covering physical and physiological development; these are the collective wisdom of man, which warn that a person will grow and mature properly, or that the immature person shall become a problem to himself and society. In this later regard come expressions such as Tough Love or Lasting Love. These express an old and true concept that many things we may want in life are not always best for us. No one argues that the obese should eat all they can hold, or that alcoholics drink all that they can hold. It is warning for both victim and enabler that there are times when what we want is not what we need, but are difficult times of right and wrong.

       No more evident of difficulty in establishing right and wrong, need and want, is the period of childhood. A child's first experience with their own sexuality is a time of confusion and misunderstanding. Love must be taught as more than indulgence of need, also to learn the difference of relationships between love and sex. Love is not needed in sex, nor does organism require a sexual partner, but life continues because of a meaningful relationship. In reaching adulthood, paternal and sibling relations may be temporarily left behind as we leave home, yet are instinctively replaced by individuals within our New World. Unresolved childhood fears or lack of sexual development will continue throughout life and it's many stages, it is a sick world that will adapt. Throughout mans history there have been births of both man and animal with physical abnormalities in gender, yet these are extreme rarities compared to the gender error originating in the mind. Within this later group, although many false premises have tried to prove connection beyond imagination, to date none stand scrutiny of scientific nor wise reasoning.

       With the new concepts of modern principle and morality, it has become common for individuals and groups to attempt to justify and accept almost anything. Their most important yardstick is does it make you feel good (or, is it good for you). In this regard homosexuality and/or drugs are accepted with all the misconception and contradictions involved. As a result of the confusion and error, many have become desensitized to this abnormal lifestyle, calling it an alternative condition for two people in love, whose sexual relation is only a by-product of need. The question that arises in the situation of homosexuals, if this is true love and commitment, then why did rampant aids follow so closely at first with this group and also drug users who shared indiscriminately their drug paraphernalia.

       Most have learned the different ways we love; we love our parents, brothers and sisters, husband or wife, friends, children, and ice cream. Few entirely forget their childhood, when glands and hormones become active and they became embarrassed by their own appearance, especially during girl and boy encounters. When sexual experimentation may have occurred between same-sex best friend, or boasting to the limits and error of imagination. Most out grow these fears or errors of imagination as they learn the difference between need and want, responsibility and purpose, respect and true love. A mature person discovers that the most important sex organ of the body is the brain, that control of their life will enable them to become and enjoy all that they work for and earn in life. A mature person also understands that sexual delusions or fantasy may lead to sorrow or loss, and that nothing is gained by comparing the homosexual with a promiscuous heterosexual, nor enacting special laws to legalize either. That there is definite correlation between both drug misuse and homosexual activity where the dreaded disease aids is rampant. That it is doubly sad when the young or innocent become victim because of the weakness of others.

       There are also people who have not matured beyond errors of childhood, in grown men it is noticed in what is referred to as 'locker-room talk'. Other conditions such as an introverted child may reach adulthood free of sexual problems, yet still have feelings of inferiority with people in general. Again a child may have developed such an inferiority or hate of the opposite sex, that in adulthood they express themselves in sexual excess or abuse. It is possible that there may be more problem of sexual confusion than there are people, yet there is no confusion that by nature we are sexual and that the race continues in this manner. To some sex is justified as a need, to those who justify life; it is a loving commitment and means.

       Recently a surgeon or scientist discovered a peculiarity in the brain stem of a homosexual, differing from that of a heterosexual. Environment or actions within the environment was apparent cause, the problem of accepting speculation that the difference was genetic is that this does not fit accepted science. The evolutionist believes that mankind is all a product of natural selection, in this case the homosexual in mating with same sex would not pass along this gene. Of the closet or by-sexual, diminishing numbers still result when his gene is not dominant in the mating, even in the theory of throwback the same diminishing number will result.

       Many things occur because of our genetic makeup, male and female gender is accepted as one. To date operations, emotions, intellect, nor changing laws has yet to have been found to change sexual gender. What genetic altering will change in the future is unknown at this time; it is very possible that the emotional and sexually immature will still not be satisfied. This does not justify those who claim the Holy Bible teaches us to hate or hurt people who have fallen into this error. The truth is the Bible teaches we have all fallen short of its teaching, and to love these people without adding error to others or ourselves. The teachings of evolution often take great leaps of faith in assumption from small fragments of the distant past, yet there does not seem to be much difference between my (great-great-great-great-great) grandfather and myself. I am grateful for discoveries enabled from existence and nature, which enable healthier and longer life, against this 'adaption' I find no argument.


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