The church's need rebuke, those leaders of the church that teach in error. Many church's today teach about authority as though there were no difference between earthly and spiritual authority. As though there were no difference between Godly authority, and ungodly authority. Certainly God establishes all authority, most certainly all authorities are not within the will of God, although all authority serve the will of God. Here should be remembered a people and a man who together schemed to make a man king, accomplished by murdering those who were then in authority. And when this was done God then sending an evil spirit between these people and their new king.

        Does this mean that all authority are serving the man of God, most certainly not. Who would even think that authority who are servants of Darkness have Godly interests for the obedient man of God. God commands we respect the offices and authority (king) that he establishes, yet God does not ask we worship earthly authority or honor the sins that may exist within the office and authority (king). Here dangerous error is taught, for in error we may become indebted and accept or condone the sin of an office holder that we should not. Instead we are commanded to be as wise as a serpent and as innocent as doves, surely this tells us we must have discernment that comes only from correct teaching regarding authorities, knowing without doubt if contention exists God is the supreme authority.

        Some teach that Michael in not slandering Satan over the body of Moses, in so doing was correctly passive before the authority of Satan. This is false teaching, the teaching was that the Archangel Michael who was in dispute with Satan over the body of Moses did not use slander, but with authority of the Lord said "the Lord rebuke you." A teacher must learn the difference between the authority of God that spiritual man may invoke, and the foolishness or slandering that natural or carnal man may invoke. Have you been taught you are defenseless before spiritual darkness, then you are dangerously taught error. Am I building up your pride describing powers self derived, no the natural man in himself is almost powerless, yet the spiritual man who is in the will of the Lord will have all authority and power needed.

        The time is coming and is already here when lie will be mixed with truth and truth with lie- until only those mature in the Lord will know the difference. Nor will the servant of Satan know lie from truth, the servant himself involved in deception until believing their own lies. In the generation of rebellion God will send a great delusion to all wanting to believe a lie, so they may believe their lie, we may have now moved into this generation that will next lead directly into the time of desolation. This is the time the church must come into total dependence upon the Lord, the times will be evil and as prophesied in the last of end days, false prophets, teachers, and brethren along with dark spirits and demons will lead many astray.

        Whose will do you serve, has Gods work within you prepared you to will and act in fulfilling His good purpose? Do you know Gods will, do you have Gods words within you, what treasure have you stored within your heart? Do you know the power and authority which is of God? We are to be peacemakers, in this we must wear the full armor of God to fight a spiritual war. Both will be accomplished on this earth, each with a gift(s) of God will do their part within their own lifetime. The Bible is Gods Inspired word, the Bible is Spiritually discerned. The most common man may have the word of God within him. Feast upon the word of God, drink its water of everlasting life, step out in faith and stand.
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