In present time there is emerging from necessity, a world in which undeveloped nations will no longer stay a people used and subjugated by the super powers of the world. Anticipating the direction and rebellion of these previous colonies and protectorates, the power brokers within the developed nations began early in the nineteenth century to realign priorities needed to retain power and dominion.

>As it became impossible to preserve the imbalance of plundered and servile third world nations along side the glutted Western Block power centers, industries from the affluent began to be shipped into these lesser points where existed the raw materials and cheap labor force. After the Second World War, entire nations of East Germany and Japan became the experimental locations for establishing this dominance.

>When it became apparent that Communism would not last as Evil Empire excuse for Deep Black Covert controls, it became necessary to prevent previous war-fodder in Europe and America from rebelling to their now lesser roles of advantage. To this end was begun the undermining of foundations and institutions of these nations. Drugs, moral degradation, corruption and disruption of social order were begun within every framework and social level. Removal of large segments of industry to advantages of third world nations helped divide peoples into ineffectual groups who were encourage to fight over symptoms rather than actual problems. Misinformation and control of news gathering was possible at the same time in the form of propaganda. It appears that mind control has reached a state of art, that most if not all who are subject will not only accept incredibly obvious error, but will become extremely angry at anyone who begins to prove how obvious the error is.

>At some period in the near future, it may prove necessary to enact laws very close to Big Brother, a situation most laughingly say is impossible. It will be impossible to expect everyone to be as controllable as the majority is now. It was proven by events in Third World nations, that a small segment of people would rise up into rebellion of some effect, extending at times beyond controls and boarders. It is also evident that the power groups have changed little in mans history. Not only is greed found in obscene proportion, but also arrogance would indicate a mental state of profound developmental disorder.

>If the vast majority continue to be subject to this unbalanced control, severe social and material damage will escalate. As terrorist elements become more sophisticated, so will greater parts of society come under attack. Undercover surveillance and more sophisticated monitoring measures will be developed. More expedient and severe sentences will become more common. Individual rights will be lost in direct relation to need for capture and removal. It will become acceptable to remove as many innocents as needed to remove the guilty. In a society of this sort, it will surely be necessary to increase the disintegration of social and family tradition.

>To say that we in this nation will soon find our living standards lower is almost laughable. It must of necessity meet some level at or near mid point of world population. If this were as severe a problem that we must face, we should all look forward to the occasion. The problem is more serious than this, as the elite who control events by this time will make problems worse. If there had been intelligent direction of these world events, true leadership would have revealed the truth and introduced open and strong measures in which everyone could work toward solutions.

>Denial by the great majority of national and world problems has allowed the severity of events to come. The gullibility and dishonest character of leadership not only of this nation, but of the entire world has brought about what may be a calamity that cannot be turned back. Of the church in these later times, it may rise belatedly to chastise and teach. Twisted minds will find the church guilty and will surely rise up against it. The effect of the church at this time will primarily be in protecting itself.

I wish I had been more clear at the very beginning of this writing, that the greatest terrorist danger to American citizens has always been the few that control the US-Government.
Here is a great failing found among the leader's of the church, confronted with the evils of the world, saying I am not to become involved in such. Here is how evil has been allowed to thrive and grow, in selective blindness of the church, for no one is allowed to sound warning, this say the leader is rebellion, this is nay saying, this unsettles the spiritual calm, and so the church sleeps in false serenity, oblivious to the sign of the times. These are the virgins whose lamp is unprepared, whose light will fail at a time of greatest darkness. Then instead of preparing their flock, these leaders will tickle their ears with what they want to hear, the blind leading the blind, seeing not what they do not want to see, hearing not what they do not want to hear.
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