Signs of the Times

In these times there is an ever increasing number of prophecy, these telling of our being within not the end times, but the very end days (of the rebellious generation). The Bible gives many warnings, in the New Testament the apostle Paul gave warning of this time, Revelation gives account. Yet, who is it that knows all promises and warnings relative to ourselves will become true within our own lifetime, if not the flesh, certainly within the spirit, and definitely within the soul.

Many warn of evidence and signs that almost all would recognize if seen, yet Christ has told us even the elect will be led astray... if possible. Few truly seem to recognize the signs of the times, those not as obvious as conditions like Sodom and Gomorrah. In truth how many Bible warnings are conditions many would be overjoyed to see. Would the dire predictions of suffering now being experienced; should they cease and disappear, bring exclamations of "wonderful, wonderful, peace, peace", even for only a short time?

Today it is evident many are aware as though subconsciously that something is very imminent within their lives and in the world today. Many evidently grasping with fanatical hope to all parts of life, having such finality, that spiritual conviction is the best description. This finality evident and seen in division within nationalism and political beliefs. We cling to and defend these earthly creeds as though they promise salvation. Though socially rich or poor, we can see how the opposite has created all that is in error. In fact, more are becoming aware that within religious (spiritualism), religion's are the focal point now and throughout history as behind all errors.

Most if asked to describe the error they see within the world of today would point to origins of earthly existence. Anyone familiar with the Bible should know this false, for the error or war we fight is amply described in the Bible. Here we are told of two who look for believers in obedience, neither of whom will be observed until the sixth and seventh trump, yet both at work in our lives today. How adamant so many are, grasping earthly origins for salvation, unknowing that in these there is no salvation. Quick, it is in the East, now it is in the West, it is here, it is there, and it is evasive, because it is false.

Without doubt today it is still very important we prove and approve ALL things by our Lord and with the Inspired Word of God. Today the church in unity is greatly needed, just as it is described in all its parts within the Bible, have you found it yet? If you find yourself grasping things of earthly origins, stop, and prove what is truly Gods will and purpose. Deception is the game of the deceiver, his promises sound righteous, yet the fruit eludes fruition because they always remain a promise to be fulfilled.

The Lord Jesus did not promise our lives upon this earth would be without suffering, but He does promise that our life can have purpose and eternal existence. Do not look to the works of man to bring salvation, the Bible aptly describes the works of man, and the end times are the summation of this description. All debts must be paid, beware of that to which you may become indebted. Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these things (which are real and of value) will be given to you.
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