No Discernment

I believe there is a serious lack of discernment in the American churches today. So serious indeed, that many if not most of our churches are taking on the work of the world, rather than the work of the Lord. Church leaders fearful of not seeing success, tickling the ears of their followers for satisfactory results, instead of warning about the need of discernment in our spiritual war.

Despite the Word warning not to become ‘yoked' with unbelievers, many are the churches and members who are deeply into concerns which are of the Prince of this world, unknowing or caring that the fruit of this work is contrary to the teaching and will of God. It is true Christ did not come to bring peace but instead the sword, but who can be so blinded they can ignore the division, hate, greed and error of those being followed. Why is the fruit of leaders being ignored, to the extent of believing lies needed to hide their error, allowing them instead to masquerade as righteous.

Does John 3:16 speak of God pre-judging the world, or are we told of Gods love for His entire creation, and of mans destiny being that which God predestines as He foreknew. Does the Great Commission speak of a select people set aside, workers who are commanded to seek out those in the world. Does God warn us away from the ways of the world, telling us to hate the sin of the flesh, warning us that we are all sinners in our fleshly nature. Then why do we listen to leaders who demonize an entire people somewhere else in the world, when in these places our leaders secretly conspired with their evil leaders, who then led their people astray. In this deception are we as wise as a serpent, yet as innocent as doves, for our Lord commanded this of us.

How many times need we hear our political system called "the lesser of two evils," yet we fanatically yoke ourselves with one or the other political entity. Why do we elect men to lead us to higher levels of ethics and purity, and then hide ourselves away as they are corrupted. How many churches have spiritual discernment, where is the wisdom and knowledge God gives freely to His church. If Prophecy tells us the world will turn more and more to the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, then what does this tell us of the church at this time. Do the words "awake o sleeper, for the times are nigh" need be repeated.

I believe we are now in the time that the Bible calls the rebellious generation, this apparently speaking about the chosen people, if this is true then began in 1948 when Satans servants established the new State of Israel. How long this period lasts I do not know, but strongly believe it leads directly into the time of Desolation, the first half in the Bible called the Great Tribulations. For any that cannot see the signs of the times, the most prominent will be the Great Delusion God sends to those that want to believe a lie, so that they may believe their lie. Those mature in the Lord knowing what is soon to come, will make every effort to bring all those they love into a very close relationship with the Lord, He will soon be our only provider. The Lord will be the only security and hope against prosecution the true church will come under.
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