What Would You Do
If You Discovered
The US-Gov and Media Were Lying To You
About Libya?

       To begin, the following UN Internet-link is the first offer of proof that cannot be denied, that the (entire) U.S. Government under the direction of President Barrak Obama in collusion with leaders of at least three other Super Power nations, in deception have been operating a False Flag operation with lies using NATO and foreign mercenary. This Empire operation being an unconstitutional war of atrocity against Libya. Read the January 4, 2011 report of the 16th Session of the United Nations General Assembly Human Rights Council – Universal Periodic Review, that in March-2011 would describe Libya's amazing accomplishments in Human Rights benefit's provided for it's nation and citizen's: http://www2.ohchr.org/english/bodies/hrcouncil/docs/16session/A-HRC-16-15.pdf

       Before the US/Brit/France and others using NATO started bombing Libya, the United Nations Human Rights Council was preparing an in depth review concerning Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, and the Libyan Jamahiriya, for its achievements in the area of human rights. That's right— the same man, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, that NATO and the US-Gov (and Corp-Media) have been telling us for months is a "brutal dictator," was set to be given a review of accolades (with exception of Western Empire deceit) for his human rights record in Libya. How strange it is that the United Nations was set to bestow a human rights report on a "brutal dictator," at the end of March-2011.

       Does it make any sense that during the Barrak Obama Presidency... the Senate's top three hawks in year-2011 ranting how the U.S. wasn't doing enough to oust Libyan dictator Col. Muammar Gaddafi from power... shortly before during Barrak Obama's Presidency in year-2009, these same Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Joe Lieberman (I-CT), and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) were in Tripoli, Libya meeting with Gaddafi, giving him assurances that relations between the nations were on the mend, also making endearing promises for the future?

       This interesting meeting with Gaddafi was apparently not a page one news release, and most likely simply became known to a few because WikiLeaks released documents concerning these three radical-Congressmen (semi-secret meeting) with Gaddafi in Tripoli: http://wikileaks.org/cable/2009/08/09TRIPOLI677.html

       Lockerbie Scotland - Pan AM Flight-103 crash. Few are aware that Central Intelligence Agent Charles McKee was aboard Pan AM-103, as were 4 other agents, all killed. At the crash scene within hours, CIA agents posing as Pan Am employees walked away with a suitcase. Similarly (censored) was the story recently that the Libyan-agent tried and imprisoned for the bombing that brought down PanAM flight-103 over Lockerbie Scotland was released, perhaps because the Lockerbie Police Chief involved (now retired) testifies this evidence was ordered planted by the CIA... and Scotland then released the Libyan on pretext of his cancer and soon to die... now on his death bed and assuring everyone that the truth will soon come out:
(The Pan Am 103 News Website: http://plane-truth.com/Aoude/geocities/latest.html)

       In keeping with US 'Censorship' is the background of why Pres-Reagan bombed Libya in year-1986, turned out to be a Mossad 'Trojan' false-flag operation, in which they planted a transmitter within Libya and transmitted false terrorist instructions supposedly to Libyan embassies. It was understood US Spy Planes and Satellites would pick up these transmissions, which did and Pres-Reagan was fooled into bombing Libya: http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/deception.html

       Bypassing the NATO "Stay Behind Militaries" of recent past involved in False Flag murder of innocent civilians, the use of NATO against Libya is now under investigation concerning the nations of USA, Britain, and France in recent clandestine use in Crimes Against Humanity. This is a short list of crimes by Western Empires against Libya: http://www.commondreams.org/view/2009/08/30-0

       The "NED" referred to in video below refers to 'National Endowment for Democracy' that was covertly established by Pres-Reagan and the 'Ruling Elite', after many atrocities were discovered being done to Third World nations and people by these elite using the CIA causing death and destruction. This covert NED-agency despite it's name continues today involved in manipulating foreign governments and peoples, or having the entire government and leader/s aggressively overthrown and at times killed.
       The Libyan lifestyle reported better than surrounding Arab/African nations was made possible (after) the election of Gaddafi and Libyan oil-profits then wrestled away from Western Oil-Cartel and used improving lives of all Libyan (similar to Venezuela and Egypt emerging from supposedly democratic-regimes). It is now being revealed that the 'stories' about Gaddafi atrocities against his own citizen's was another False Flag lie having no support or proof. In fact, if US TV-news video's we saw are still remembered, you may have noticed the Libyan rebel-patriot (mostly imported) were those armed with the latest heavy artillery mounted in many brand new pickup truck-bed... identical to the "pop-up militia" we saw during the Iraq pre-emptive war that came out of 'nowhere'.
Reports are now beginning to show that imported mercenary and a few Libyan were used as in Iran (year-1953) beginning covert killing of civilians, this CIA-OP used to topple President Mossadegh of Iran, then installing the SAVAK Secret Police and puppet-President called the Shah.

       In case you are of the inquisitive type, and would perhaps like to be informed about future war plans of the US Corp-Gov, the following (video-right) will give you a heads up. It should be appreciated beforehand that Gen Betrayus in military matters has a lot of experience, he commanded the military equipment furnished (and operated) for the BATF WACO Davidian massacre, was also chief of the Kosovo War (unknown if he was part of Pentagon covert-OP hiring Corp-Mercenary MPRI (Military Professional Resources Inc) to train the opposition called the Kosovo Liberation Army (Middle East Drug terrorists), last as head of the Iraq pre-emptive aggression.

       Apparently we will not know how accurate Betrayus is until after the fact, however so far the US-Gov has proceeded at least past half way in the list.

To finish up, many military officers after the war say, 'War is Hell'
Maj-General Smedley D. Butler put in more accurately, saying 'War is a Racket'.

Therefore, be as wise as the serpent, but as innocent as doves.
Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness,
but rather expose them.

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