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This web page was put together around yr-2004-6, some links embedded are no longer active, the context of this article remains true.

       Concerning the Middle East, and specifically the Gulf region, this region of the world that has become an importance lesson to us all. For this reason I am presenting this article imbedded with a score of web-linked articles as additional background. It is my hope this presentation will open new interests for you to consider, also should you find disagreement with this article or any web-link, I ask you to do research to validate your view. If possible, it would be greatly appreciated if you would share your findings with me, I am always open to correction and my ego is of no import in these matters.
Note: These links are not to be considered proof, but are simply a first step, hopefully of many, to become informed about the subjects they only touch upon. Consider, for each web-link provided, there are easily 100's additional from around the world that collaborate and validate those selected. I have made an extensive search for these 'starter' web-articles, if one should not launch for you, try a second time. Also it is true the internet has become a propaganda mill, however no where near the Rothschild AIPAC (owned) US major-Media of today.

       To understand our interest in oil-reserves located in the Middle East region of the world, it should be understood we get only about 10-14% of our oil we consume from Middle East reserves, more important is to look into the organization of international oil corporations who in the past were called the "Seven Sisters". This name depicts giant oil corporations who are generally accredited with controlling the flow of oil throughout the world. Through recent Corporate oil-merger's, we now have only 4-5 International Corporations who control over 70% of world oil, similar to the 70-90% of US-Media now owned and controlled by 5-Corporations. Regarding these Media, in early 2000's FCC Rule changes by Chairman Michael Powell (Colin Powells son) would have permitted even greater monopoly, however US activists organizations created a strong citizen protest causing Congressional representatives to over-ride the FCC. This media monopolization under Rothschild AIPAC now controls a majority not only of American but Western Media.

       Keep in mind that American Oil reserves excluding Alaska reached the 1/2 exploitation point (referred to as the Hubbert Peak Theory) about 1960-70's. This meant that pumping costs for remaining oil-reserve required added production costs, this in turn resulted in importation and greater dependency upon OPEC reserves. After the 1979 OPEC 'Oil Shortage', with lines of automobiles waiting for gasoline said due to short supply, American importation of oil began shifting away from Middle East OPEC suppliers, and into Canada, Alaska, and Mexico. Included suppliers of oil to America are South American, prominently Venezuela where the US-Gov was recently involved in an attempted gov-overthrow to control these reserves. An interesting point during this 1979 period was a news report describing 'obscene' oil-profits of the Corp-Oil giants, one quoted around 600-800% increase. Of grave concern regarding the Hubbert Peak Theory, is that world oil-reserve supplies will peak not long after 2010-20, and supply cost will rise sharply at the same time world-wide oil consumption also rises especially in China.

       The reason I mention these Western oil reserves in Alaska, Canada, Americas (North & South) where we get the greatest amount or supply of oil, is to begin your wondering why Bush/Cheney and US Oil-Corp's keep saying Iraq is of extreme 'Humanitarian' (and) 'Strategic Oil' interest to American citizens. Even though Halliburton (Kellog Brown & Root) were contracted and are returning Iraq oil-fields to full production in Iraq, International Oil prices went from 1998 at $9.46/bbl to over $90.00/bbl in 2007, finally hitting $150.00/bbl. America however still gets only about 10-14% of the oil we consume from the Middle East, and as happened Iraq's vast oil production entering the Int'l market regardless resulted in an unexplainable 1000% global price increase. For an answer to this enigma I have compiled the following for important beginning in understanding why in part we are at war for oil resources, that without this control of world oil the US-Dollar (Int'l-Exchange-Note) would immediately come crashing down.

       It is accepted that around the year 1908 oil was first discovered in the Gulf region. Within this region is Iran where Western Empires sought control. Western Empires succeeding by year 1950 setting up a man known to us by the honorific title of the Shah, this lasted until yr-1953 Iran voted him out and elected Mohammed Mosaddeq who had long criticized British 'Anglo-Iranian Oil-Corp' control over Iran oil-fields and oil. In 1953, with the CIA overthrew Mosaddeq installing their puppet names Shah Reza Pahlevi, beginning a quarter century of autocratic rule. By re-installing President Pahlavi Iran oil again became the property of British Petroleum with about 90% of Iran oil going to BP Oil-Corp.
       So in 1953 British & American (MI6/CIA) put the Shah back into Office, this time using the CIA to set up a despotic Secret Police called SAVAK. This SAVAK would have the job of torturing and murdering those who might want to see the Shah voted out of office again. This Iran government (Democratic-Dictatorship 1953-1979) enabled continued Brit/US control of Iran oil-fields, and through corporate merger's a Four-Sister Corp-Oil Cartel remained to share the booty. From this point on, I want you to keep an eye on the magic year of 1979.

       It was at this point with the Shaw diagnosed in last stages of Cancer, the Shaw abdicated Office leaving in search of cancer cure. By this same time the despotic rule of the Shah had caused considerable unrest among the entire nation of Iran. It was during this unstable period in 1979 that the Shah while still head of State in Iran, boarded a plane seeking a miracle Western cure for his cancer. Instead the Shah and his vast wealth became an embarrassment of former Western handlers, and was shunted off to Egypt. Shortly after in 1980 the Shah died from his cancer while in Egypt. Just as soon the regime left behind by the Shah fell apart, however while still alive the Shah would read about his regime, as one after another they were arrested and tried for their crimes, and one after another found guilty of crimes against the Iranian people found guilty.

       The nation of Iran by 1980 was in full revolt against what they called 'US intervention in setting up the Shah and his SAVAK SS'. With the absents of the Shah, the interim-government held elections and a Parliamentary Islamic Republic was overwhelmingly established, the Kohemeni in exile since 1963 was sent for to return and take over the Shia-Cleric leadership. Western and especially US-Media reported instead that the Kohemeini had overthrown the Iran government. Although Iran at this time was under US Embargo, Israel and the Reagan-Admin sold US High-Tech weaponry to the Kohemeini in exchange for the American hostages. The Reagan-Administration then used this cash in a secret Iran/Contra war that Congress had previously declared cessation of all military aid. Also, at this very same time (1979), the nation of Iraq who had been under a US embargo (listed as Terrorist Supporting Nation) was experiencing Saddam Hussein finalizing his take over as President, with apparent help (lists of leaders having Communist sympathies) supplied by the CIA. This may be the reason the Saudi Arabian branch of the BCCI bank and CIA-account took on significant importance during this period, Russia no longer being the supplier of Iraq military hardware, and Saddam purging the nation of Communist sympathizers.

       Temporarily backing up to 1969 (and Iraq President al-Bakr), this is when Saddam Hussein received his first important position in Iraq leadership. This was still during a period of Arab nationalism, when control of Iraq oil was taken away from the Seven Sisters (Western oil Cartel). Saddam during the period of Al-Bakr Presidency had been sent to Russia to sign a Pact for Soviet protection. However by 1979 and with assistance of Iyad Allawi (CIA-asset made 2004 President of Iraq Coalition Gov.), Saddam began solidifying his takeover as leader.
Saddam realized that Russia was infiltrating to much control of Iraq. There is ample evidence a massive purging began just before Saddams takeover, also that many Communist organizations and sympathizers were among those purged. The excuse for the purge was that these people were involved in a Syrian plot. After the purge within Iraq the US Shadow government again made promises to Saddam, as a result Saddam removed all previous terrorist organization by 1980's in anticipation of US government support.

NOTE:   Trivia... It was the leader called Winston Churchill in 1935 who first authorized 'Poison-Gas' use to control their rebellious Iraq-colony. The use of unconventional weapons in the Middle East is not new. The British had used chemical artillery shells against the Turks at the second battle of Gaza in 1917. They continued chemical shelling against the Shiites in Iraq in 1920 and used aerial chemicals in the 1920s and 1930s against Iraqi in revolt against British control. Also a terrorist of interest is Abu Nidal spoken of by Oliver North during the Iran/Contra investigation before Congress, being one of the terrorists kicked out of Iraq by Saddam in 1983 after alliance with the US government. Nidal returned to Iraq in 2001 (in last stages of cancer) and in 2002 was found dead from several shots declared as suicide. Nidal is the radical approach of Arab effort toward Nationalism, or breaking away from Western Empire dominance.

       Regardless that Saddam had used torture, murder, and assassination to accomplish his rise to power, it was no deterrent to our government, as President Reagan and Vice-president GHW Bush in 1983 sent diplomat Rumsfeld to now openly ally with Saddam and have him carry out our grievances against Iran. To enable this alliance the Reagan-Admin dropped our embargo (Terrorist Supporting Nation Listing) against Iraq, permitting Western & Eastern Corporations to sell the many chemicals, biological's, and nuclear materials to develop whatever Saddam might find use. Included in this was US weapons and helicopters developed for the US-military, these can easily be called 'dual technology' products. American Gov assistance in Saddams 1979 takeover in Iraq was followed in 1980 by decades old border disputes and skirmishes between Iraq and Iran changing into all out war. By 1981-2 however this war took a turn toward Iran's favor, resulting in the above Pres-Reagan openly allying America with Saddam, this alliance legally permitting highly lethal bio/chemical compounds in the form of extremely Toxic Gases dispersed by these same military helicopters converted to this new purpose.

       Disturbed as America was by this turn of events, it did not stop the flow of US assistance by both Democrat and Republican government leaders in the Iraq war effort before and afterward. By this time it had long been documented that Iraq used US Satellite/Spy plane data for poison gassing their Iran enemy, also charged but not adequately documented was an attack in 1989 killing an entire Iraq village of 5,000 civilians. It was not until much later that Saddam Hussein became an untenable danger to America, and this having nothing to do with dictatorship or Weapons of Mass Destruction. Saddam found that just as the former Russian ally had begun covertly taking over Iraq, so now was the American Corp-Government. Yet it was not until year-2000 that Saddam became an untenable danger to America, and this was the result of Saddam dissociating Iraq oil sales based on the American Dollar, demanding by year 2000 that the Euro Dollar would only be accepted as Int'l-Market base in future oil transactions. An "immediate" threat to the US-Empire (Dollar) because by now many nations would appreciate seeing America lose control of the International Financial Market, thus sending the US-Dollar into an immediate crash.

       The problem by late 1980's was that Saddam had sued for peace with Iran, also of course the US Gov had financed & created (1970-90) a monster, and this significant war-machine of Saddam was no longer fighting (our) war against Iran. Coupled with this was Middle East oil-nations constant conspiring to become free of Western Empire control. Saddam deciding to stop accepting US Dollar as note of exchange for oil sales was also a serious danger, and so Western Empires began plans for Saddams economic downfall by creating an Int'l oil-glut and prolonged drop in oil price. An excellent report on this problem is reported by endtimeprophecy.net. It is now reported that a covert US-Intl agent was sent to persuade Kuwait into moving into disputed Iraq border area and slant-drilling into Iraq oil reserves. Iraq at the time was deep in debt from (our) war with Iran, and so informed the US gov of plan to invade Kuwait if they did not stop over producing oil and causing oil-glut prices ($11.00/bbl) from Iraqi's own reserves. President Bush (Sr) of course had diplomat April Glaspie tell Saddam "we will not get involved in border disputes" and the rest is history. From the history of oil prices, it becomes obvious they have nothing to do with 'Supply and Demand', and everything to do with Empire method of controlling world economies as evident concerning Int'l Crude-Oil crude prices from years 1989 through 2002.

       Saddam wanted out from under the yoke of Western Empire control, at this time being the America government. Saddam determined by year 2000 he would discontinue the US Dollar as International Note of exchange, demanding instead the Euro Dollar for all future oil business transactions. Those familiar with the US dollar know it to be a FIAT debt scheme much like check-kiting. This threat of the US Dollar losing control as note of World Market Exchange, would bring a run on the US Treasury much like that of Germany after WWI. Germany being defeated and destitute after WWI, Rothschild banking set up a scheme similar to Americas, they printed vast quantities of funny money backed by neither gold or silver to pay off war debts. In the case of the FIAT scheme, when frightened investors discovered it was no more than a debt-scheme, a run followed on the German Treasury, afterward it took a wheel borrow of German money to buy a loaf of bread.

       Back-tracking again to the magic year 1979, it was the next year that international Oil Shortages (supposedly) vanished, with oil-prices stabilized in 1980 at about $30.00/bbl. However due to conservation and re-engineering in America and worldwide, by the beginning of 1990 and the Int'l Oil Price fixing down to $11.00/bbl, at this point Saddam decided he needed to take over Kuwait (who were slant-drilling into Iraq reserves), telling Bush that part of Kuwait belonged to Iraq anyway. President Bush after being advised of Saddams plans for Kuwait, immediately sent a diplomat April Glaspie to Saddam, advising Saddam that America would not become involved in the planned 'border dispute' with Kuwait. Shortly after, in a surprising move for Democracy, Bush did become involved, and a joint UN action was begun to (1) free Kuwait and to (2) remove the surprising amount of "WMD" in Iraq. Take note of the UN mandate, (1) free Kuwait, and (2) remove WMD from Iraq (period).

       One advantage no one noticed after closing down Iraq oil production from 1991-1998, this slowed the developing international oil-glut, with oil prices bottoming out by Nov 26, 1998 at $9.46/bbl. A related point of interest, the Kosovo war also involved Caspian Basin oil/gas (pipeline) carrying oil/gas through the Baltics and to Western distribution points. An additional detail regarding this later point, is that the temporary NATO bases set up for this purpose in the Baltics are today in their thirteenth year of endless occupancy Also the Kosovo Liberation Army that the Pentagon contracted Americas MPRI-mercenary to train, was the drug cartel that now operate their drug trade inside America.
       Strange also is that no one even noticed that the oil-glut that developed over a 20 year period (1980-2000) disappeared in only months with oil prices rising 300% by year 2000, topping at $33.00/bbl by year 2001, passing $90.00 by 2007, and around $150.00 by year 2008. In this same context of covert deception, no one appears to wonder at the covert Defense Dept/Secret-Mercenary-Military involved in immoral and criminal connection to essentially all these situations. But now I'm into the Pentagon heavily involved in secret Corporate Mercenary Militaries, so back to the Middle East. It should be mentioned that everyone forgot Cheney's mention of about the $2.1 Trillion missing within the Pentagon fiscal-year accounting budget, this tidy sum was a small error said to involve one year of expenditures, however the New Pearl Harbor of Sept 11, 2001 (911) made this a small problem of little interest.
       At this point I will digress to the Afghanistan Muslim menace, however in the magic 1979 when the US government was still training them as "Freedom Fighters". This was the Cold War, when the US government was involved in gathering Arabs from all over the Arab world into Afghanistan and training them in the art of 'Civilians at War' (we call terrorism today). Predominantly these were Middle East some said from Saudi that were duped into a religious war as ‘Mujihadeen' or CIA "Freedom Fighters." We did not enlist the Afghan government because they had already been heavily influenced and involved with Russia. So in this Cold War period the CIA set up Mujihadeen as Cold War front to bleed Russia in an action like our Vietnam.
       To this end the CIA under Casey used their CIA-account in the BCCI-Int'l bank in Pakistan to secretly set up and supply these new US allies. It might come as a surprise, but some of these Middle East men were trained in America on US military bases. Regardless, a short time later Russia pulled out of Afghan, and our freedom-fighters spread aggressively to the point of requiring the US-gov using Pakistan to replace these Mujihadeen with the infamous Taliban.

       In true sense of "out of the frying pan and into the fire", our allies in Pakistan helped set up a new group in Afghan called the Taliban, the freedom fighters were then removed from control in Afghanistan.
       As we all heard, the radical Taliban turned out to be just as noble, ending education of women and covering them up in rich garments, if not stoning them to death for various infractions. The rest is history, how we bombed the Afghan caves that had been built with CIA funding (through Pakistan), and how we drove out the Taliban (who proved excessively greedy in US-Corp UNOCAL oil contracts) for pipeline of Caspian oil/gas through Afghanistan. It is worth mentioning that regardless the Taliban provided training camps for Osama bin Laden since early 1980's (who CIA also funded and called a Freedom Fighter), Osama charged during this time as responsible for many terrorist attacks around the world and in America, President Clinton and UNOCAL oil of California in 1997 invited the Taliban to Wash-DC to talk pipeline contracts. President BUSH after year-2000 continuing the $168-Million aid package by providing $43 Million toward Taliban/Afghan aid (later stated as food-aid only for a period covering January 1, 2001 to September 11, 2001).

       Our government after the WTC attack pointed out the almost exact locations of WMD and Producing Factory, explicatively saying that (), however since forgetting to warn our soldiers or posting guard over these sites, said [1] Iraq transferred ALL their WMD under the noses of all the International spy (Satellite/Plane) surveillance without a single notice, even by our CIA-ParaMilitary and Delta Force Bush had sent into Iraq well before the invasion. That [2] Iraq Dumped 100's of Tons of Extremely-Toxic Chemicals (like Sarin) w/o a trace, chemicals strong enough that 1-drop could be lethal to many people. That [3] traces of these Extremely-Toxic Chemicals were found in a river (w/o a mention that All Life would also have been killed or died within miles along this river). That [4] the Anthrax in powder form would all fit compactly in one ordinary Tractor trailer (check out how usable scientists say this chem/bio would be today, stored/buried since 1990 under or above ground). The Pentagon has great expertise in Anthrax (weapons grade), the dangerous anthrax mailed out around America came from Pentagon Bio/Chem Weapons research and manufacturing laboratories. These Pentagon Bio/Chem stockpiles such as extremely dangerous Sarin and VX (are) the only 'stockpiles of WMD' found to date. The Pentagon is also running into problems in the United States attempting to incinerate old stockpiles of Sarin Gas weapons.

       The proof about obtaining Nuclear Uranium-materials turned out to be plagiarized from "forged documents" of a college student who made them up over a year before (less a few words added by someone that actually helped Bush increase the urgency for war). Regardless that the US-government verified these documents as impossible forgeries through the Niger-government, and Colin Powell refusing to use them before the UN, Bush used them to convince America and Congress, stating they were evidence of Iraq "Nuclear-weapons, Refurbished Chem/Bio-plants, and Large Quantities of Very Dangerous WMD that would be deliverable (within 45 minutes) using long-range missiles and drone-planes developed for this purpose." Using this nonsense Bush convinced the American Congress in a new concept of American diplomacy, Preemptive military attack against any nation ‘suspected' of being a danger to America, or to American "Strategic" interests. Have you ever noticed that OUR "Strategic" Interests very often are resources or labor within and belonging to some other nation and people.

       It is worth making a quick mention of the Nuclear Energy industry in America, as Bush and Cheney have announced a big push by 2010 regarding new and expanded additions in Nuclear Power-Plant building. There are negative views about Nuclear Plants to provide electricity, including proposal's of Alternative energy production methods, cited as less costly in the long run. The most compelling reason for not going Nuclear, is the (safe) disposal of Waste spent fuel, as yet an resolved or implemented concern in America. My concern is also about the Nuclear Industry today providing (FREE) Depleted Uranium waste to Weapons Industries, whose DU-Oxide dust (half-life 4.2 billion years) now litters battlefields from Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Africa. It is becoming evident that Corp-profit's are not always environmentally friendly, and it is becoming more important to look at long-range effects, rather than concentrating primarily on 'bottom-line' profit.

       To rehash this history, the US government helped (covertly) to set up the [1]Shah of Iran, [2]Saddam of Iraq, [3]Mujihadeen/terrorists including [4]Osama (of Saudi Arabia) in Afghan, and the [5]Taliban of Afghan.... who have I left out, of those America now calls "terrorists" and OUR Enemy. Today America is rebuilding Iraq, but it is Halliburton only who will win a lions share of profits, look to another corporation few know called Bechtel Corporation. Truthfully it has to be stated, considering the time period is ample proof, that for all this Covert activities we need thank a bi-partisan contribution of (both) DEM and GOP Leadership in making it all possible. Also needing attention is the US-Gov using the Defense Dept to secretly hire Mercenary militaries belonging to Large Corporation's who benefit from foreign actions where these Mercenaries make obscene profits for themselves and these Corporations. And of course there alsi was the Iraq-gov we set up that complained in passing a law privatizing Iraq oil-reserves, all so that Oil-Corp's could buy out and take control Iraq oil resources.
       American citizens must begin to understand and acknowledge that during this period (and long before), our leaders using agencies like the CIA within both DEM/GOP Presidential and Congressional Offices were aware of the many evils deliberately sanctioned. To this very day our Leaders through silence (and lies) voice acceptance that America needs to become as evil as our enemy, in their belief needed to fight an (evil) enemy (East vs West con job at the time). Conversely, it proves they believe a "good" American cannot fight evil, unless within wars on a battlefield. For this adequately setting up evil men such as Manuel Noreiga, the Shah, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and Henry Kissinger (or appointments like Thomas Kean to investigate 9-11).
       Here is a clear example of what the Pentagon leaders have produced with 'arduous training' of Americas youth, the photo to the right is recent and under the Barrak Obama Presidency in Afghanistan, the Afghanistan 'No Win War' that Obama promised to end and return our occupying forces. These marines say they did not know the 'SS' is replica of the German-SS Gestapo insignia, they say it really stands for their "Snipper Shooter" abilities... and from the Rambo photo it is easy to see how they might have become confused. And of course few understood in bringing troops home, home now is Afghanistan and similar new homes.
        Was the Covert US-Agencies who set up and trained Irans SAVAK really good American policy. Were the Pentagon trained "Death Squads", and CIA trained CONDOR Terrorists for S. American regimes really the best that America can accomplish. Does anyone know why US intelligence agencies coined the word Blow Back. I will recite a less famous quote of President Franklin D. Roosevelt (re-dictator Somoza), "He may be a son of a bitch, but he's our son of a bitch." These activities have become so clandestine, that the US government now has contracted mercenary called secret militaries actively operating in wars around the world, silently circumventing US and International laws.

       The Bible in Proverbs 17:15 says, "He who justifies the wicked, and he who condemn the righteous, both of them alike are an abomination of the Lord." If we are a Christian nation, we need be more attentive to which master we serve. Although it may appear that I have covered to many areas in this article that are already (now) known, I've actually omitted many other important issues that relate, that also explain how America is being used to benefit a few. Degradation of our economy, ecology, and social structure is no less important. Most important to me is the very evident 'leading astray' of the misled churches in America today, and as a result the inroads of corruption and evil that grow stronger daily.

       I do not call the above "Bashing America" or "Hating Bush" or Dem and Gop Representatives that are documented selling out American citizen's daily, as some have accused me, but of bringing into light that which hides in darkness. Just as accurately I believe strongly in two wise sayings, "the truth will set you free", and "those who do not learn from history, are bound to repeat it." These similar to Biblical truths such as, "Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them," (and) "Therefore become as wise as the serpent..." as the worldly call becoming informed. At the same time there is no denying what those outside (America) have already acknowledged, there are very troublesome times ahead for everyone, with the only persons preparing in America appearing to be the elite who hope to profit from it's happening.

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