US-Gov & Media Lies about Iran to Misinform Americans

This is the Iran Riots of year 2009

After considerable research to gather multi-source data and information about the Middle East, specifically about Iran and precisely about the 2009 elections, I am relatively positive the US-Gov and Media are continuing a program of deliberate lying to mislead Americans about Iran. To begin, while watching the 2009-protestor's in Tehran, keep in mind that the US-Congress allocated $400-Million tax dollars for a covert program the purpose to overthrow Iran and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejab, perhaps to include the entire religious Shia-Cleric Overseer which is the Parliamentary government. In following pages I will document that every charge made so far against Iran by the Bush-Admin and US-Media, has by now been debunked and proven totally baseless.

This is the Iran Riots of year 1953

Next watch the same protestors only 56-years earlier in 1953, when once again the US-Gov using US-Taxes and the CIA, gathered Iranian wealthy citizens and some malleable youth that were more than happy to be intermediaries for more wealth and power, serving Western foreign empires as they watched over the nations cheap labor and resources for Western Corp's exploitation. In this old newsreel there is not the quality of video displaying today's willing wealthy elite, also noticeable today Tehran is a much larger city, and as you can see US-taxes will buy a lot of people that apparently do not have to worry about job and wages as they spend a week or more cueing up for video to be used in gullible Western nations.

From 1901 to 1950 Britain was in control of Iran scamming approximately 90% of Iran oil production profits. In 1951 Iran citizens voted out Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, and a democratic government in Iran voted to nationalize Iran's oil industry. Britain resisted the loss of this valuable source of cheap oil, and after the British failed to overthrow Iran's leader Mohammad Mossadegh in a coup attempt, Britain asked the United States for help. Although Mossadegh was a firm anti-communist, he was portrayed by the American government (and news media) as opening the door to communism in the Middle East. The CIA organized a coup that overthrew Mossadegh and replaced him with again our shill the Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. For 25 years the Shah served American interests by supplying the U.S. with Iranian oil and a base of operations in the Middle East. We are to believe hereafter that the Shah was re-elected for the following 25 years in normal democratic elections.

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