The Iran 2009 Election - Nation and People

Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
and Jewish Rabbi meeting in year 2007... concerning the Jewish Holocaust being used by Zionist as a weapon —
    This article was thoroughly researched for truth and is posted especially for Christians, essential today if the body of Christ is to fulfill the command of Christ, the command after three years of intense teaching disciples concerning Gods' wisdom and knowledge —— before sending them out Christ said wait, "I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore you are to be as wise as the serpent, but as innocent as doves", described by the world as becoming informed. Few Christian leaders prepare their followers concerning why this 'therefore' was placed by Christ as warning of need, however evident if we are to know what and where the enemy is, certainly if as a body instructed to reach unity and maturity... rather than literal sheep innocent while led in error because of ignorance.

    Even to the secular it is important today to become informed, in this I believe you will find the following information concerning Iran and specifically year-2009 elections very revealing. Much concerns important information deliberately withheld from you. Before beginning realize that Iran like America is a 'Constitutional-Republic' although Iran certainly is an Islamic Republic:

The Iran government is established with Offices similar to America, Iran being an Islamic Republic, the Iran Constitution establishes each branch separate giving specific powers and authorities to each. To the President (elected), to the Shia-Overseer (appointed), to the Legislative (elected), and Judicial (Supreme Leader appoints the head of Judiciary), the Judiciary candidate similar as done in America. The government functions under Islamic ideals not surprising since 92% of the population are either Shia (majority) and Sunni (minority), but includes diverse groups such as Jewish, Christian, and others all being represented as would diverse groups in America. Being a representative type government elected with exception of Shia Overseer, the term "modern Democracy" is a misnomer more an attempt at Westernizing to divide and destabilize the Islamic tradition regarding national beliefs and values. Western empires have been meddling within communal governments of this region for control under guise of protectorate for centuries. In the following note similarities with America, consider stories about how barbarian the lifestyle of Iranian people are, then try to remember much we are told is deliberately false, and then consider stories (true) you have heard daily concern barbaric conditions in America.

It is now long past Iran June 12, 2009 elections, and it is time for Americans to start asking important question's. Who was this Presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi that lost the election, and immediately incited the wealthy-elite followers in the NorthernTehran suburb to riot (click here for short report). For answer it would help understand that after the puppet Pres-Shah in last stage of cancer abdicated Office in 1979 (to die 1980 of cancer in Egypt), Mousavi was one of the hardliners elected to the new government. Also contrary to US-Media implying (through omission) he was a type of saint, being secular Mousavi was not even a believer in (but a user of) the Islamic Qur'an. Mousavi was and still is a hardliner that when elected after the Shah died was in charge of the Iran Foreign Ministry, here he funded and directed a Marxist terrorist MUJAHEDEEN-E KHALQ (MEK), to bomb and kill US soldiers. So why despite US-agency polls showing Ahmadinejad would win election by wide margin was the US-Gov and Media pushing hard-liner Mousavi and revolution in Iran insisting elections had been fixed? A harder question is why the Pentagon permitted MeK military bases in Northern Iraq during the US military occupancy of Iraq?

The answer is that US Media (for US-Gov) and hard-core Zionist have been constantly lying to American citizens, example being obvious are the many generations of Jewish population within Iran testifying to their long acceptance in the video to the right.

What is true is that AIPAC-Zionist (owners) of US Media (for US Gov) are pushing for revolution only, (our) Military/Industrial Complex needs an 'enemy Iran' to keep their "perpetual war-economy" going, certainly not the present President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who along with the Shia-Cleric Overseer Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini both constantly saying they prefer evidence of change and peace talks with the American government. This also answers why Pres-Obama had not revealed that essentially every charge against Iran are deliberate propaganda-lies.
The present US-Government Foreign Policy (back to 1950's) was passed onto the Obama-Admin from the Clinton-Admin consisting of Embargo and Sanctions, the Bush-Administration funding ($400-Million) by the US Congress in a bill whose full purpose was stated to "Overthrow of the Iran Government." Together these are long established Embargo, Sanction's, falsely predicated UN-Resolutions, and US Naval Blockade of the Persian Gulf.

Despite overwhelming proof that American threats and actions against Iran have been reputed by leaders around the world, including our own Intelligence Agencies apparently tired of being used to dispense propaganda and lies, the Executive Office along with a bunch of boot-kissers in Congress continue using the same old tired lies and misinformation... as discussed in the following "Do You Remember."
It is now proven no Iran leader ever said "Wipe Israel Off The Map"

What is amazing is that Iran offered to fulfill every condition President Obama asked for from Iran, in year-2003, but at that time mysteriously turned down by the Bush-Administration, this is a fact even admitted to by the far-right. Note in the video below that these Mujihadeen/MeK use women as a front, but the great majority of this organization are men, and the entire group are secularized terrorists kicked out of Iran that now bomb and kill Iranian citizen's.

Concerning the recent year 2009 elections put into question by our government through our US Media, the following is very pertinent information that Americans today need know and understand, this being important considering essentially none will be found adequately and honestly reported within US Media or by the US government, and in fact misinformation instead being the norm.

The rioter's at first totally overwhelmed Tehran law enforcement, stones were being thrown at police by a crowd many times outnumbering law enforcement. At the same time downtown Tehran businesses and infrastructure were being damaged by rampaging rioters becoming more severe each day, telephone instructions from individuals outside of Iran and later testimony later verified that rioter's were told during the three weeks to increase acts of violence. This met with success until both police and volunteer Basij military organized and regained control, blocking methods being used to instruct leaders in the riots.
Sorry, though police seem to be at work.
  • Iran is an Islamic Republic whose government was last re-established by Iran citizens in 1979, taking back their government after the puppet-President called the Shah abdicated by leaving Iran (Jan. 16, 1979) in last stages of cancer, dying (July 27, 1980) of cancer in Egypt. As a result Iranian in 1980 held elections with citizen's voting in a Parliamentary-Gov with Shia-Cleric Overseer, at this time taking US Embassy people hostage for the 1950 US-Gov overthrow of the Iran government including the setting up of the SAVAK Secret Police that tortured and killed protestor's for nearly 26-years. Establishing their new government Iran invited the Ayatolla Khomeini now living in France who had been banned for speaking out against the Shah-regime, to return and become Shia-Cleric Overseer. If the Shah left Iran in 1979, dying one year later in 1980 of cancer, doesn't it appear more likely he left to find a cancer cure, rather than being overthrown by the Ayatolla Khomeini as reported in US-Media?

  • Iran in 2009 provided 47,000 voting-stations for under 40-million voter's (83-85% vote turnout), meaning less than 800-votes needed be counted at each station. Contrary to US-Media this count would have taken only hours instead of 1-2 weeks that US Media reported.

  • This year-2009 was the first time all votes were uploaded electronically, before when using ground-service it took about 3-days for all voting stations to report voting results.

  • Iran does not register voters, voting eligibility is determined by one's birth certificate to obtain a National Identification Document. Also voters are not required to vote at their local polling station, because this happens there could easily be more votes counted within a voting location than numbers listed as eligible voter's... check out Ahmadinejad's voting ID-doc >>>

  • Voter fraud because of the following would have been essentially impossible, note even Ahmadinejad had to have his voter ID before voting, photo also shows his finger dipped in purple ink indicating he had already voted:

    1. Each voter presents identification, and his or her name and information is entered into a computer, and also recorded in writing. The voter's thumbprint is also put on the stub of the ballot. The voter's identification is stamped to prevent multiple voting at different voting places, and there is also a computer and written record of everyone who voted at each polling place.

    2. If this information is anywhere near accurate, this large scale fraud would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, without creating an extensive trail of evidence. If this election was stolen as Mossadegh claimed, there must be thousands of witnesses -- or perhaps tens or hundreds of thousands - to the theft. Yet no media account or interviews of witnesses has backed Mir Hossein Mousavi charges.

  • Election results were reported the next day (June 13, 2009) and not within hours of the election as reported by US Media. Early returns certainly would reveal almost a 2-1 majority and Ahmadinejad winning as count were uploaded into Interior Ministry computer.

  • About 200,000 college students were employed in data collection and entry of electronically uploaded votes (college kids are predominantly from wealthy families who supported Mousavi), certainly this would not be point Mousavi's vote-fixing charges would be found.

  • Iran-government admitted finding minor discrepancies existed as is normal in all elections, but nowhere in error enough to have altered outcome of the election. A very large 83-85% voter turned out this year (62% voted in 2005) would easily account for votes described as irregularity large.

  • The 'New American Foundation' (a pdf-document) and other reputable agencies including ABC polls week's before Iran 2009-elections (besides others after validating previous reports) all projected and affirmed Ahmadinejad winning election by a large and significant margin.

  • Of interest, the large and predominant orthodox Jewish population in Iran would likely as Jewish in America voted individually for all four presidential candidates, including their own Jewish PM.

  • In this election according to Iran Election Rules each voting-station had a candidate-monitor assigned, no voting challenge or charge of voting irregularity was made by any of the candidate monitor's (during) the election.

  • In year 2005 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with the greater urban and country side support won election with 62% of those voting. Because of Western interference in Iran affairs, Ahmadinejad was expected with "Strong Nat'l-Defense, improving conditions of poor and middle class (majority), besides anti-corruption policy" was expected to be re-elected by the same or greater voter margin in 2009.

  • This year-2009 was also the first year Iran held Presidential Debate's on television before the elections, Ahmadinejad was said to have done far better than Mousavi. Although Mousavi entered the race somewhat late, this televised debate puts to lie that Iranian citizens did not know the Presidential candidates running for Office.

  • Mir Hossein Mousavi who lost the election and before full count of votes were in, began making many charges of voting irregularities. However when an Election Commission was appointed to investigate charges, the commission requested Mousavi appear with written charges and any proof, Mousavi refused to appear and instead added charges before news services.

  • The US-Congress under Bush is reported to have allocated $400-Million dollars for the purpose to "Overthrow the Iran-Gov", BBC reported these bombings and killings (one Pakistani group caught), the Iran government during trial charged they are agents sent by US-Gov.

  • The US-Gov 'covert organization' called the "National Endowment for Democracy" began by the Reagan-Admin in the 1980's, is funded with US-Tax dollars and used to overthrow governments such as Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, and was actively involved in Iran in a propaganda-war before the 2009 elections.

  • The US-Gov asked Twitter to delay maintenance shutdown that would have happened during the Iran elections and during the Iran rioting. The Iran Gov saying they have witnesses and proof many comm-devices were being used by individuals outside Iran, instructing key-rioter's about voilent actions they were to take against Iran infrastructure.

  • On June 19 after 6-days of rioters tearing up Tehran, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution stating it "supports all Iranian citizens who embrace the values of freedom, human rights, civil liberties, and rule of law; condemns the ongoing violence against demonstrators by the Government of Iran and pro-government militia, as well as the ongoing government suppression of independent electronic communication through interference with the Internet and cell phones; and affirms the universality of individual rights and the importance of democratic and fair elections." The representatives passed the resolution by a vote of 405 to 1. The Senate quickly followed suit. Neither resolution mentioned a single case of vandalizing Tehran downtown businesses, rock and fire-bombs thrown at police also burning their motorcycles, burning cars, 2-gasoline stations and 1-bus, many bonfires in the middle of busy Tehran's streets blocking traffic, plus many other acts of violence by protestors from June 13-21.

  • The city of Tehran Iran has a population of about 7,790,000 people, it is within the Northern suburb where the wealthy with Western desires live. The protest that began after elections were predominantly Mousavi backers, however in total still included both candidate supporter's. Before the election large numbers of citizen's for both candidates were allowed to demonstrate vigorously in Tehran streets for days before the election, police allowed both of these demonstrations until after election, this was when rioting and destruction by Mousavi demonstrators erupted in downtown and in key locations organized within Tehran.

  • Southern and Mid-Tehran is where the cities middle class and poor are found, these and the greater population of both Tehran and the nation of Iran is were the majority described earlier had in preceding year-2005 elected Ahmadinejad President , when over 62% of the vote elected Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as President.

  • Iran after year 1979 and the Shah leaving in last stage of cancer, began removing SAVAK Secret Police and Military leaders that had subjugated citizens under the Shah, leaving Iran military weakened and vulnerable to the 1980 Iraq attack initiated by Western Empires. Iran was devastated by this war but by shear numbers in population were able by 1988 in forcing Saddam to sue for peace.

  • Iran's total population today is 71-Million, about 60% are 30 years of age or younger, partially indicative of the 1980-88 war, certainly indicative of the US-Gov in 1982 ending "Terrorist Supporting Nation" embargo against Iraq to legalize sale of WMD and Poison-Gas to help Saddam Hussein who was loosing the war with Iran.

  • Some may remember protestors in the city of New York during recent year political events. Imagine NY police allowing a solid week of riot and tearing up of downtown businesses and streets, while rioters stone and firebomb police. Having knowledge of this actual event, my guess is that NY hospital 'Head Trauma' unit's would be overflowing by the second or third day (and God help the first person with a fire bomb).

  • The Shah in 1950 had been voted out of Office for being a puppet of British Anglo-Oil allowing Britain to pocket 90% of Iran oil-profits. When the CIA put the Shah back into Office in 1953, the Cleric Ayatolla Khomeini shamed the Shah concerning British living high with Iran oil while many Iranian lived in poverty, when he continued shaming the Shah the Khomeini was banished from Iran. The Shah ruled in Office from 1953-1979 (twenty-six years as President of a Democracy).
    Watch this short video - learn some truth!
  • It was in 1953 when Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh was voted in as President, Mossadegh then ousted the British Anglo-Oil control over Iran oil-fields. Today documents prove President Mossadegh was overthrown by the CIA, the operation was called AJAX with Kermit Roosevelt the CIA Middle East Agent in charge. The CIA staged bombing attacks killing Muslim targets in order to blame them on Mossadegh, being successful the deposed Mossadegh was imprisoned.

  • The protestors marching in Tehran streets, breaking windows and vandalizing shops, burning a bus, gas-stations(2) and many piles of trash blockading traffic, was a duplicate of 1953 when the CIA gathered similar people to protest, and which the CIA used in False-Flag killings to unseat Pres-Mossadegh, then re-installing (our) puppet-Shah. This also when the SAVAK Secret Police was set up, whose purpose was to torture and murder (for twenty-six years) all that might vote our puppet-Shah out of Office again.

  • Protestor's trashing and shouting "Down with the dictator, and Down with Ahmadinejad", are documented from intercepted communications to have been following instructions from outside Iran, instructing to riot and create as much damage as possible such as burning of the two gas stations and bus. Pres-Obama calling these rioter's tearing up downtown Tehran as "seekers of democracy" was hypocrisy beyond imagination.

  • Many will remember Bush and Olmert with their continuous saber rattling (Nuclear still on the table). Certainly the Sanction's, Embargo, US Naval Blockade of Persian Gulf, and continuous Black-Ops have resulted in serious economic problems, however even the covert Bush program's using MeK/MOK terrorist group allowed military bases in Northern Iraq (MeK in 80's were invading Iran and still used today according to international reports), still this would not have dampened the fierce sovereignty of Iranians as indicated by the Ahmadinejad vote.
    MeK Terrorist Org use females as a front, the US Gov using these Terrorists against Iran.
    These terrorists enter Iran to bomb and kill Iranian leaders esp Mosque's, proving their godless purpose.

    in year-2008 just before the Pentagon was to expose this weapon-evidence before the world,
    experts inspected weapons and reported there was no evidence or proof they were from Iran,
    the US Gov and Media then dropped their charge without a mention why they were mistaken.

  • Considering in this year-2009 election there is no proof except accusations of election altering "vote fixing", what these protestors were actually shouting was "My Way or No Way". Iran's greater college age (50% of grad's today are female) are seeking more freedom to vote for Supreme Shia-Cleric Leader (now appointed), however the wealthy minority want the predominantly Islamic population to throw out Islam and become as secular as themselves.

  • Statements wanting 'Crusade' (Bush 2002) and 'Islamofascisterrorist' (Bush 2004) are a method most obvious for a religious war, much like Raghead, Camel-Jockey, and assiduously vilifying Middle East peoples by passing along propaganda and slander against the Qur'an and Muslim people, essentially all completely false yet accepted because few know anything about the Middle East, Muslim, or true teaching of the Qur'an. Also example was censoring out Islamic-Cleric denouncing Osama-terrorism:
  • On Oct. 13, 2001 Rep. Joseph Pitts, R-Pa., informed the House of Representatives and had inserted into Congressional Records that the grand imam of Al-Azhar, Sheikh Tantawi, denounced bin Laden. Rep. Pitts was clear in characterizing Sheikh Tantawi as "the highest and most respected Islamic authority in the world."

  • Within days after 9/11, Talgat Tajuddin, the high mufti of Russian Muslims, called for the extradition of bin Laden from Afghanistan. The high mufti stressed that a man who advises to kill cannot be God's counselor, however much he may quote the Quran. This is in contrast after 911 when Geo Bush speech writers carefully selected a response calling for a "Crusade" in retaliation.

  • The North American Fiqh (jurisprudence) Council issued a formal fatwa on Sept. 27, 2001, that condemned bin Ladin's actions of 9/11 and sanctioned Muslim participation in the United States' military response in Afghanistan.

  • On April 3, 2002, an extraordinary session of the Organization of Islamic Conference foreign ministers in Kuala Lumpur adopted a stark resolution condemning the brutal terror attacks of Sept. 11. Although the OIC is not a religious body, it is an umbrella organization of 57 Islamic countries.

  • On March 12 of this year, Spain's leading Muslim cleric's issued a religious order condemning bin Laden and declaring that he had violated Islam by backing attacks such as the Madrid train bombings. The order was issued after consultations with North African religious scholars in Morocco, Algeria and other countries.

  • IAEA Dir-General ElBaradei from evidence of considerable numbers regarding IAEA-scientist's inspections and monitoring, Iran has been and still is enriching uranium (only) for Power Plant and Medical applications (3.5-20% grade), as is Iran's right being a member fulfilling original regulations passed and accepted by the Iranian Congress, and thus in compliance with IAEA rules and protocals. Of course this is still in violation of Super Power (UN Security Council) imposed demand to cease entirely enriching uranium.


  • This is a list of IAEA Reports that debunk (rumors) that Iran has or is planning to produce nuclear weapons:
    IAEA acknowledges Iran continues enriching uranium well below weapons grade (Power Plant & Medical grade.)
  • IAEA Board Report:24 February 2012 -- "The Agency continues to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material at the nuclear facilities and LOFs declared by Iran under its Safeguards Agreement."
  • IAEA Board Report 18 November 2011 --"The Agency continues to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material in Iran."
  • IAEA Report 2 Sep 2011 --"The Agency continues to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material in Iran."
  • IAEA Report 24 May 2011 --"The Agency continues to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material in Iran."
  • IAEA Report 25 Feb 2011 --"The Agency continues to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material in Iran."
  • ISIS Suxnet Report Febbruary 15, 2011
    Although Stuxnet appears to be designed to destroy centrifuges at the Natanz facility, destruction was by no means total. Moreover, Stuxnet did not lower the production of LEU during 2010. Assuming Iran exercises caution, Stuxnet is unlikely to destroy more centrifuges at the Natanz plant. Iran likely cleaned the malware from its control systems. To prevent re-infection, Iran will have to exercise special caution since so many computers in Iran contain Stuxnet.
  • IAEA Report 23 Nov 2010 --"The Agency continues to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material in Iran."
  • IAEA Report 6 Sep 2010 --"The Agency continues to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material in Iran."
  • IAEA Report 31 May 2010 -- "The Agency continues to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material in Iran."
  • IAEA Report 18 Feb 2010 -- "While the Agency continues to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material in Iran, Iran has not provided the necessary cooperation to permit the Agency to confirm that all nuclear material in Iran is in peaceful activities." (Iran, like Iraq before it, but now with a politicized IAEA, is being required to prove a negative)
  • IAEA Report 5 June 2009 "As has been reported in previous reports, the Agency continues to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material in Iran."
  • IAEA Report 19 February 2009 "The Agency has been able to continue to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material in Iran."
  • IAEA Report Nov 19, 2008 -- "The Agency has been able to continue to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material in Iran. Iran has provided the Agency with access to declared nuclear material and has provided the required nuclear material accounting reports in connection with declared nuclear material and activities."
  • Latest (year 2009) report of apparent Mossad origin document that proves Iran secretly testing 'Neutron Initiator' (trigger for nuclear weapon), has been found as forgery. Document had significant errors, an example of covert method of (starting False Flag) rumor's that many will believe even after proven false.

  • However the above is similar to a former Israeli Mossad major Asher Karni now living in South Africa that on Jan 17, 2004 was arrested by the FBI (when vacationing in America) on charges of selling US manufactured nuclear triggers to the Pakistan regime, and indeed thanks to the US-Gov this regime acquired technology to produce Nuclear Weapons.

  • Concerning Nuclear Weapons, recently South Africa began declassifying documents from June of 1975 concerning a trip by Israel Shimon Peres to meet with PW Botha in which they agree secretly to the sale of missiles and nuclear warheads to be shipped to the Botha Apartheid regime. The State of Israel has begun denying this nuclear weapon deal, but South African documents as yet not all declassified prove otherwise.

  • Then there is the US-Gov statement echoed by Corp-Media, that Iran wants "NUCLEAR", meant to (misinform) the uninformed US-citizen. What Iran has constantly stated is need of Nuclear "POWER PLANTS" for the time when Iran oil reserves become depleted. President Eisenhower began Iran's nuclear facilities for enriching uranium, facilities that would enrich low-grade fuel for Iran as a 1968 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty member.

  • The statement's of Pres-Ahmadinejad over the past 5-years have been that Iran needs Nuclear-Fuel (3.5-20% low-level enriched fuel suitable only for Reactor Power Plants and Medical Supplies), and not enriched 90% needed for Nuclear Weapons. Pres-Eisenhower as stated began these plans, Henry Kissinger also saying in the interim Iran oil could be shipped to Western industrial nations that needed Iran oil.

  • Contrary to what the US-Gov and US-Media report yet today, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad never said he wants "Israel Wiped Off the Map", this being proven deliberate propaganda to misinform American citizens... it is still repeated to this very day.

  • Today there are 436 Nuclear Reactor Power Plants producing electricity in NPT member-nations around the world, here is the list of commercial nuclear power reactors: Algeria-2(research), Argentina-2, Armenia-1, Belgium-7, Brazil-2, Bulgaria-2, Canada-18, China-11, Czech Republic-6, European Union-147, Finland-4, France-59, Germany-17, Hungary-4, India-17, Iran-1, Iraq (bombed and destroyed by Israel), Israel-(?), Japan-55, Lithuania-1, Mexico-2, Netherlands-1, North Korea-0, Pakistan-2, Romania-2, Russia-31, Slovakia-5, Slovenia-1, South Korea-20, Spain-8, South Africa-2, Sweden-10, Switzerland-5, Syria (bombed and destroyed by Israel), Taiwan-6, Ukrain-15, United Kingdom-19, United States-104.

  • Iran has the oldest devout Jewish settlement (3000-years old) of any nation within that region, indicating they value their Jewish population as Iran citizens, not forgetting the 250,000 Christians in Iran. The Iran-Jewish instead are angry with past Zionist bribery and methods being used attempting to make them move to the State of Israel. Of interest, the grandmother of Moshe Dayan a past Israeli President is found in a Jewish grave site in Tehran, Iran.
  • An example of deliberate lies as propaganda put out by the US-Gov, Pentagon, and Corp-Media, is explained by CNN News Commentator, after the stockpile of weapons Gen Betraeus and Bergner insisted were from Iran furnished to Iraq terrorist's to kill US soldiers, when a (real) military expert looked at this evidence in late 2008 and said "none of these are from Iran". The Pentagon has since dropped this charge, and a popular news commentator after this news report correctly saying (concerning the US-Gov and Corp-Media), "You do realize they are lying to you."

    What happened after this evident propaganda ploy was disproved, was nothing, neither the Pentagon, Us-Gov, or Mega-Media mentioned a thing about this 'mistake' reported for about a year to American citizen's.
  • Afghanistan Mujahideen or today MeK (MOK)-terrorist formally called Freedom Fighters by the CIA are covertly in Iran and suspected as part of Western government attempt of bombing and killing Iranian to begin unrest and division. These MeK have had training bases in Iraq permitted by the Pentagon until just recently, now an embarrassment and thorn for Iraqi government leaders to figure out. Ask yourself why these US-Gov proclaimed (Islamofascisterrorist Al-Qaeda/Mujihadeen) if radical Islamist/Muslim are making raids into Iran where they have boomed and killed Muslim worshiping in their Mosque?

  • The Pentagon "Joint Special Operations Command" (JSOC) trained MeK beginning year-2005 in Nevada, MeK at the time listed as terrorist makes this a violation of Fed-Law.

What is literally damnable...
Hillary Clinton (aka) US State Department is (now) giving a military-base in Iraq to this MeK terrorist-cult.

Concerning a young girl named Neda Agha-Soltan shot and killed near the rioting

Two cellphone cameras were almost immediately trained upon Neda arriving at the distant edge of a traffic backup. Being stuck in traffic with apparently her music teacher she got out of car because the air-conditioning didn't work, they walked within crowd until Neda was shot. In the extended video covering a good amout of time one of these camera's once or twice actually lose track of Neda, having each time to swing back to her location. It becomes even more suspicious on closer examination as the video sequence below demonstrates, now putting doubt as to it actually having been staged, and Neda shoot while in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.
Additional error was Western Media immediately posting photo of a different female (Nade Aoltani right in photo) who is still alive today, the actual victim (Neda Agha-Solan) is shown in photo on the left. Also although Western media say Neda was active in the revolt Nedaís fiancť, Kaspin Makan, said she didnít support either side in Iranís recent disputed election.

The complete production edited not surprisingly being shown within the hour on US CNN-TV. The question that should be asked is how these two individuals happened to pick out Neda and followed her so closely to her death.
In later report we are told the shooter was on top of nearby civilians home, next that the crowd grabbed a man off a motorcycle after he said "I did not mean to kill her", he was stripped to the waste, and upon finding ID showing he was a member of the Basij (although resembling very little the ID-photo), he was (out of fear) released.

Many convenient stories such as this constantly pop up, and because many other witnesses say they saw no Police or Basij anywhere in vicinity, it is being said this is because common citizens fear the Iranian government.
Later after the rioting and murder of Neda was begun a more involved and accurate investigation into the many diffrent reports and charges involved in the shooting of Neda. These were testimonies of individuals and professionals directly involved, and these offering some important descrepencies unanswered, however revealing that many previous charges were misleading or intentional lies.

The doctor in video kneeling over Neda makes two unusual statements, that he quickly saw there was nothing he could do for her, and also the second mention of a man grabbed off a motor cycle who had said "I didn't mean to kill her." The most prevenant shooting is said was done by a basij on top of a nearby building.

When were deaths of rioter's first reported?

Were rioters the victims of police and military...
CNN report on day-1 June 13, the day after elections when election results were announced, and keep in mind college students are predominantly from the wealthy who although college admission is free, can afford the overall cost.

  1. June 13, description of the street battles, mob actions quickly were described as riot:
    "In the aftermath of the vote, street protestors and riot police engaged in running battles, with stones thrown, garbage cans set on fire and people shouting 'death to the dictatorship.' ... Later in the evening, an agitated and angry crowd emerged in Tehran's Moseni Square, with people breaking into shops, starting fires and tearing down signs."
    [ Note: In Farsi, "Death to ..." is closer to "Down with ..." than an actual call for someone's death - something to remember when you hear statements about "Death to America" or "Death to Israel." ]
  2. From reports it appears rioter's for the first part of week because of numbers ruled downtown Tehran, at least until riot-police and later basij became organized. A number of riot police were seriously injured, however because of riot-gear were protected to some extent. Because riot-police were often out numbered, and crowds were throwing rocks, police would throw rocks back to keep the large crowds at bay. Because of this and civilians without protective gear, civilians appear to have received more injuries in these confrontations. Cell phones were very conspicuous being used by rioter's in this first week.

  3. Then, on June 16 (three days later), there were the first official confirmations of protest-related deaths. This is from the Associated Press:
    "Iran state radio reported Tuesday [June 16 - P.W.] that clashes in the Iranian capital the previous day left seven people dead during an 'unauthorized gathering' at a mass rally over alleged election fraud - the first official confirmation of deaths linked to the wave of protests and street battles after the elections. The report said the deaths occurred after protestors 'tried to attack a military location.' It gave no further details, but it was a clear reference to crowds who came under gunfire Monday after trying to storm a compound for volunteer militia linked to Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard. ... The deaths Monday occurred on the edge of Tehran's Azadi Square. An Associated Press photographer saw gunmen, standing on a roof, opening fire on a group of demonstrators who tried to storm the militia compound."
  4. While many U.S. activists talk about the attack on student dormitories by members of the Basij, few bring up the protestor attack on the Basij compound the following day:
    For background on the Basij or Baseej, the Pasdaran in 1980 was given the mandate of organizing a large people's militia, the Basij, these from 1980 to 1988 fought the Iraq military invasion. It is from Basij ranks that volunteers were drawn to launch "human wave" attacks against the Iraqi's. These after the war, and because of continued hostilities by Super Powers against Iran, did not all disband but continued to act as defense against further hostile actions.
    Here's how the Associated Press on June 19 described both incidents:
    "So far, the Basij has refrained from widespread attacks on demonstrators. But witnesses say the militiamen took part in a police raid on Tehran University dormitories on Sunday night after students hurled stones, bricks and firebombs at police - one of the few violent episodes during this week's rallies. Basij members used axes, sticks and daggers to ransack student rooms and smash computers and furniture, wounding many students, according to witnesses."
  5. A day later, students attacked a compound used by the Basij and tried to set it on fire. Gunmen on the roof fired on the crowd and killed seven people, according to state media.
    "It's terrible that seven people died. But the Basij members were in a building set on fire by "protestors," who were trying to storm the building. What were they supposed to do?

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