The Great Delusion

       To begin, it is necessary to re-think a lifetime of misinformation, lies having been fed to the people of God over many generations. This is Satan and his servants method of mixing truth with lies, some call thesis with antithesis, which in discovery or deliberate disclosure, will create doubt of even truth deceiving even the elect if possible. To begin with, there are no people (the seed of man) as an entire nation that are all evil and followers of Satan. As with anywhere on earth, in many cases strong men in another part of the world through Satanic plan have covertly and overtly mastermind conditions and realities that have fostered evil throughout the world.

       It is a true that evil begets evil, and when planted spreading much like cancer throughout a body, as yeast sown to ferment. Much as strong men that work their evil way into leadership, in ways that must disguise their evil. Joining deceived who believe themselves appointed saints, yet for enrichment allow enter this error, allowing these strong men receive the name of holiness. In this false spiritual kingdom is fostered pride of deserved supremacy, while gorging selves with stolen manna. Some even tithing a stipend of their spoils, the true fruit of their work hidden in darkness.

       Poverty and deprivation then leads to fear and anger, this a common method used by the servants of Satan to instill evil. Denial or feigned ignorance by leaders allows this evil to ferment. Concentration is then applied upon symptom rather than problem, allows their evil to spread. Finally it becomes the blind leading the blind, with no spiritual discernment as warning and consequence. Eventually the evil becomes the way of life, accepted as reality for which it is. In the end Satan is the god of these people, and all of Satan's ways are worshipfully enjoyed by many.

       Without conciliation of those who were to protect, these strong men and their minions by their complicity, not only spread their evil, but in so doing increase the degradation of their own evil character and soul. These become so emboldened with their evil practices and accomplishments, that no depth of depravity escapes their adoption. The depravity of soul eventually becomes sexual in nature, manifested in unlimited rituals outside of love, deep instead within anger and hate, for many others in torture and death. The weakest without support or defense are those who suffer first, these in unearned degradation that follows.

       It is true that these practices should be discernible by anyone with the Spirit of the Lord, renewed of mind diecerning error. Of those who allow themselves to be led astray, a Great Delusion is sent by the Lord, a delusion enabling believe their lie, dulling of both mind and spirit. Condoning evil is the first step in accepting evil. From this first step if not rescued by a brother or sister in the Lord, rejection of the Lord God leading piecemeal into Hell. Scripture describes those who must in judgment remind Christ of their own good works, only to have Christ reject them and their works of iniquity.

       As the Temple had become corrupt again when Christ arrived in ministry, so also will much of the church be corrupted at the return of Christ, the time again as Sodom and Gomorrah. The blood of the innocent who will fall in the end times shall be upon the chosen or leaders who did not follow the commands of Christ. Christ said "feed my sheep", then those led astray by the corrupted and false shepherds still have the Lord to rescue them, the false leader however described as those who became prideful, scripture saying these suffer the same fate as Satan. Satan being the Great Delusion that has enabled believing a lie. Understand those unfortunate who are led astray, these did not wish to believe a lie, instead being led astray by those they believed and trusted for truth.
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