Governments of Men

         The new spiritual man and Christian Church must be careful using wise discernment in appraising both mans works and endeavors. Within this world it is prudent we not lavish excessive praise upon nationalistic claims of accomplishment, it negates what God has done or allowed be done, and is based upon little truth. Among those being led astray in this manner are many leaders within the Protestant church, called by some the Evangelistic Christian church. These leaders apparently unable to see the Evil within the Branches and Agencies of the US Government, including much of the nations Corporate and Industrial infrastructure. Spiritual discernment would show deception, lies, involving evil policies and actions deliberately intended. A segment from this group (Office of Special Plans), when formed within the Pentagon in early 2000's, actually calling themselves a "Cabal."

         God created all that exists, having a plan for all of mankind, yet few follow either His plan or His ways. Mans creations of any value are yet from the basic elements that exist and of which God created. If we must use man's accomplishments regarding Nation and State, let us simply say these are as good as the people within. Bible prophecy and the signs of the times in this context should open spiritual eyes, in this context the state of this nation should shock the man of God. Surely it is correct to say we as Christians are not without sin, and in truth live within the flesh which is weak, and it is wrong to use this as excuse for entering into or accepting the ways of this sinful world... or with acquired wisdom not exposing this evil as the word has instructed.

         It is pride that makes people praise America, Democracy, and North American success (all due to political parties Democrat 'or' Republican), however without exception the works of the Lord is this righteous success of man and his endeavors. To praise this nation called a democracy, republic, free enterprise, capitalism, or free-market systems, is to negate God and place righteous credit where none exists. It shows ignorance of acts and ungodly means that do exist by which this nation used to build the empire that now exists. It shows little understanding of what God created and called "very good", and it is man who takes what is good to do evil. Much of the resources we needed to build mans empire were stripped from the nations of weak 3rd World peoples, these materials were used to build the factories whose products and technologies originating around the world were then enabled. It required establishing dictatorial regimes to safeguard "Strategic" locations of these resources and materials, leaders who for decades and generation after generation literally as regimes held their peoples in subjugation and slavery. Our history is rich in evil done in the name of our nation "under God".

         Gods word says (Matt 12:36) that men will have to give account on the day of judgment for every careless word they say. So then let me tell you of words released recently by our government, held in secret for many years, documents held by our secret service and intelligence agencies. These documents dealt with the period of 1973 through 1990 in Chile, describing how our Government used individuals within covert agencies and institutions to overthrew the Democratically elected government in Chile. The documents describe a Chilean President being murdered (after paid assassins murdered the lone Military Commander who dissented), and then installed a Military Dictatorship. These documents describe covert leaders within our government initiating the overthrow, then ignoring atrocities and instead giving aid. Most damning was during the first 3-months to 3-years when 30,000 documented Chilean's (and foreign nationals) were rounded up in detention centers, where torture and many secretly sanctioned murders occurred. All of this done to safeguard American Corporate Empire exploiting this nation and people for resources and profit.

         Our history grudgingly released recently from hidden archives tells of a Dictator and surrounding S.American Regimes who with apparent permission (and suspected guidance of the CIA) organized a Terrorist group called Condor. This terrorist group was sent around the world seeking out those (especially their own escaped nationals) who talked against and so endangered the various regimes and their atrocities. It tells of CIA-Director GHW Bush in 1977 deliberately covering up a Condor-Terrorist car-bombing by this group in front of the US-Capital, and afterward Bush deliberately giving out information that would misdirect investigation away from these terrorists. In 1998-99 foreign news media announced in bold letters that this Dictator Pinochet had been arrested under international warrant in Britain, being charged with Crimes Against Humanity. They told of GHW Bush and Henry Kissinger sending letters demanding that British Justice release Pinochet, calling the arrest a "travesty of justice." The US-Gov again went so far as ignore Int'l-War-Crimes-Treaty and Int'l-Law Treaties, when in 2001 they deliberately refused French summons for Kissinger, who was needed in investigation of French nationals killed or missing during the overthrow and atrocities of the Chilean Regime (four other nations want Kissinger for this same testimony). Keep in mind this was all deemed necessary to fight Communism, yet all during these atrocities not one man fitting the term Cuban-Military, Communist-Military, nor even a communist group was ever recorded or stood trial.

         In heaping accolades upon Americas Great Economic Success, it completely misses many warnings and signs evident. Is it wise to brag of exporting the (heavy) industry developed by Americas Democracy to 3rd World countries, then importing (approximately 80% of consumable) merchandise once produced here, but now sold at usury prices (considering the slave labor production costs)? Is the resulting Trade Imbalance and Deficit wise, as we consume more than exported, adding to existing Nat'l-Deficit-Debt. How does growing credit-debt of individuals show good economy? Or figures that show many now spend more than their income, putting little aside for old age. Even our national capital is no longer backed by gold, but in financial machinations based upon a formula known as "FIAT" economy, a Rothschild controlled economy as in Germany that after WWI ended in people requiring a wheel borrow of FIAT-money to buy a loaf of bread. Indeed our national Debt has accrued almost entirely within a twenty year period (1980-2000), an almost 600% increase during that short period, is this cause for celebration? Before year 2006 ends, the increase in debt will pass 800%.

         Our present 'National Debt' divided among 260 million people works out to over $100,000.00 Debt for 'every' family (average 4 1/2 people) in America, $200,000.00 if you count the $5-trillion IOU's in the Social Security (which is only one of many Special Tax-Funds raided by the US-Gov to make up for Congressional over-spending). Our total 'Nat'l-State-Individual Debt' divided equally is easily $450,000.00 for each household. Consider that our Trade Imbalance has now made America a Debtor nation to communist China, where is the honor in this, I find none. How is it wise that US-Corp's now build factories in China, and at the same time lay off un-needed US-Workers. Where is this financial utopia that so many brag, our present Military Industrial Complex based economy certainly is no basis of pride. Even the economist say that our entire nation involved in a Corp Stock Market, manly involving International Investment incomes has bloated it dangerously, making eventual "leveling out" not a possibility, but a factual eventuality. So what of the investment of common man in our Stock Market, eventually to see a large "leveling out" of his life savings, will this be the culmination of supply and demand. In all of these betrayals, how often is it told that our leaders used their power and authority not for the good of this nation, but used it for government influence-peddling for Corporate enrichment that has endangered the entire earth. These are things to weigh in looking upon man and his governments at work.

         Lastly, the great debate in supply and demand is man's greatest misconception, a misconception of what God has taught. It is not man's wants and desires which should be of paramount concern, but instead the stewardship of all things that God has made. Without exception, all creation belongs to God; desecration and destruction are not the path or use for Gods blessings. Waste and greed are not the purpose of need, thanksgiving for what He has provided is our obligation, and "manna of the desert" should have been our lesson. Man's nature is in considering all provision as provided by self, and for self. Gods' nature is to provide with His abundance, for each according to need. That there will always be poor among us has important implication, having full comprehension of its meaning is more important. What obligation do we have for our brothers, what did Paul mean in saying, those who gathered much did not have to much, and those who gathered little, did not have to little. Of the deep-black and devious ways of man, or their covert and hidden secret histories, revealing this evil and bringing the hidden wickedness to light is what God has instructed we do.

         How easy it has become to yoke the Church with unbelievers of this world, while our evil leaders turn deaf ears upon Christian brothers and sisters around the world. We were given lessons of warning that we must be as wise as serpents, yet as innocent as doves. God, in Matt 18: 18-19 gave us commission and authority of what we may bind and loose upon this earth. Yet of these worldly leaders we often endorse, they have met in secret chambers of foreign courts to judge that murder of innocent men, women, and children were necessary. In secret chambers of American courts, these leaders also met to give complicity of consent with this same murder. It would be well for our Church leaders if they would not judge so freely in a way which could bring this same judgment upon the church of America. Perhaps we should associate nations not as nations, but as church and synagogues. Perhaps we might associate our leaders instead as priest's and holy men. Perhaps we might associate the people under these spiritual leaders as the Sheep of God. Now in this manner we may speak freely of what God has ordained, for there is no authority for good but that which God has established.

And let me remind you of this verse of scripture from our Bible, "...God sent an Evil spirit."
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