Global Warming - Danger (or) Myth

I wrote this article about 10 or more years ago, although some of the links may no longer exist, the entire context does.
Example is video below, describing jet streams crossing the equator for first time recorded.

        The question to ask regarding Global Warming, concerns who would benefit by providing false information. Is it (1) the greater majority of scientists involved in research (with a few accused but not proven) of cheating, or (2) a smaller group of scientists (and others) that have denied from the beginning that Global Warming has occurred. Next, (3) how would the work of a large number of scientists benefit from faking Global Warming, or (4) how would scientists today benefit by charging a majority of scientific data is false. What climatology scientists appear to be doing concerning these charges, is bide their time, allowing those that made charges against them through events that will shortly happen, prove both science and their work sound and accurate.

        Consider these Energy Industries seriously responsible for Global Warming, would the scientists today proving Fossil Fuels as strongly connected to Global Warming, endear Industries to these scientists as (implied)? Has everyone forgotten the energy industries and Bush-Admin literally silencing a NASA accredited scientist from describing facts not wanted published. Few are aware that during the Bush-Admin Satellite and Spy-Plane data was declared Top Secret to prevent sharing it with Climatology scientists. Today however because the CIA/Pentagon has re-evaluated Global Warming as a serious National Defense and Security problem, and previous data is now being declassified and shared again under a program called 'Measurements of Earth Data for Environmental Analysis program, or MEDEA'. Should we now consider the CIA/Pentagon as liars and fools for agreeing Global Warming as valid enough to share Top Secret information with these scientist's studying Global Warming?

        One example of denial often heard is that mankind could in no way have altered the worlds ecology, however consider that in recent centuries it was found that due to overfishing shoreline fish stock was dangerously depleted, progressing until today nations around the world are subsidizing their ocean fishing fleets to reduce dangerously over fishing Ocean and Sea stock. In America this problem was found so serious the coastal cities around the world finding their cities literally sinking, simply because of the vast quantity of fresh water they pump from aquifer's beneath them. For vastness the Ogallala Aquifer being a massive underground lake used to irrigate much of America's Great Plains is being drained at a rate of approximately 800 gallons per minute, and it is starting to dry up. The Ogallala Aquifer a underground lake that stretches from southern South Dakota all the way through northern Texas, covering approximately 174,000 square miles. And these are just a tip of the effects of man, not including disappearing honey bees that pollinate about a third of the food we eat, man said not effecting their environment is actually very foolish denial.

        A prime example of skewed denial being EXXON Oil, this spider-webbed map describes their connection with individuals and organizations rewarded to deny global warming (it is large and takes time to download). This same misuse of fact in "The Great Global Warming Swindle" was also found to be passing skewed and obvious distortion by a very few often with connections to these Industries such as oil, coal, and gas. One last is the "30,000 Oregon Petition" of Global Warming Scientists denying Global Warming. The full story is that dentists, weather men and other 'degree' people signed under slightly shady circumstances, about .5% having any degree as Scientist in Climatology, meaning having (perhaps) some background that they would understand the data available (if) they had followed the research in any significant and required way to have any input within the Global Science community. Junk Science dot Com is about the only site that uses common sense, yet disagrees that CO² has any effect on global temperature (although can cause insignificant Global Warming). The oceans becoming so saturated to point it hardly absorbs any more would appear to indicate CO² is not in short supply on earth.

        Scientists within many fields from many nations have applied the most sophisticated scientific methods and technologies known to mankind, afterward posting their findings within what they call "open peer" science journal and report as part of vetting by their peer's worldwide. These findings undergo vetting of rigorous validation or invalidation by peers from within all scientific fields, this including even the novice with valid data to back up any error they believe found. Thus each and everyone may through review challenge any datum, formula, or program that may or may not be involved. Can you imagine some of these hard working scientist's constantly fending off (paid) denial-agents demanding (all) data including research-data not yet vetted by colleague's or peer authority, the only purpose to find anything to twist into devious propaganda. I might tell them to place their head where the sun doesn't shine, or worse.

        This brings us to what I call Corp-scientist's that can prove smoking and asbestos is good for you (for perhaps a period of years), these I do not call scientists, but go getters, usually under the table. Accredited scientist's dedicated to their profession are a different breed, having provided and shared data-base's over a period of many decades undergoing Open Peer validation. More importantly today with more advanced equipment and systems including new satellites, this more advanced data and systems proving or disproving all or any part of previous data. An important finding is the proven rise above all previous CO² and global ground/ocean temperature's is now documented from earth samples dating back many millennia (430,000-years). It cannot be denied that Antarctic Ice Core research discovered that CO² and temperatures both cycled together in obvious unison for many millennia, both also now having been exceeded and risen above this previous millennia cyclic-limit... how was this altered?

Pay close attention to parts per million of CO², and degrees of temperature on graph's

        Proven research now shows many millennium of cycles, these are Temperature and CO² variations in graphic chart (below) show that both Temp-CO² cycled together in unison within constant upper and lower range or limit. In addition are billions of years for which at best are described by abstract physical evidence with various theory, such as Ice Ages and whether these were the result of normal earth condition or outer space, these later speculations being sun activity or asteroid collision. The result in evidence yet absents of prehistoric animals has been a part of this theoretic guestimates, applying theory to the constant changes happening over the entire earth during many eons. These theories are still ongoing, of late was reported that prehistoric now appear to have disappeared before the last great asteroid disaster.

        The graft below shows that cyclic conditions have occurred with almost a steady 100,000 year cycle-length, in which CO² rise was followed by temperature rise, until all influences enabled nature and the ecology of earth regaining control beginning an opposite cooling. Showing also that 430,000 years of earths cycling in this manner stayed within upper and lower limits, and each cycle is accomplished in approximately 100,000 years. What scientist's are pointing out is that a number of decades ago it was found CO² and Temperature had exceeded this cycling-limitation previously held true for 430,000 years, and each year now being recorded showing this rise is continuing. The question today is why has this CO² limit been exceeded, and the answer strongly suggests the greatest amount of CO² produced today is from human activity, world population today stressing even the resources of earth. Some do not like this theory, especially the Energy industry, but this is not a popularity contest and Climatologist's among scientist's of other fields are discovering just how much the Energy industry dislikes their findings.

        Compare the proven 430,000 year data that always cycled within a certain limit, with the second graph (next down), this second graph shows temperature's of both ocean and land have surpassed the limit held within this described period involving many hundreds of thousands of years (430,000). The earlier graph above had shown that CO² levels also began rising above this previous limit, no matter how a graph is skewed or tipped.

        Temperature's have risen above that of eon's past, substantiated in NASA ocean and ground temperature graph's, however rising ocean temperatures have increased the level of rise above previous expectation. This small and constant rise is a dangerous sign regarding the very delicate eco-system that acts to keep earth within the balance (cyclic) of the past. Note in the NASA video they expect this increase soon to cause flooding of many coastal cities, where a greater number in population of people will be effected. This video is from a more recent time (Published on Aug 27, 2015).

        New theorem's today are being used or misused depending upon view, one by a Hungarian scientist is that with added water vapor produced due to global warming, this will end any further warming as vapor rises to higher elevation and reflects sun heat back into space. Water vapor would be limited in higher troposphere and stratosphere due to extreme cold, but in lower atmosphere water vapor developing around dust, smoke, and other pollutants is a good heat conductor (clouds are increasingly being found darker with pollutants), and this would instead have the very opposite effect by augmenting and increasing air, ground (land), and ocean temperatures.

Africa Dust Storm           California forest fires

     Bejing dust storms             Siberia Forest Fires

        Another eureka circulating is that Arctic volcano's beneath the main mass has instead melted the Arctic ice. The 'Ring of Fire' refers to a ring of volcanos around the entire Pacific, these volcano being part in Alaska are not a new phenomena, but having considerable eon's of existence. Some wonder with Arctic ice-melt involving many giga-ton melted, if this weight shift will effect volcanic activities, remembering Arctic is primarily ocean base not land base.

        Recently there have been charges made that (a small number) of scientist's manipulated or appear to have manipulated global warming data. One being tree-rings's not corresponding to ground temperatures, but this is not impossible. Besides a few scientist's making apparent emotional response in email's aimed at paid deniers that are constantly making unproven charges they say disproves global warming, are also charge of Russian scientist's saying not all of their temperature data was used. Consider scientist's laying a grid over the entire Northern Latitude of land and oceans, would Russia's 200 weather stations each reading about -30 degree add up to -6000 degrees data-base, and moving to Britain on the coast with 10 stations reading 30 degree make a total now of -5700 degree data-base. Adding all temperatures together might provide some interesting numbers, however this is not how over many years temperature-data variations are discovered, and certainly the constantly updated grid map involving the entire Northern Latitudes of land and oceans is the data being tracked now for decades. The implication of not all Russian land-temperatures used is ambiguous, certainly there are minor variations within the Russian grid that regardless make up the entire Northern Latitude of Continent and Ocean Temperature Data.

        Much over stated was a recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) given information with minor error from which they predicted the Himalayan Glaciers would completely melt by year 2035. This error was caught in Open Peer review, however some few have latched onto this saying the entire serious melting evident within the Himalayan mountains are now unproven. Chinese scientist's and others say they are very worried about fresh water previously supplied from this area today in places no longer available, and dire warning or indication of what this glacier loss (beyond normal seasonal recovery) may eventually prove. It is frustrating having people misuse a minor error in this way, especially considering there is ample evidence and no doubt serious glacier loss has already occurred. For YouTube Video click here showing how scientist's look at substantial glacier-loss as already very serious.

        Keep track of stories used claiming Global Warming is not occurring, claiming it is a normal cyclic condition, or volcanic eruption's were the cause, or sunspot conditions caused this warming, or maybe even cows passing methane gas. Each such claim (although quickly accepted by many in America) in the past were later adequately invalidated as having no singular or significant influence concerning the proven fact of global warming. The fact instead is there is ample evidence of scientist's being silenced, their findings denigrated without producing documented and tested proof, indeed who in our past were either constantly lying and/or repeatedly proven in error. Recent news is that the British House of Commons had the charges concerning email and Alinia University falsifying data, after investigation (HC387-1) reported these charges were unsupported in evidence and document, and that climate data stands as valid.

         For those interested PRWATCH (.org) a activist organization, is presenting a book titled Climate Cover Up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming, describing PR techniques that industry groups use to create the impression of a scientific controversy about climate change. It describes industries that set up front groups, like the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, which try to convince Americans in electoral swing states that coal is clean.

Remember the "30,000 Professional Scientist's" denying Global Warming, being people like "weatherman wanting to sue Al Gore as a Fraud", the vast majority being common weathermen, dentists, and other "degree people" signing under very shady circumstances and for the most part lacking any real qualifications. Al Gore in fact never called himself an expert in the science of Climatology, but instead described his background as Vice President and afterward being instructed by many of the worlds leading professional climatologist's and others in related fields, describing science method and data pointing to very serious global problem's.

        What makes it even more impossible to argue are actual time-lapse photo's of North Pole Arctic ice melt during recent decade's that has been increasing even faster than earlier study models predicted, also that winter seasonal recovery does not produce ice-mass to make up for total-mass loss each passing year. Over periods of many years the Arctic seasonal ice winter re-growth has not kept up with summer increased melting, this is made clear in satellite time-lapse images shown in the YouTube video below. Of interest toward the bottom of page you will find links concerning methane gas-plumes being released in the Arctic, this is more dangerous than CO² pollution and could result in even greater warming of ocean and land area's.

        There is significant difference between the Northern-Arctic and Southern-Antarctic (also Sea Ice and Main Ice-Mass), the Arctic is predominantly an 'ocean-basin surrounded by land', and the Antarctic is a 'land-base surrounded by ocean'. It was thought that the Main ice-Mass of the Antarctic Ice was growing, however recently more advanced technology used in satellite study reports loss of Antarctic ice-mass. Recent data appears to indicate the same happening in the Antarctic in lesser degree as happening in the Arctic, and this (summer/winter) seasonal change finding thinner Ice-Mass each winter.

        The Antarctic sits upon two different land masses, the Western Ice-Mass of about 1/3-total of the Antarctic sets upon islands described like the Hawaii chain, with glacial overhang into the sea, it is suggested sea currents beneath these glacial overhang are likely the reason observed that these Glacier Ice-Mass are retreating. It was previously thought this part and total Antarctic during winter season was replacing or regenerating all of the Ice Mass that was lost, it now appears the ice layer is thinner. The Antarctic Eastern Ice-Mass holding the greatest amount of clear-water is an Ice-Mass consisting of 2/3 the Antarctic total , it is Ice-Mass based on land about the size of Australia, and although thought not to be affected by climate, latest satellite technology confirms loss around edges, also that it is loosing total Ice-Mass with ice-layer in areas not as thick. Concerning Antarctic Sea-Ice (that forms/melts around these Main Ice-Mass), this Sea-Ice literally disappears in summer season with about 1/6th remaining during summer months (see below), also as mentioned the Antarctic Main Ice Mass is also declining. Some point out that snow adds to the Arctic and Antarctic, snow in either location is much like cotton candy, snow in great volume has not significance in comparison to a millennium of ice pack being the important subject of loss. What scientist's are now studying are sub glacier lakes of water found in many places beneath the Main Ice Mass, many question have as yet outpace few answers, but these lakes may be important as far as glacier movement... remembering the Antarctic is primarily land based where mountains exist. The Antarctic is an area only recently with modern tech/equipment that is now providing very interesting information.

        Western nations being modern are by far the greater consumers of fossil fuels while living predominantly in Northern (colder) Latitudes, and as graph-1 shows a greater increase in overall rise in temperature readings. Sequentially graphs-2-3 below show that Middle-Latitude and Southern-Latitudes each have lesser rise in temperature's. This would answer in part the amount of 'Sea Ice' found around the Southern Antarctic during winter months, in comparison to much greater yearly Sea Ice and main Ice Cap melting in the Northern Arctic Latitude.

        The 'Land and Ocean' temperature graph below would seem to show that with mountain Ice Cap and Polar Ice melt, the ocean with rising fresh ice-melt water is not keeping up with the rising ground temperature. However ocean temperature is still rising, and as less sunlight is now reflected back into space because less ice remains to reflect sun-heat, the ocean will again begin warming up, and with less sun-heat reflected earth will very likely warm up even faster. This is despite the US-Gov secretly seeding the upper strata air-currents with what is today being called Jet Planes leaving 'Chem-Trails' that remain long after normal water vapor-trails would disperse and disappear.

        NASA using satellite and ocean buoys over a period of years has also found a small yet increasing rise in the ocean level.

        I do not remember who it was, but I remember someone with knowledge of present trend of global warming who warned we should not look only for small incremental increases in global temperature's, but listen instead for your local weather man bewildered with expressions saying their equivalent of 'unusual'. Or perhaps as gazing at the progression within an old silent movie acting out an elaborate death scene, a jump, a twist, a spasm, a grimace, a gasp, all part of a drawn out and contorted drama, until finally after a increasingly more violent action attaining what it must result. Observing these cyclic weather graphs depicting conditions of earth, it almost seems as though this earth were a living entity, suffering perhaps asteroid or tectonic-plate shift here and there causing arid-heat followed by freezing cold, trying to regain equilibrium and healthy norm, maybe something like the cyclic of temperature's in the graph below.

        Keep up with scientific reports both pro and con remembering the earlier Arctic Core Samples over 400,000-years old, are either backed up with data that is constantly emerging from research and data being gathered today. It is true data like the Iraq "WMD" may be cherry picked and show 'proof' proving lies are true, but who would do this and why. Certainly there will be honest doubt about any theory and theorem, and this is good as long as it is honestly engaged in, but does taking a very limited 10-20,000 year splice from over 400.000 years prove anything other than deliberate denial of many centuries of data? Doubt alone seldom stops calamities from happening, and considering citizen's being poorly informed or misinformed, is it possible to be innocent for depending upon 80% importation of all consumables as is the lifestyle in America today... the answer despite suspicious doubt of certain leaders... is yes. There are conditions and realities that are unsustainable in an honest and intelligent reality, regardless of hat-trick artists that can prove the exact opposite from a very limited analysis of data available.
        Watch the video below expressing doubt, what do they really offer for proof of their doubt other than already established data showing specific cycling of warmer and colder cycles over millennia of time. Grafts to have any meaning have fixed vert. and fixed horiz. values, extrapolating from a very limited period of 1,000-10,000 or 100 year portion of climate period is much like taking a small portion of a globes oval-surface, showing it to be a straight horizon-line, and this is what these people are essentially doing. Refresh in your mind regarding the 400,000+ year data, then listen to these doubters, do they really give you a sense of security? Doubt is acceptable within a limited time frame, doubt without corrective steps after many decades collected and refined using ever more sophisticated techniques and equipment providing more advanced data over decades of collection, without offering any valid and corrective proof is little more than deceptive.

Here are some of the changes that have already happened:


        The "CAP and TRADE" is a scheme of the US Corp-Gov (aka) US-Congress, the Cap & Trade Bill was passed in recent Congressional legislation. Fraud in the European 'Cap & Trade' is being reported as a 'Red-Flag' that America needs take notice, that it is more like an 'Organized Crime Scheme'.


        What the Copenhagen Dec. 7-18 United Nations Climate Change Conference have in mind, is representatives of 192 nations meeting in Copenhagen to discuss what must be done to reduce carbon emissions now a serious pollution problem that even the former Global Warming deniers no longer dare deny.
        Here, in essence, is how it worked. Congress passed a law, Title IV of the Clean Air Act, capping sulfur emissions from power plants at 50 percent of 1990 amounts. Utilities reducing emissions more than half could sell excess reductions to other utilities, which then did not need to reduce pollution. Many power plants switched to low-sulfur Wyoming coal and a few installed scrubbers. Sulfur emissions were reduced almost 50 percent in 20 years, however health horror-stories are still told about communities near these coal burning utilities. With nations around the world because of oil prices turning to building (cheap) coal burning powered plants, expect to hear more about 'Clean Coal', a greater CO² polluter than either Oil or Natural Gas. Before going into the very real dangers and CO² pollution from coal, it should also be understood the claim that Nuclear Energy is CO² friendly is very false and misleading, the entire 1-mining, 2-processing, and 3-producing enriched-uranium is very CO² intensive.

        This following is typical 'propaganda' put out usually by Corp-funded Astroturf-org's (PR-Agencies and fake Citizen Activist groups) here in America:
"You’ll find educational videos on climate change science, the politics of global warming, the potentially disastrous Copenhagen Treaty, CO² Cap and Trade, and the EPA’s endangerment finding for CO². Decide for yourself if the science is truly “settled,” and then (insert here for Congress email link) register your opposition as the Copenhagen Treaty Conference, and Speak Out For America will be a chorus that counterbalances the media's shameless one-sided portrayal of Earths future." click here for Website this statement is taken from
(Check out the web-sites they offer, but also ask yourself why they mention Cap & Trade as though connected to the Copenhagen meeting, since it is US Corp-Gov scam?)

        An organization called 'Source Watch' has done a good job doing an unbiased report on the United Nation and "COP15" meeting concerning Climate Change ambitions to be held in Copenhagen.

         Remember, America consumes approximately 25% of the world oil production, and along with emerging industries of Third World nations such as India and China, these and Western Empires including America will be required to reduce their spewing CO² that is causing Global Warming. Adding insult to injury, modern Western nations such as America would also be called upon to help smaller and undeveloped nations find ways of reducing dependence upon fossil fuels and destruction of vast forest eco-systems. The Climate Change Conference has no plans on making money selling (trade) anyone rights to continue polluting. There is no doubt that Super Power Empires including the United States will try defuse the COP15 meeting to safeguard greed, gluttony, waste, and large Western-Corporate profits.
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