The False Hebrew called Jew

       This is so important; I will try as concisely as possible to explain a deliberate error today misleading many. To begin, the English word Jew spoken of by all today, I believe by many referring to all Hebrew peoples, this is an error. Even those mislead will correctly advise within the Hebrew language a letter 'J' has never existed. As important, neither was the letter 'J' found within the English language before the 17th century.

       With that established, this English word Jew also did not exist in English literature nor bible before the 17th century. Originating from a Latin word, it relates only to one (1) individual Judah (Hebrew Yahudah), or one (1) tribe from the House of Judah (being two tribes of Judah and Benjamin). As such the word Jew excludes not only the tribe of Benjamin, it excludes all ten tribes from the House of Israel.

       The New Testament speaks of the Judaic (House of Judah), these in 70AD and a small group around 135AD were driven from the land. The faithful believing from Torah that God forbade re-establishing Israel, the Old Testament prophetically describing the faithful from both the House of Israel and House of Judah would in the last days be regathered by their Messiah into eternal Israel. Also until that time God had imposed three vows upon the scattered, that they not attempt to establish Israel, that they be good citizens in whatever nation accepts them, and these nations not deal to egregiously with the Diaspora.

       It is historically documented that over the centuries, from 70AD until the yr-1900's, as many at one time as 300,000 had individually and within groups return to Palestine, however in this period of almost 2000-years living in peace with their Palestinian Arab, Christian, and after 600AD with their Muslim neighbor. This remained true until a group began forming in the 17th century under a leader, and began in late 18th century entering Palestine, from that time peace ended in the land of Palestine.

       Now the important part, unknown to almost everyone, the majority of those today calling themselves Jews are not of the Hebrew lineage, nor are they even of the Semitic peoples. These false Jews are instead identified by a Jewish geneticist Eran Elhaik, in his pier reviewed research published year 2013, as instead a people of the Khazar Empire. These were a people of whom their ruler Bulan in 740AD, determined all Khazarian must convert to the Judaic Babylon Talmud religion, needed for political purpose.

       Beginning sometime about the 4th century there was found a barbaric Khazar Empire, much larger than the Muslim Empire existing at the same time, mysteriously absent from almost all historic record or taught within any education facility. These Khazar people today being the origin of the majority today calling themselves Ashkenazi Jew. The leader of this Empire found that Christian, Muslim, and some Hebrew were growing and would soon surround his vast empire. Investigating these religions as possible future threat he chose the Judaic Babylon Talmud religion for his people to convert certainly as a ruse.

       This Khazar Empire ruled by a leader called Bulan, consisted of the Caucasus eastward into a portion that later would be Russia, stretching westward into Eastern Europe, and moving down between the Caspian and Dead Sea's into Turkey. This is important because of prophecy from Ezekiel 38 and 39, describing a people in the (future) becoming an army described as (from) Gog and Land of Magog. What may be surmised is what happened to the Judaic Babylon Talmud thereafter, interestingly larger and superseding the smaller Jerusalem Talmud.

       To conclude, the true devout Hebrew and convert have rejected these false Jew and their need of re-establishing Israel in Palestine (as far back as year 1897), charging these false people have hijacked the name of Israel (Jew), and have no God given right to even speak for the true devout believers of the Tanakh (Old Testament).

       It is my own strong belief, regarding the well known hatred of 'Jews', these Khazar were the people kicked out of 109 nations, a barbaric people from beginning calling themselves Ashkenazi (Khazarian) Jews. After much research into the nature of these barbaric notably their greed and evil ways, certainly this contrasted with the devout living in peace as God commanded, and I believe these barbaric with their usury greed forced from the many nations. Certainly the true devout remaining faithful, commanded to live in peace, would not be the evil for which nations and peoples of the world would despise.

       Evidence for this belief requires knowledge concerning the son named Meyer Bauer, changing name becoming Meyer Rothschild. Meyer Bauer was the fifth son of Amschel Moses Bauer, who had a bank and coin shop on the main in Germany. Upon Amschel's death in 1755, this eldest son Meyer Amschel Bauer returned to continue his fathers business, in this process changing the family name of all five Bauer sons to Rothschild. It was Meyer Rothschild using an individual named Theodore Herzl that began in year 1897 within Switzerland the evil called the Zionist Congress. It being this Zionist Congress in year 1948 meeting in Palestine formed the first (Rothschild) State of Israel, and Rothschild building the Jerusalem government Supreme Court building, constructing atop Rothschild's Masonic Pyramid. True also today, the 'Jewish Fund' for these Zionist began by Rothschild's, today is called the 'Israel Land & Authority', this fund today owns over 90% of the land called Israelů. God no longer owns Israel nor Jerusalem.
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