Eternal Life

The Bible is Gods inspired Word although not necessarily in chronological order. For Genesis 1:1 is a teaching, Genesis 2:1-25 is a teaching, and Genesis 1:2-31 is a teaching whose sequence is more in order of chronology. Chronology is a sequential order that builds within a time frame, yet truth is truth that does not depend upon a chronological order, it depends upon understanding. Then who can not see the difference between Genesis 1 and Genesis 2, for the one is the natural world, the other is the spiritual world, and the teaching difference is of vastly different import.

Say that they are a teaching of the natural, and the teaching of the spiritual, for from them both the complete teaching of the Lord is made complete. Remember it is the soul, the core of creation that understanding begins, for in core of creation is the meaning and purpose of God. The essence of God is in His creation, the teaching of creation is Gods will and purpose, and the center of Gods teaching is man and all other creation.

It is not the inanimate that God created of import for Himself, but the living or spiritual that God created within us. It is the very Spirit of God that we exist, it is with a spirit of free will that we were created, it is we the spiritual being that God seeks to gather through His love. In this life we will be tethered in flesh, within the flesh will be planted the purpose and hope of God, and within our spirit we will be given free will to accept or reject our Creator and His purpose.

To this purpose God inspired the writing of the Holy Bible, in this book we have the natural existence of logos, but of import the spiritual existence of the living word. We have the natural existence of this world which leans upon its own understanding, and the spiritual existence of the living God. From this book, through Spiritual discernment of the living God, we will learn and receive the living word of God. Without the very presence of God seeking truth and Spiritual meaning for us, no understanding is fruitful in reading the Word of God, for there is the wisdom and knowledge of man and the wisdom and knowledge of God.

It is to be remembered that God has appointed one time that we will be born into the natural world, one time to pass from or die in the natural world, and then will come judgment. Remember also it is judgment we ourselves bring upon ourselves, judgment of our own making. It is not Gods will to rejects us, it is God will to seek us through His redeeming Son who is Christ. It is through Christ we may have eternal life, and it will be we ourselves who accept or reject our God and redemption through Christ. For we may choose sin which opposes God, or Christ who saves us from our sinful nature. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. This natural life of the flesh then is why God has created us with spirit of possibility, that we might chose of our own free will eternal life or death.

Judgment is eternal, death is eternal, and spiritual life is eternal, eternal life for all whose names are written in the book of life. All those who reject God and His salvation through Christ will have spiritual death in the eternal lake of fire. Only for the devil, the beast and the false prophet is said will forever have suffering day and night in the lake of fire. Yet death will be no more, the works of sin and his servants will be no more, and God will gather his own together in eternity. Eternity is understood not upon this present earth nor in these heavens, ending the promise began in Gen 8:22 "As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease." The New Jerusalem found upon the new heavens and earth beginning the new eternal promise.
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