Guard Your Emotions

Emotion should not be denied, but they should be guarded, guarded as you would a most precious treasure. Jesus drew the children to himself, showing how precious these little children were, for indeed these little ones did not have hearts calloused or hardened with evil. Christ did not mention nor pardon the sins of these babes, but laid His hand upon their heads blessing them and saying, "for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."

This was a lesson for we who are adult to guard the inner being of our heart, for here we should keep our treasures. The Lord warns us in regards of our heart saying, the good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of the heart his mouth speaks. This inner heart is also the inner spiritual man who will fight the spiritual war, this war will be against our own flesh nature, and against spiritual darkness within the world. Of this Gods word says the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

The heart has long been considered the seat of our emotions, however it is also the place of the spiritual man, the Bible calls this the new man who has Christ as Lord and Savior. Then it is doubly important we guard the thoughts and actions that in truth are the reactions of the heart. Emotions themselves are not actions of the heart, emotions are reactions to a stimulus such as another's actions. Still in regard to our emotions, they are an important and strong part of ourselves, with them we may respond to Gods love, with them we may carelessly cause hurt and injury. So let me tell you what I have learned of my emotions.

Emotions may lead to dangerous reaction or actions being the result of the emotion. Emotions themselves are not an action, they are a state of mind that can and do lead to action. They can be dangerous in that often an emotion is not conceived from forethought or in regard to purpose. This is a vulnerable state indicating how important it is to recognize and identify the root cause of all emotions. We should be aware that others, especially those who are not to be trusted, these may try manipulating us through our emotions. Indeed this is a common tool used by entertainment and advertisement agencies, also by unscrupulous and evil entities for their own evil purpose.

For young Christians who are yet a babe in Christ, who as yet are not mature in the Lord, this is an important area of life needing close attention. Be very careful regarding your emotions. Emotions may manifest in joy and praise of the Lord, or be of spiritual cause outside both ourselves and the Lord. Emotions are very important, perhaps one of the most beautiful of Gods own wonderful nature, yet may also be reactions to the darkness that opposes the will of our Lord.

A truth concerning any and all emotions is this, we must identify what has caused or awakened our emotions. We need to understand that emotions lead to passion, and that passion often leads to actions. All actions that follow passion such as anger, hate, pride, revenge, lust and other dangerous and ill-conceived emotion need be followed with attention and reflection to identify cause and origin. Unintended problems can and often do result in emotions such as emotional outbursts, these just as often the result of error such as misunderstanding or mistake in perception. These emotional reactions when not attended to and resolved often leading to additional error and problems.

We christians are the new spiritual man, as such we must be aware that on this earth we are in a spiritual war. The Bible teaches that we are to verify and validate all things with Gods word. Not all things that manifest themselves to us will be righteous, evil will masquerade as righteousness. Some things may sound good at first, but later prove to be wrong. So it is that until we are mature in the Lord, we should seek the Lord to deal with emotions whose purpose would meet approval through Gods word.

In these end days described in Gods word, we should not lose heart and become emotionally troubled. Still as warned in scripture, even the elect will be led astray, if possible. God does not give warning without need. Then in all our actions, should they result in a warning or concern from especially the Holy Spirit or a fellow christian, these should be received with appropriate concern. We are one body of believers who are to care for and help one another. Even a mature christian is wise who learns when it is necessary. Not all warnings or concerns should be taken as directly from the Lord, unless His Spirit gives us assurance. Still, in all instances of emotions, wisdom and knowledge from God should be our guide.

One last warning concerns teachings within the church that deals with emotions, discerning the love of the Lord for His creation, this being an area that the immature need be aware. An example in the Bible is a book called the Song of Soloman, here the natural emotions of man are used in teaching the complex symbology concerning the love of God. In this book we learn how deep the love of the Lord is, however relating to the deep emotional relationship of a man and woman. In the world of flesh this is called Eros, and for this reason must be remembered that the Lord has also used relation of family in this love-emotion teaching. Here the family is more than love of husband for wife, but also father for son or daughter, and mother for son or daughter. From these two emotional bonds in love, it must remembered Gods love often and correctly is called the fathers love, being a love given the special name Agape. The warning then is not to confuse Gods Agape love with that of Eros or the natural emotion and love of man. Here we may remember Christ's inquiry of Peter, do you love me, for Peter was yet a man waiting the Lords Kingdom on earth.

Be careful then, that whatever you think or do, that everything is done in accordance to the will and purpose of God. Do not become yoked to the unbelieving or unbelievers, but in all things serve the Lord your God, test every spirit and teaching with the word of God. In this world as new spiritual man, on this spiritual plain of which we must learn, many will come claiming to be righteous with righteous purpose. To anyone who is unsure if an emotion is worthy or of the Lord, then surely they should find a righteous person of whom to ask. This should be obvious the need to find a church with gifts provided by our Lord to bring everyone into unity and maturity.
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