The Jesus Camp

This article is in regard to a movie-trailer (video presentation) advertised by a group called the Jesus Camp. It displays leaders and children, showing clips of these leaders and children in action. The first video begins innocent, however it soon takes on the choreograph actions or aggression of a semi-military training program, using military camouflage facepaint and sticks as suggestive weapon. One or more of the young boys wearing camouflage clothing, apparently recognizing need.

In this training mode the children are brought into an emotional pitch of anxiety and commitment. This "war" training will do very little to help prepare children for a spiritual war. The consistent teaching of Gods word being that from which we learn to discern good from evil, very important also the command of the Lord to become as wise as the serpent yet as innocent as doves, these efforts and abilities by secular man called becoming informed. This is the way in which the new man or new spiritual man is prepared in every way not only to fight evil, but in this war to be more than conqueror's. Here also scripture describes the proper progression for the babe and how they mature into the works of righteousness , the true army of the Lord. Neither our weapons nor our way of war is as the world does.

What is disturbing in this first video is a mind set of adult's that is found somewhat frequently among the Evangelical who are active today. This type of Evangelist group is sometimes called 'Fundamentalist', but concerning the above is more like the 'Reconstructionist or Dominionist' theologies. The problem is not their being active, but the evidence or fruit of results from these causes they are associated, indicating a lack of discernment or being uninformed regarding important matters before making commitment.

This has in actions lately resulted in becoming involved in projects having serious flaws according to Christian teaching. Making matters worse, Christian leaders with extensive background if not knowledgeable in some of these matters, still do not give warning and instead take active part in encouraging their followers to make commitment. In these matters that these leaders could not help but be informed of serious error, to date no warning issues from hardly a one to warn their members.

Within Americas borders serious erosion of our government has become evident, especially concerning basics of law and Constitution. Most profound is commitment to torture with denial of Constitutional and civil rights, actually voting dictatorial powers to the single Office of the Executive or Presidential branch. It would take to much time to go into serious problems of this content that our government and leaders are involved, but there are many, beyond serious and very evident being deeply into evil.

The South Americas in decades past to present is an area in which our government with Corporate institutions have been involved in literal atrocities. An example in recent history (1995-2000) is the nation of Peru, in which our government and Peruvian Evangelical's were very active in the election of a man named Alberto Fujimori as President. Immediately following the election this President removed Evangelical's from any position of influence, degraded laws and Constitution, began death squads and torture, throwing some of these same Evangelical's into prison. This lesser and recent error in history would certainly have been known to Christian leaders in America. Also is the nation of Chile and Federal trials today often in the news for atrocities again leaders of our government and institutions were secretly involved.

What was reported within US Media being the only story about Peru is not the atrocities during the Fujimori term in Office, but instead of what they call a rebel leader of the Shining Path named Abimael Guzman, a former University professor, and after capture tried in a military tribunal trial making front page (false) news. These reports follow a common theme, a local commoner is said involved in killing his fellow countrymen, the purpose apparently to help them gain freedom. A photo in one report shows a long line of dead commoners, this a duplicate found in the nation of Chile when the nations Democracy was overthrown with US-gov involvement, and a puppet-dictator Augusto Pinochet begins "Caravan of Death" government units were torturing and killing is accomplished against wrong minded citizens. Again US-Media at the time reporting these Chilean-Gov dictatorial Para-military crimes as instead the actions of Communist killing common Chilean citizens.

A similar report today about Peru states that since the Shining Path rebel leader was arrested in 2000, the nation has had a period of peace. What is left out is the government atrocities and death squads during the Fujimori term that instead accounts for (some) of the 30,000 who died in this struggle for freedom from foreign privatism of Peru infrastructure. That and in year 2000 was when the regime of Fujimori fled along with his Intelligence Chief in charge of the death squads (later on Int'l-warrant arrested and brought back to justice). This also similar to the US-gov orchestrated military overthrow and capture of the Venezuela President, the US-Media again reporting (only) that the President had resigned. Unfortunately the citizens and loyal military freed this President, and US-Media were then unaccountably silent.
Our enemy as Christians are spiritual, although evident or manifested as servants in this world for Lucifer, and the evil of their ways should be evident to a Christian. Each year it appears fewer seem to remember the teachings in the New Testament concerning these matters, seeing instead Chink's, Gook's, Spic's, Slant-eyes, Rag-Heads, Camel Jockeys, Liberal and Conservative's, Black's, and many other people within Gods creation as origin of everything evil. Being so completely confident they sound in words as though they want to emulate the hate as portrayed (propagandized) in others as children with bombs or hand grenades in hand. These misled people will forever fight symptom's of evil, never knowing where the enemy is really to be found, instead adopting teachings of eye for an eye that leaves everyone blind. Perhaps as with the Jesus Camp, they will have cardboard cut-out's or idol's of whom they exemplify and worship such as Geo. Bush.
It is the second resurrection by Satan called the Gog and Magog army that travels abreast across the entire earth leaving devestation until surrounding Jerusalem, that in the end is defeated by the angelic army of Christ, these are the angels of the Lord and not the saints. The saints will have part in end time judgment, but they are not the angelic army, with possible exception of the last of the scattered covenant people-Israel that return finding grace through the Lord God, Messiah, Christ, and are given great powers over the Apocalyptic army of Satan.
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