The Chosen Devout and Rebel

by DeWayne E. Benson [The affair of Helen Thomas]

The Chosen Devout and Chosen Rebel

Today during a TV-program 'The View' a well known female journalist Helen Thomas was chastised for saying a people (being in Apartheid claiming religion yet scripturally unsubstantiated), said these people need leave Palestine and return to Poland, or Germany. or where ever.

This immediately brought statement's that she was in serious error not properly knowledgeable concerning what she was talking about. What the complainers instead were ignorant, is regarding what both history and scripture show, both completely supporting the thesis of this journalist. That in fact during the Chosen scattered most living in peace (with exception of the rebel), these lived and prospered with the people in whose nation they found residence, this was especially true although apparently not well known concerning the nation's of Germany and Poland.

Having read many hypothesis concerning historic development of mankind, the precept said following one feudal or mogul megalomaniac after another at war to establish Empire, leads me to put forward another premise not based upon progression made possible in conquering war, since quite frankly within (none of the above) have I ever found a war that advanced mankind. This found true at least during and immediately after the killing, destroying, and suffering ended, and only then was found a period of healing and salvaging of whatever remained as that which immediately followed.

In fact it was not until after death and destruction ceased, and periods of extended time for healing and restoring to normalcy had passed, that again under a new megalomaniac (for a while) were the people finally enabled to begin again performing this task called advancement of mankind. Books burned were rewritten, buildings of learning and science raised in crazed frenzy were rebuilt, and the survivor again applied their gifts and genius to these new frontiers called the advancement of mankind.

This of course will be to simplistic for some that need super hero's to accomplish or permit all that is good, but such unless speaking of the one true God, is about as probable as a single cell amoeba suddenly springing forth of self will as would a Cadillac evolving suddenly from primordial muck having a new car smell. With this said, consider the path of the chosen after scattered into all nations more supported by fact. One other fact needs be made clear, being a rebel is not itself bad, as long as the rebels weapon is truth.

It often appearing unknown concerning the Hebrew Chosen or Elect, regardless needs be understood, there are significant differences between the Chosen of God, and the egregious rebel always in revolt against God. Scripturally and historically the faithful were not called Chosen for not, neither lost in the bible are identified by God those being the rebel, these of self will as aggressive in revolt of Gods commandments. This aggression apparently oblivious to many historically, for the secular Zionist even as rabbi were not active only in the shadows, this in later years became obvious in warning from Albert Einstein and twenty prominent Jewish men, writing to the NY Times in years-1948, warning that the Zionist-Gov in control of the State of Israel was "Fascist". This also evident from even less known writings now identified within the Zionist Baghdad Talmud, of which three Popes and as many kings in of Europe, in learning content had these Talmud gathered and burned.

The history of these two groups perhaps not as noticed in scripture by the less active in study, however the scattering of the Chosen began in 70AD and is well documented. Less evident and little known concerns three vows the religious leaders from Torah taught as imposed by God while scattered, nor scripture also clearly telling about the re-gathering into Israel of the scattered to be accomplished (in the last days) only by their Messiah. Concerning the important vows, these taught that 1) the scattered not re-establish Israel in Palestine, that 2) they become good citizens within the nation's that accept them, and 3) the nation's not treat the people to egregiously.

About these Chosen will be found the devout, of these having been scattered into other lands (including the few that remained and increased in number from those returning to their Palestinian 'Homeland'), all of these devout in obedience lived as good citizens in peace with the people that were their neighbors. Not only living in peace, but as good citizen sharing in the benefits that these communities were able to enjoy from shared accomplishment. Of the chosen that remained in Palestine, this peaceful condition lasted almost 2000-years (excluding the crusades) until the arrival of the rebel now calling themselves as Zionist.

Among the Chosen there were also the rebel alluded to above, always progressing into revolt leading to aggression bringing death and suffering, the result of these rebellion's bringing retaliation against all of the Chosen as historically acknowledged within Russia and Europe, and also in Palestine. These rebel in revolt against God and their neighbor progressed from rebellion to egregious meddling that led into aggression resulting in national disaster's, the disaster bringing afterward retaliation against all of the Chosen. The last of rebel group in Palestine finally bringing from revolt their expulsion in 132-35AD.

And so we have the devout fulfilling the commands of their religion as respected part of community, and the secular or unbeliever making religious claims, having (by again meddling in mans political Empire) establish an Apartheid State that God would certainly and eventually condemn. And in fact regardless of statements by misled Christian leaders, scripture describes without doubt a man made Israel yet of this earth age is where desolation will begin. Scripture further saying this desolation beginning in Jerusalem will be as punishment in fulfillment of all that has been written. The eternal Israel about which misled Christian leaders describe, scripture describes with no similarity that could be confused with the war torn Middle East, these new creations being that which the leaders instead ignore.

So while no one will ask the true devout Jewish obedient to God and Torah what should be done with the Apartheid State of Israel, having heard I will repeat for them, God has not called for nor wanted this man made State whose purpose and leaders are in revolt against God. Nor may these in rebellion speak for the Chosen. What right do the devout have of this opinion, it is a covenant right, a Jew is not one by birth or as race, they are a people of covenant agreement and in obedience to God. And as scripture is clear about the man made State, this will fulfill what is prophesied in the last days as punishment in fulfillment of all that has been written. God having long ago said concerning the nature of the rebel, you want to be a nation like others with stone and wood gods, but what you want you will never have.

Helen Thomas although needing express difference between devout that live in peace, and rebel that live in egregious Apartheid revolt, was never the less expressing truth. The devout who have always lived in peace within Palestine have no need to leave, but certainly the egregious rebel in Apartheid error needs return to a place where they might learn repentance. Perhaps it is the chronological age of people wiser such as Helen that allows age to speak words most being misled do not want to hear. More important however are the rebel today out of Gods will, these I would plead return to the faith of your fathers, many now testify that at last the coming of the Messiah is very near.

Helen Thomas then is correct, and if there are a people in error, it is the Christian of America enabling a hard core minority Zionist described best in Revelations being the testimony of Christ saying, I know these that slander saying they are Jewish but are not, and are the sanctuary of Satan. For these evil few are misleading the Jewish rebel into soul destroying Apartheid wickedness, and when instead these rebel need separate themselves from this evil of Zionism and indeed return to perhaps Germany or Poland, and there learn how the devout obedient to God and Torah keep their vow to live in peace as good citizens. Is there a result should this good advice be followed, yes, the salvation of the soul from destruction in end days judgment.
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