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        The purpose of this article is neither to promote Islam, nor promote any one religion, but in truth to promote those at the sixth day of creation called 'very good'. Of these called very good by God, I am very worried about the acceptance within the American Christian church that Islamic (in deliberately including all followers) are evil and led by the Devil, all worshipers of a false god and evil. I am aware of false leaders also false god's, finding for me instead the teachings of Christ is sufficient in these matters "Therefore become as wise as the serpent, but as innocent as the dove." I am reminded also of Paul, who said in 1 Cor 9:22-23 "To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some." May I suggest that when as in weighing a bushel basket of apples, it is the apple being weighed, not the basket.

        From what I have validated from the Quran, also from what has been learned from others properly cognizant in this matter, the Quran in the true sense and fact does not teach terrorism, no more than does the Christian Bible. Am I comparing the Quran and the Bible, as a matter of fact no, and my question to such a thought would be, what defensive mechanism brought that to mind. This I have become certain, Satan is spreading a religious war to distract us from the spiritual war, and in this we are deluged today in political word games being heard about Islam, such as charges of Islamic fascist terrorists, or radical Islam. In this I stand solidly against such slander being used, at the same time aware that in the last days many will be so active and deluded. Hitler was a Protestant (Christian) and I understand falsely charged that his father was Jewish, then may I also slander saying Fascist Christian terrorist's, or a Fascist Jewish terrorist. Of course not, people that (USE) religion for political or personal purpose are (NOT) a true part of the religion, but separate agents (using) religion to make political goals. May I be so bold as to say, there is only one God and one Devil, those who teach hating an entire people have defined their god.

        It is true Mohammed is called a Prophet by the Muslim and is credited for the Quran their holy book, however about this prophet or man I am not qualified or informed enough to make judgment. In regard to Mohammed marrying a child bride, this was not unusual and was a common custom of that era, although the marriage itself was not consummated until a later time. In regard to the initial beginning or writing of the Quran, both Jew and Christian had an equitable relationship with Muslim and the Islamic religion, what happened later may well explain slanderous statements said found in the Quran, and in this context many or most statements about the Quran are deliberately out of context and false as purpose intended. You will find in the Old Testament occasions after the Jewish nation were conquered and taken into slavery, later these same conquerer under new ruler allowing the Jewish to return peacefully to their lands, even furnishing materials needed to rebuild. From what little I know of the Quran that had origin about 600AD, it is written with message much like the Old Testament Bible, there is even some similarity to the book of Enoch.

        I have read and researched enough to know that Mohammed (who began writing the Quran in a period around 610-632) did not call himself a God, nor do the Islamic call Mohammed God. However in error some Christians believe that Islam is based upon Moon Worship, and~or that Mohammed is called a God. It is true in earlier times many Arab or people of the Middle East region worshiped many false gods, just as in earlier times the Jewish people among them worshiped many false gods, and as today many Christians being misled and worshiping false gods. This makes neither Islamic or Jewish who are devout worshiper of a supreme God as worshipers of a false god. Within the Islamic Quran is found the statement (paraphrased) "do not worship the sun or the moon, but worship the One who created both."

        What I have found is that Muslim in Islamic religion say they worship the God of Ishmael. In the context of not accepting the deity of Christ as God who is God, then what of the Jewish who believe similarly that Christ was only a good teacher, the Islamic also believing Christ a prophet like Mohammed. If the Jewish who do not accept Christ are yet called worshiper's of the true God, who is the God Islamic worship, taking in consideration some of both Christian and Jewish leaders have in ignorance, pride, or anger misled their followers. Both Islam and Jewish document the Jesus, Islam as in the New Testament acknowledging Mary and the Angel announcing her virgin birth of Jesus.

        Islamic leaders and their (true) cleric world wide condemn terrorism such as they were told (in error) was done by Osama bin Laden, saying such terrorism is a false Jihad, and more seriously call it murder of the innocent, or as killing all of humanity. As an aside comment it now is understood that no proof exists Osama was involved in 9-11, admitted by vice Pres-Cheney, proof exists only Osama became a 'Freedom Fighter" established by American-CIA in Afghanistan in year-1979 or earlier, proof also exists the FBI enabled acquiring explosives for the February 26, 1993 bombing of the WTC-garage. What Islamic-Cleric said immediately after is that no man who does such things (as 911) even though they quote the Quran, can be a true Islam believer. Are there radical sect's doing terrorism who claim following Islamic belief, yes, and very likely as many Protestants and Jews involved in similar radical evil. How many "just wars" have the foolish Protestant leaders blessed, wars that were in fact for empire purpose contrary to the purpose of God.

        Who indeed would deny that Western Empires are those today who have ruled much of this earth with iron fist for century after century using and setting up despotic regimes and false Democracies. If one man has a God greater than another, then let both men stand aside and permit the true God to display His power and authority. Only the lesser god need worry, and the men that serve false god's. It is better the seekers of the true God stand together, revealing and exposing the super race who follow their own willful road to damnation, and in these end times a truth commanded to have nothing to do with the evils of the world, but rather expose them. Who but the man of rebellion believes he like God may rule over lesser men, Christ sought those that would reign with him, and as Christ came not the be served (rule), but instead to serve, and in this gave his life that others might be saved.

        We now have considerable slander being taught about the Quran, just as others are involved in slandering the Protestant Bible. To be truthful the greater Islamic body of followers have lived when unprovoked just as amiable with their neighbors. Few appear aware of this period of religions as above living in peace during a period academic peoples called the Cradle of Civilization. Yet twisting of history now makes some peoples saintly without a fault, while others are made out as absolute and complete demons. Only the uninformed and myopic could accept foolishness of such obvious error. Today twisted minds have developed control methods that distort and mislead gullible peoples and nations, mixing truth with lie and lie with truth while leaders of (supposed) virtue yet silent about obvious evil.

        Today it is an art form in demonizing one people in order to provoke another into exterminating and abusing. Just one example used against the Islamic is distorting 'Jihad', actually translated as religious struggle, but in deception charged as barbaric war of aggression in which the innocent are killed. Many religious wars have been fought, to be honest and certainly more correct, instead many 'political' wars using religion have been fought.

        Common people are those belonging to God their creator, although they may live in sin, and are often led astray, God through Christ gives the free gift of salvation to those seeking His redemption. I rarely see Muslim worshiping in manner or commitment that looks evil. Nor do I accept the radical-sect Muslim that our American government yoked themselves and trained in aggression against a 'godless Russia' as typical of these worshipers. In numerous incidences I have heard of Islamic Clerics sternly warn and condemn the "Jihad" of these radical-sect's, calling it "evil murder of innocent people." Besides these radical-sect's, the evil I am well acquainted with are those ‘covertly' done by our own self-proclaimed Christian Government. By their fruit I know them, I have studied their history of enslaving nations and people under the guise of colony and protectorate.

        So then, what God do the Muslim~Islamic really worship, it is not Mohammed whom they call a Prophet. Even the Jewish and Arab Christian have used the Arabic words of Al or El as Allah the name of God. If Allah is in error, would also the German "Gott" be in error, or the English translation "God", or is there more to God than a name given or translated by man. God who said "I Am" did not negate or disown Ishmael, the angel who spoke to Hagar his mother said a great (and powerful) nation would come of Ishmael. Do not take for granted as planted in many mind that in symbology the 'armies surrounding Israel' will be only evil Arab or Muslim, because the deceiver and his army will have many pontificating holiness and serving in desolation.

        The Old Testament in Isaiah 57:1-2,21 talks about the upright and righteous, that in death going into the grave they rest in peace, while the wicked in the grave have no peace. I believe those described in the Bible as ‘upright' are those of the law, or if not of the law living as if having a law unto themselves, and these are the upright captives in the grave that Christ preached/proclaimed to before leading a people free. Also to be remembered is Ps 11:7 "For the LORD is righteous, he loves justice; upright men will see his face." These before their death (that I know of) had not spoken in tongues, were not baptized in water, nor repented through Christ, or claimed Christ as savior through acts of obedient faith. The upright like the thief upon the cross beside Christ apparently fulfilling all the above, evidenced by Christ when answering the thief who admitted Christ's innocence, his (thief) own guilt, and requested Jesus remember him in His Kingdom. Christ in going into the depth preached or proclaimed in the grave (Sheol), and in rising from death in victory led captivity captive, these were the upright and redeemed, I believe called part of the first resurrection.

        It is apparent that Western Empires have exercised control over Muslim peoples of the Middle East for many decades. In our more recent history, control was exercised by American Corporation's and enforced by Western Institution's and Government's. Of the invading usurper nations in recent history, those involved in immoral war and bondage, Western Empire's of whom the US-government is predominant is found in this error. Again as example it was the British Empire under Winston Churchill who condoned poison gas used to quell an uprising of Iraqi, this being in the 1920s and concerning Iraqi who wished not to be controlled as a British colony.

        Also in acts of evil was the engineering of murder began in late 1970's (Iran/Iraq war) done for covert purpose with US-government leadership and involvement, later blamed upon others to demonize our enemy, then using the murder in deceit as propaganda. Included in this was the former Russian domination of Muslim tribes in southern satellite states, this control beginning to break away during late 1980's, and by 1990's seeing the dissolution of the entire Russian Communism.

        It was the Muslim majority in Southern satellites of Russia who were long in contention with their Russian masters. Very likely the US government covertly during the cold war participated, the eventual result being the Russian breakup. This was subsequently followed by American radicals openly taking over the US government, followed by engineering events deliberately causing a Crusade/Jihad 'holy war' for dominance. Today in America many recognize their goal as dominance over Middle East Islam and regional oil resources, not the least keeping the US-Dollar as dominant Note of Int'l-exchange. Only the blind would have not noticed religion again used by false prophets and teachers that today dominate in Christian-politics, and are Americas leaders.

        Knowing that error is easily possible when taking words out of context, here are some words written in the Islamic Quran (Arabic Allah here being translated as God)...

From the Quran is found the following verses.
[60:8] God does not enjoin you from befriending those who do not fight you because of religion, and do not evict you from your homes. You may befriend them and be equitable towards them. God loves the equitable.

[4:90] If they withdraw from you and fight you not, but (instead) send you (guarantees of) peace, then God alloweth no way for you (to war against them).

[8:61] If the enemy incline towards peace, do thou (also) incline towards peace, and trust in God.

Moon Worship religion:
[25:61] Blessed is He Who put in the heavens constellations, and put in it a lamp, and a light giving moon.

[21:33] It is He Who created the night and the day, and the sun and the moon: all swim along, each in its rounded curve.

[41:37] And from among His Signs are the night and the day, the sun and the moon. Prostrate (worship) not the sun or the moon, but prostrate (worship) to God Who created them, if you (really) worship Him.

Forced Conversion
[2:256] Let there be no compulsion in religion. Truth has been made clear from error. Whoever rejects false worship and believes in God has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that never breaks. And God hears and knows all things.

[10:99] If it had been your Lord's will, all of the people on Earth would have believed. Would you then compel the people so to have them believe?

[3:20] So if they dispute with you, say 'I have submitted my whole self to God, and so have those who follow me.' And say to the People of the Scripture and to the unlearned: 'Do you also submit yourselves?' If they do, then they are on right guidance. But if they turn away, your duty is only to convey the Message. And in God's sight are all of His servants.

[5:99] The Messenger's duty is but to proclaim the Message.

[88:21-22] The Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him and his progeny) has also been mentioned as a reminder, not as a person who forces Islam upon others: "Therefore, you remind (them), for you are only a reminder; you are not a watcher over them.

Wars Fought
2 AH: The Battle of Badr
Muslims confronted the Meccan forces at Badr - 80 miles from Medina, and 200 miles from Mecca. The location and the circumstances are quite clear that the Meccan infidels were the aggressors.

3 AH: The Battle of Uhud
Named after a mountain just outside Medina. Meccans came to extract revenge for the defeat in Badr.

5 AH: The Battle of Ahzab (or Khandaq)
The Meccan unbelievers, in alliance with some Jews of northern Arabia, came to attack the Muslims in Medina.

6 AH: The Peace Treaty of Hudaybiyya
In the sixth year after the Prophet's migration, accompanied by Muslims, he decided to go for pilgrimage to Mecca. The infidels prevented the Muslims from entering the city of Mecca. After lengthy negotiations, both parties signed a peace treaty for the term of ten years.

        To those who believe the story of 70-73 virgins for those who kill themselves as human bombs, try finding any reference to the virgin-reward in killing ones self as considered martyrdom in the Quran or permitted by their God. The Quran as far as I've found calls only those 'killed' for believing and serving God as the true Martyr. The verses you might find such as (Quran 55:46-78) refer to maidens (virgins with reference to husbands in symbolic context), and have nothing to do with human-bombs who kill themselves thinking they are martyrs. This being as senseless as preachers who bless (their) soldiers for fighting "Just" wars for God, or dropping atomic bombs on densely populated cities. Are some who claim Islam similarly evil like our false Christian brethren, then we have even more in common.

Is this uniform belt buckle from Germany a WWII memento,
or a testimony to men who have not learned to discern good from evil,
it says "God With Us"

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