Pat Robertson
Selective Righteous Anger

       I am going to be totally serious with you, it may sound harsh to say if you desire to remain uninformed and unknowingly mis-informed concerning events of the world, chances are good it will negatively effect the maturity of your Christian life. Certainly it is true many around you are innocently or intentionally mis-informing you, today this includes teachings and prophecy of many respected church leaders. Our US-Gov and Media may be depended upon to lie and misinform citizens most of the time. Also it was not a suggestion of the Lord that therefore you become as wise as the serpent/snake, this was a command of the Lord, just as every spirit and word must be tested by Gods word the Bible.

       In the following I will open your eyes to events in the world around you, do not believe for an instant there is no spiritual connection and cause to every situation and event that will be covered. The signs of the time demands you open spiritual eyes, and see the war entering into all of our lives today. So many spiritual leaders have failed the church so seriously and so long in America, that the church has become inundated with false teachings and prophecy, the light of many church little different than that of the world. A prophecy heard more often each days is that a time has begun of shaking of the Christian church for repentance, I believe God is calling His people to come out from among the apostate church.

       I will begin with a small synopsis and statement of a renown Marine General from the early 1900's, whose name was Smedley D. Buttler, about whose exploit's and accomplishments at the end had him claim that "war is a racket" and that he was a "racketeer for capitalism." This is what he called his rise through military ranks and his experiences around the world as a Marine General fulfilling US-Government policies... in 1935 Common Sense article:
"I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-12. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras "right" for American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested... . Looking back on it, I feel I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three city districts. We Marines operated on three continents."

       I will Start with more recent US-Gov policy and what is going on today in South America regarding relations with the nation of Venezuela, a situation very similar to the covert operations used to overthrow in 911 (Sept. 11, 1973) the Chilean Democracy also in South America, also the recent US led overthrow of the Haitian government and forced removal of President Jean Bertrand Aristide to South Africa. This happened because a number of US Corporate and Western Cartel became fearful they might loss their strangle hold over foreign resources and regime established cheap labor, hampering the US Empire from easily importing 80% of (all) consumable's sold in America. Here, from secularist's to our shame, is one of the few places within America it is possible to find (some) truth.
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       The CIA and other covert agencies utilized torture using methods found in the CIA/Pentagon "KUBARK" manual, as was taught to special cadre of foreign militaries at the 'School Of the Americas' in Ft. Benning Georgia, also as was used in locations such as Abu Ghraib torture center in Iraq. In the South Americas some may remember reports of "Death Squads", "Caravan of Death", and "Dirty Little Wars", for which we can proudly say many if not most were documented done by (our) School of the Americas (Ft Benning) special cadre of graduates. Some of these cadre given special portrait's hung within this school, returned to show others how they honed their training in the fields of torture and death.

The video much like 2-Honduras generals (SOA Grads) that deposed the nations President
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       At the time American Corporations operating in Chile were getting approximately 25% of (our) copper out of this nation. This similar to our leaders today who talk about (our) oil in Iraq. This differs only slightly in relations with the recent Peruvian dictator Fujimori, who recently ran off leaving his Intelligence Chief Vladimiro Montesinos to Peruvian Justice, who then charged him with "Crimes Against Peruvian Citizens." It is assumed the CIA no longer lists him as a working CIA-asset, the US-Government in this case having sense enough (afterward) to stop identifying Fujimori's dictatorial regime as a Democracy. The local Evangelical Christians who were fooled into helping Alberto Fujimori win election, being later (the same) but wiser Evangelical bum rushed out of gov-influence or thrown into prison, are today for this reason happy to see Fujimori gone.

       Regarding the South American nation of Chile, our Corporate-Government used world banking and President Richard Nixon in what Nixon said was... "to make their (Chilean) economy scream." The purpose for this covert action was to control democratic elections in which it was feared the wrong man might be elected. Running for President was a socialist minded person who won the Presidential election despite our prolonged covert actions. These actions although almost destroying the Chilean economy, despite using labor unions and media in propaganda, failed to stop the Chilean citizens from voting the man in as President. When the CIA reported this failure, Henry Kissinger was quoted as saying "it is not our fault the Chilean people elected the wrong person."

       Because the citizens had elected the wrong man to Presidency, the democratically elected government of Chile was overthrown using an elite general staff of Chilean military with turncoat general Augusto Pinochet, the turncoat was installed as President to replace the assassinated President elect. The US Gov (CIA) then fed the Pinochet regime with names of Chilean leaders who in any way had Leftist leanings, who Pinochet then dutifully murdered, very similar to the political cleansing Saddam Hussein was obliged to fulfill in late 1970s as preparation to be accepted by the US shadow government. The dictatorial regime of Augusto Pinochet lasted 17 years (ending in 1990), during which time thousands of citizens in detention centers were tortured and murdered, centers to which (our) compassionate government representative Henry Kissinger wanted to continue aid by sending cot's to the detention centers.

       In Chile and Venezuela the overthrowing dictators immediately began disbanding part of the democratically elected government and abolishing the Constitution along with many laws. Today in the nation of Chile their Justice System having re-established itself has through investigations verified and are trying dictator Pinochet for the many atrocities committed with foreknowledge and assistance of US Corporations and the US Government. In America the Freedom of Information laws has only recently enabled documenting these facts with released US intelligence agencies documents. Today (year 2005) the Chilean government has once again become the democracy from before. This past month the Chilean Justice System stripped Pinochet of immunity and is trying him in Fed-Court for atrocities that are to degenerate to mention. Note: In year 2007 Pinochet died near the end of his trial that would have resulted in serving a long prison sentence.

       In Venezuela and Columbia these same (worn out) methods were began, in Venezuela with an elite top-level of military generals abducting the President while our US Media dutifully reporting he had resigned. However this time President Hugo Chavez received warning and planned ahead, quickly Venezuela citizens were informed and loyal military brought an end to what might have ended in the murder (as happened in Chile) of their President. When the agent of our Corp-Gov; a man named Pedro Carmona was installed as the democratic military-dictator and began disbanding the Venezuela Nat'l Assembly, Venezuela Constitution, all laws passed during the short term of President Chavez, and assumed the right to dismiss any or all elected official's, at this point the greater part of Venezuela citizenry rose up and demanded the removal of this dictator and usurper of their democracy. Today in Columbia the nation and people are being figuratively raped by large US Corporations, politicians and elite within Columbia are being used to make charges against Venezuela and the government of President Hugo Chavez.

       Dictator Carmona (like Dictator Augusto Pinochet of Chile) was a front man for the local elite and a good friend of the local AFL-CIA being funded by the US government. Another friend being Perez Recao the owner of Venoco Oil. Both of these gentlemen having a very strong (as with Henry Kissinger the key man in the overthrow of the Chilean democracy) relationship with an American named Otto Reich (mentioned in the Haitian video above), mister Reich being the Cuban exile who is now our US Assistant Secretary for the Western Hemisphere Affairs, another fox appointed to watch over the hen house.

       Our Shadow-government long ago began again using front organization's like the International Republican Institute, also in this case a front called the "National Endowment for Democracy", using large sums of US Tax monies to manufacture propaganda and lies within Venezuela, an example is corrupted labor leaders and media owned by the elite 2% of Venezuela's wealthy. Today also there are reports of US Military and Corp-Mercenary building up along the border of Venezuela in Columbia. Which may explain the "mysterious" bomb explosion that disrupted a Venezuela oil-pipeline recently. As we all know (wink,wink), our Special Forces plus Foreign and Corp-Mercenary are in Columbia to stop the Drug business (wink, wink). Columbia today is one of the few South American nations that has not begun a clean break with the US Corp-Government, and for that reason (alone) is very important. It is also common knowledge today (year ending 2008) the drug industry of Columbia has surpassed production and export of past years, before the $Millions of US tax dollars spent on this 'Drug War'.

       The Venezuela government today is reopening vacant and closed factories to put people needing jobs back to work, offering owners help if they will reopen businesses closed for whatever reason. For those factories closed that no attempt is made to open, the government will then open these factories, giving the labor control over factory operation. The Venezuela government has also began a vast operation aimed at attaining literacy for citizens who had to stop their education to survive with previous dwindling and poor paying jobs. Cuba today has provided 14,000 doctors and nurses in an invading army of conspiracy to give health care free to the poor, this in exchange for much needed oil.

       President Chavez has reopened the Venezuela's oil industry and it is beginning to recover after having been essentially closed down. All of which is being called a very dangerous situation by the 2% of Venezuela wealthy and their counterparts here in America. The Venezuela government today is taking a different direction than American Corporations... US Corporations who are moving production by building factories inside Communist China. Instead the Venezuela government is setting up trade policies with China, the result is a beginning of recovery for the Venezuela economy and making jobs in Venezuela for Venezuela labor.

       In the mean time, US taxes are being put to work by a Corporation who makes simulation software for the Pentagon, in this case the game "Mercenaries 2: World in Flames," created by Los Angeles based Pandemic/Bioware Studios, simulates a mercenary invasion of Venezuela in the year 2007. Pandemic is a subcontractor for the US Army and CIA funded Institute for Creative Technologies, which uses Hollywood techniques to mount war simulations in California's high desert in order to conduct military training. "Mercenaries 2: World in Flames" simulates destruction in downtown Caracas, and promises to leave no part of Venezuela untouched. A Christian group (Operation Straight Up) produced a video-game that was a take off of the Tim LaHaye 'Left Behind' series, the DoD was so taken with this "convert or kill" game they had planned to send it to GI's in Iraq.

       What this is all leading up to is an American (leader) in search of Gold and diamonds, now the proud owner of a business called "Freedom Gold Limited", a business formed in the Cayman Islands, the place where our wealthy go to dodge US taxes. This is the man known to many Christians as Pat Robertson, this man who for $15 million investment in Liberian gold mining may make $2 billion return, minus the 10% consignment deal Robertson signed with the Liberian dictator (former US prison escapee) known as dictator Charles Taylor (who also calls himself a Christian).

       In prior dealing with dictators, Robertson also made a deal with African dictator Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire for rights to form the failed "African Development Company", this also in search for gold and diamonds. US Government and Zaire relations at that time one of co-operation, however regarding Zaire copper, cobalt and other minerals, a more accurate description is corp-oration. Although citizens of Zaire were destitute and many starving, Mobutu had bank accounts all over the world. In this earlier operation Pat Robertson was charged with and investigated for using planes owned by (his) Operation Blessings organization (Missions) to primarily fly shipment's of mining equipment to his African Development Company. To be fair there were two flights reported as actually involved in mission business.

       Very recently Pat Robertson during a 700 Club broadcast stated (righteously), if covert assassination were still an operation of the US government, then the "Assassination of Venezuela President Hugo Chavez" would in his mind be an action worth accomplishing. When asked about this assassination ability, our government representative Rumsfeld (righteously) advised we did not do such things, indicating that the wrong person was asked.
       Today I am warning American Christians to beware of false Prophets and Teachers, also of Deceiving Cabal's like that established by the (PNAC Org) in the Bush Administration, whose Office of Special Plans was occasioned by (Christian) Newt Gingrich despite this group fondly calling their agency of "The Cabal." This cabal was formed by the Bush-Administration to manufacture Iraq 'WMD' proof needed to convince Congress and American citizens to start a war in Iraq. This WMD proof today having been proven as manufactured using documented liars and disputed data cherry-picked to create an illusion of being accepted intelligence.

       These men are dry wells spoken of in the Bible, making promises in words, promises that remain always and only promises. Whose deeds however result in carnage and suffering of the weakest and most oppressed, even leading the elect astray (if possible). The type of men who associate and deal with the most wicked people on earth, then pontificate words they have memorized from the Bible. These are men who teach from the Bible saying, "repay evil with evil." That guide us with teachings to call evil as good, and good as evil, or that good can (come out of) evil. For another article concerning a leading false teacher within the church, click on Americas false prophets.

       In Iraq recently we saw the result of Iraqi Secret Police/Militia's, an organization the Bush Administration began training for Iraq (with $3-Billion CIA-Fund tax dollars), Homeland Security hiring and sending the infamous New York City Police Commissioner Bernard B. Kerik who trained primarily old Saddam-agents to be 'Police', Kerik earning in the process the nickname "Baghdad Terminator." Bernard Kerik quit his contract half through returning to America only to be tried in Federal Court and ending up in prison. The (new) Iraq government in the mean time has torture centers and Death Squads to torture and kill their citizens. This agency is somewhat a duplicate the CIA set up in the late 1950s called SAVAK for dictator SHAH of Iran.

       It is also a duplicate of the DINA Secret Police set up for dictator Augusto Pinochet in Chile. Trivia sometimes gives insight into important issues, and this concerns perhaps the largest Catholic Cathedral in Japan located in Nagasaki, the region where no doubt "Hidden" Christians would have been located, that was essentially 'ground zero' for dropping the (second) atomic bomb called the "Fat Man." The Pope was heard to say (nothing) about this incident, a Lutheran and Catholic clergy perhaps lacking discernment blessed the flight beforehand. Many military, Intelligence, and government leaders in their testimony after the atomic bomb was dropped, said there was absolutely no military reason for dropping the bomb, historic documents later proving it political in purpose concerning Russia and US competing empires.

       One last piece of trivia, in the nation of Peru, the Evangelical Leaders in 1995 got together and helped put a man named Fujimora into office as President. Later a group of Communist Marxist Terrorists took hostage a number of foreign trade representatives, demanding news media coverage of their grievances against what they called a corrupt government. Dictatorships come in handy when a nations infrastructure is being privatized, where a great majority or the common population are put into subservience to Int'l-investors and a ruling class. However very quickly these communist terrorists were all killed, and all but one of the hostages was safely rescued alive. Later in year 2000 this Fujimora was forced to flee Peru when evidence of crimes and corruption leaked out. The top Intelligence leader was then arrested and tried in court for many crimes of torture and murdering many Peruvian citizens.

       In year 2006 this Fujimora was arrested under international warrant in of all places, the nation of Chile... and the Evangelical leaders are beginning to realize "Communist Terrorists" were actually Peruvian Activists dealing with Death Squads, and were trying to let the world know by this hostage-taking about the Fujimori-regime atrocities. This has been the history of Peru, a nation that since the 1940's that has been under one or another military or constitutional dictatorship's, and today has returned to a previous (Alan Garcia) who had been one of the greatest failures as a false Democracy, a man well known to foreign investor's and user's. Also today Communist Terrorist-murderer's are again a dirge (called Maoist's since Russia fell), and these are suppose to be killing and torturing their own fellow neighbor and citizen's, what else can be said about the act's of men trying to bring about a better life for their neighbor's and fellow citizen's. I suggest another story might be found closer to an accurate truth.

Recent news report:
"Peru Recovers Mass Grave Bodies"... May 26, 2008 BBC News.

Forensic investigators in Peru say they have recovered the remains of at least 25 people from a mass grave, which could be the site of a 1984 massacre. A group for the victims families says they believe the grave contains more than 125 people killed by the military. The search for mass graves follows a government-approved truth commission into atrocities committed by both the military and Shining Path rebels. The insurgency of the Maoist guerrillas lasted two decades, ending in 2000 (notice these people are no longer Russian-Communist being the old excuse for murdering innocent people, but are now called Maoist-guerrillas to legalize the murder of innocent people. It apparently being politically correct for Western Media and in this case the BBC to call ordinary people murdered because they were active citizens forced to deal with government 'Death Squads, for this reason are now Maoists. Now these Maoist-guerrilla may be murder by a godless regime that the US-Gov and US Media dutifully tells us is a Democracy). The commission found that the military offered the highland town of Putis, in the southern region of Ayacucho, as a safe haven for civilians fleeing the Shining Path rebels. It said the soldiers then tricked the villagers into digging their own graves - saying that it would be a trout pond - and then killed them on suspicion of having ties to the guerrillas. This certainly follows the BBC contention that there are Maoist "rebel/guerrilla" involved.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009
Former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori was convicted Tuesday of "crimes against humanity" and sentenced to 25 years in prison for his role in killings and kidnappings by security forces during his government's battle against leftist guerrillas in the 1990s. Yes....Leftist Guerillas, like the entire settlement of Maoist Chinese-Communist, no goodnick's wanting a better life than being in constant slavery to an elitist few, real bad people these "Leftist Guerilla Maoist Shining-Path Rebel Insurgency Terrorist." Ever wonder what the British King called Americans during the Tea Party regarding our infamous 'Maoism Rebellion' called "Taxation Without Representation"?

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Headline: The Emerging Secrets of Guatemala's Disappeared

Saturday, April 11, 2009
GUATEMALA CITY -- For years the national police dumped millions of old files in a onetime munitions depot inhabited by bats.

Guatemalan human rights advocates describe the files as the largest such archive ever released in Latin America. Archivists believe there are more than 80 million documents. Many pages are in chaotic, unsorted piles, green and yellow with mold. Others are stacked neatly.
About 7.5 million documents have been catalogued and digitized so far. The files give detailed accounts of the shadowy world of police disappearances of activists, with photographs of students and labor leaders arrested by police and explicit instructions on how to spy on military critics who were later clandestinely seized and murdered.

       The Bible clearly warns us of many false prophets and teachers who will arise in the end days, this was not a warning for a future time only, Paul tells us they have already entered the church as told in 2 Peter 2:1-3 "But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies... Many will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up." Of these there can be no doubt, the most dangerous will not be individuals that are relative strangers within the body, it will be those accepted as leaders (within) the church that will lead many astray while bringing the church into disrepute.

Copeland Ministry had a very revealing public broadcast-video of his removed from YouTube, it is no longer available, however his comments followed essentially that listed below.
Kenneth Copeland in a TV-broadcast relates to a telephone call in which he derides another pastor for suggesting he has to lavish a lifestyle regarding private planes. The other pastor advising he also travels however by commercial flight, in his case costing $12,000.00 for that year. Copeland in this broadcast states laughingly to his guest that the complaining pastor has bought a plane and doesn't know it. Shortly after this episode Copeland bought another ministry Jet plane costing nearly $20-million dollars, making their private fleet of five or more planes, apparently forgetting how he had derided the other pastor for warning about Copelands penchant for expensive planes. The important point apparently missed by Copeland, this other (foolish) pastor will fly commercially for over 800 years before spending Copelands single $20-million purchase, not counting extras such as pilot-salary, hanger/maintenance, insurance, fuel and many other Copeland Jet plane's and propeller plane cost's.

Pastor David Wilkenson gives warning

       We can serve only one master, yet most American church leaders are surprisingly silent about (what) our 'Spiritual War' requires of us in this world of today. Christ cast out many evil or unclean spirits and demon's, these were not in an ethereal place where they were totally unseen or that ordinary people were totally unaware. Even secular man today calls our present political system the "lesser of two evils." Christians in America if choosing (only) between these lesser of two evils are enabling only evil. The Bible instead says that we should rather "expose them", perhaps to be politically correct, to expose (both) of them.
Also, I have learned from my own American government concerning their definition in identifying a Communist, that every one of my Christian brothers and sisters are Communists. What am I to do with this, I will seek instead answers and guidance from my God.
The brass button below says "GOD WITH US" in German and in Hitler's era was sewn onto German uniforms. Hitler claimed a religious belief also and used religion, proving king Solomon in the Bible correct, there is nothing new under the sun... and the blind will lead the blind.
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