Covenant Fulfilled
But First is Appointed the Apostle

        The Bible is the inspired Word of God, from in the beginning giving Covenants needed to man through law and grace, as God seeks relation with his people who are the church or temple. God establishes relationship with individual men, with these individual men He establishes His covenant. It is through the covenant that individuals of free will serve God and fulfill the purpose of this relationship. For this purpose God gives gifts of power and authority to individuals, and in the body of individuals is Christ who is the Church having all power and authority.

        The Word of God is Christ through whom we have power and authority. This power and authority is in the Words of God, by these we are to speak and act with power and authority. By the Holy Spirit we have communion with God the Father and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. It is the Holy Spirit within us that we receive spiritual discernment from God through the Word and will of God. It is the Holy Spirit who teaches us and through whom we have communion with God receiving wisdom and knowledge, even from the inspired Word that is the Bible. No man outside the will of God may alter the Word of God, although man may alter the logo's and text's of the Bible. For this reason man must seek God through the Holy Spirit to find understanding from the Holy Word within the Bible.

        The purpose of Gods Word is to bring understanding to men of Gods will and purpose. In this is an important mistake of men in not realizing the importance God has for His church. Christ has said, where two or more are met in my name, there I am also. The Lord describes gifts and appointments He will use to establish this church, only in the established church are all of the Lords power and authority found. And here is found the failure or mistake of individual men in obedience to God. The success of the church is in obedience to the known will of God. To this purpose God has established the gifts and appointments of power and authority, these are given to the church, a church predestined with gifts for works as each does their part within the will of God.

        Throughout the Bible God deals with man to establish obedience, for this purpose God establishes a priestly body, in the New Covenant this body is the church. In Revelation God gives instruction regarding this body, the consequence regarding obedience by this body to be realized by all individuals. The sins of man are dealt with by God individually, however obedience as a body will be dealt with in the body. Doesn't the Bible make this understood, yes this is plainly taught in the Bible, then it is not only the individual but the entire body who must be obedient. Just as God gave building plans to the obedient for the Temple, so now has Christ given building plans for the Church.

        Who are those appointed to establish this church, those who will bring the body of the church into unity and maturity. How are these spiritual gifts used, for it is apparent that when each uses their gift, the church reaches unity and maturity. In these matters there is no doubt, for Gods inspired word explains this all in plain language for those who can understand. Then only in disobedience will this body not fulfill what is commanded by the Lord. But first there is appointed the Apostle, then here is the failure made obvious to all. Who is this Apostle, where is this Apostle, when will this Apostle come forward. We know that this Apostle is not an ordinary messenger, for the Lord has given this appointed one a special commission.

        About this church, what the Lord asks of us, is that we come together as His church. This body of Christ must be as Christ, we are to be as one, one in mind and spirit. Not double minded or divided of will and purpose, but of one mind and spirit in His will and purpose. Not blown about by every strange thought, belief, and teaching, but steadfast and bold in the faith that comes from the Holy Spirit. On this earth we shall surely fight a spiritual war. Since John the Baptist, the Kingdom of God has been advancing with force, and forceful men shall grasp hold of it. Nowhere is there greater power and authority than in the body of believers, and this body is Christ the Church.

        Good News, when we are ready to be obedient, when we seek the Lord in prayer concerning this Apostle, in Gods time this Apostle shall come forward. And here is the best news, we may not only look forward to the 'day of God,' but we can speed it's coming. This is how, if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us - whatever we ask - we know that we have what we asked of him. Have faith then and believe, and if we lack this faith, then we need ask God to change our unbelief.

        Then search your heart, remember God commands obedience, in this God says that from everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be done. Remember also God requires that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful. This then is the obedience God is looking for, so seek your calling wisely, and in that which you seek and find, stand firmly in the faith God gives you. Find your fellow believers, it is within the Church of Christ that commission is given and becomes a mission through election. God is a God of order, and everything must be done in an orderly way.
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