How The Church Was Corrupted

       Today we can look at our nation with realization that only the discerning blind cannot see vast signs of disintegration within all walks of life. Whether within economic, ecology, politics, sports, business, industry, social, and most striking within the religious church we call Christian. And who are those at fault, our leaders, our citizens, outside foreign influence, or in fact the moral underpinnings of any nation, the conscience and witness of all that is worthy, being the church.

       Intellectual deception aside, who in the world are the wicked, those who carry the torch sometimes called the patriot and leader, here the answer is as simple as the rhetoric question. In the real world there is no place for God, we all know the real world is in opposition to all that is called Godly. Yet surely the leaders within the church cannot be labeled as such, those entrusted by the Lord to 'feed my sheep'. Yet this is exactly where honest discernment in failure would find enabling decades upon decades of un-exposed evil and wickedness.

       Here is a word of warning for the immature believer even if unaware of misleading within (some) churches and by the leader of such a church. Perhaps you have become aware vaguely of spiritual unease within the church you now attend or are thinking of attending. Here is warning by Christ, a warning certainly pertaining to this time within many churches and regarding their leaders.
(Mat 24:5 KJV) For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.
(Mark 13:6 KJV) For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.
(Luke 21:8 KJV) And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them.
Christ said He is the anointed one, and we the body of His Church are the body of Christ. The church (of believers with an order of the gifts given) is the body of Christ, some the true body, and some the anti-Christs or false Christians (meaning false church and/or church leader).
In the end days there will be many false churches with anti-Christs and leaders, within these churches will be much false teaching and prophecy, and they will lead even the elect (true church body) astray, if possible.
Here is good advice, have nothing to do with such evil, not only leave such, but rather expose them.

       How many times is heard of missionary returning to America in cultural shock, not from the nations and people they were sent to minister because of need, but returning home to a nation deep into greed and gluttony made possible by usury done to other nations, their resources, and called surely slave labor. Today we have seen 6-8 decades of growing usury of these weak third world nations, until easily 80% of our present consumable's are now imported. And we accomplish this using covert means to keep these nations and people's in such a state, using American might that includes military and financial institution, military or contract mercenary, as has recently been the news comcerning the Middle East, also the ongoing false flag operations to keep South American nations and people yoked under local elite as surrogate.

       More to the point, most know in the back of their minds that these conditions exist, yet amazingly call this ill gotten bounty as 'Gods Blessings'. And where are you most often to hear such deceit, not from the secular-world called evil, but from within the church and coming from the pulpit. And what happens to those who bring up truth concerning this deception, denial followed with rebuke as being nay-sayers, negative thinkers, sowing fear and discontent. Instead it is extreme rarity to hear this evil exposed, nor hear rebuke of all that follow this evil and perverted policy and lifestyle, no this Christian duty is rarely heard coming from denomination or pulpit.

       It is not from the secular world that this evil should have been exposed with moral outrage, rebuking even member Christians that freely participate and rejoice within this evil gotten gain. Yet this is the command from our Lord God, to the leaders commanding feed my sheep, meaning to care for all of Gods creation and not only their own established church building and congregation. What you see in this nation and the world today is what the Bible prophesied, and it is not the failure of those in the world, it is a failure of those within the church. Where evidently the followers or congregation never reach unity and maturity for the purpose as witness, this being beyond the evangelism of ever growing congregation, but discipleship as witnesses bringing light and truth to a nation and world with many needs.

       How easy it has been to enlist Christian leaders in program's and policy they were advised from beginning were evil and ill conceived. Simply wave a false flag before their eye's, and they were ready and eager to be led straight into Hell. False motto's about prayer, enabling perversion against those who did not have nor were given a prayer. Patriotic fervor for nation and flag, perhaps even torture when the case required, saint against foe. A case of reality over prevailing law and treaty, where might makes right, after all, we are a nation under god.

       The icon to the left aptly depicts the false prophet and teachers in abundance within the church today. But what of the true Christian leaders today ignoring this evil, to which instead in political correctness they yoke themselves. Striving for more prayer opportunities while ignoring the evil they are involved that creates need of prayer. Worrying about stone edifices posted in public place, while ignorant of their participation in evil around the world they by association condone. Denigrating and demonizing Gods creation, that Christ gave instead commission to disciple. Presenting themselves within auditorium, to applaud false teachers and prophets, completely oblivious to false testimony and slander. These false prophets and teachers even today among the elect being led astray, if possible, and obvious to those with discernment.
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