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        A number of years ago, a gentleman scholar gave a speech at Macalaster College; his premise was that this nation is controlled by big business. He further described the means of this control to be deluding the populace through propaganda. This having the effect as during World War ll, attributed to Germany, however repeated from a man named Vladimir Lenin, in which after telling a lie often and long enough, it is accepted as truth.
        Many have the mistaken idea that this means lying and deceit, in effect withholding information or truth from the population. The far more sinister and apparently successful form of propaganda today being conditioning. Conditioning in which lies are mixed with truth, and truth with lies, until most can no longer tell which is lie or truth. Sinister in simplicity, and amazing in that the controlled subject; the greater part of this nation, are never in doubt and always aware they are under control.
        The recipients almost in complicity repeat the lies they are told, eventually being able to convince themselves the lies are true. Perhaps most amazing is the originator of the lie (often a leading public figure) does the same, at least appearing to believe their lie as true. This enables the greater part of population calling anyone that may voice any truth as being liars or conspiracy fools.

        Monarch Programming is a method of mind control used by numerous organizations for covert purposes. It began when America spirited a number of German scientist from Germany after WWll, some involved in counter intelligence, from which today in continuation from project MK-ULTRA a mind-control program developed by the CIA, has found results when tested on the military and civilians. The methods are astonishingly sadistic (its entire purpose is to traumatize the victim) and the expected results are horrifying: The creation of a compartmentalized mind-controlled slave who can be triggered at anytime to perform any action required by the handler. While mass media ignores this issue, over 2 million Americans have gone through the horrors of this program. This article looks at the origins of Monarch programming and some of its methods and symbolism.

        No one will deny that a tyrant unchallenged becomes more evil. Yet describe to others how statistics prove continuing disparity or gap developing between rich and poor, it will be accepted because it is true. The reply to this truth is typically, "tell me something I don't already know," or an angry "there is nothing I can do about it anyway." Report almost any evil, whether in the highest offices of Government or businesses and used either here or some 3rd world nation, the reply at best is a variation of the above.

        At this very moment there is enough corruption throughout what is called our Corp-Government to make anyone hope that our seventeen trillion-dollar debt stays at the present low level. Yet most that I talk to cannot wait to elect someone from the same 2-party (cycle of corruption) to take care of all these problems for them. I can see Gods meaning, of the blind leading the blind. Unless of course the $800-Million dollars listed on vice President Cheney's tax form was actually earned from vice... Presidency that is.

        Cheney's $800-million tax-form reminds me of ordinary people who have somehow memorized std-PSYOPS about 'who pays the most taxes', strangely enough being the same 3-10% who control the great majority of wealth in America. It would never occur to these people to equate this with news (decades old) that the rich are becoming richer, and the poor (along with the rest of us) are becoming poorer. Yet they would and do disagree there is growing disparity between the rich and everyone else. Believe it or not, they're best come-back I've found is to imply that Cheney with $800-million needs a tax break. That and having never learned that "Trickle Down" theorem during the recent past at best was literal rape of America. I don't believe a single one knows that Individual, National, and Int'l-Debt presently adds up to something near the total wealth ($56 Trillion) within this nation, or that it works out to about $500,000.00 payoff for every household in America. And only Rothschild with jis estinated $500-Trillion could actually pay off the entire debt.

        Why are these conditions acknowledged but never openly resolved before the nation? Because the nation quietly became conditioned to accept a sound bite, inequity and greed as normal, denial by omission of truth and attacking those actually a victim. It is accepted that we have a system that rewards a thief, penalizes the Whistle-Blower, and that these conditions call for compromise. It calls for anything other than action, for this is believed to be unpatriotic and unAmerican.

        Today Americans are being used with such ease, that none seem to realize they are being prodded along using emotional overload or fearmongering. Diverted from intellectual reasoning and logic, instead emotionally driven in fear with fake citizen-action reports, fake news reports, fake emergency, feel-good and horror emails, all calculated to incite strong emotional hatred and anger. Reaching such an emotional overload that citizens today are unable to see many if not most of our problems are being deliberately set up, then deliberately aggravated when normal agencies are inadequately funded, and the result of this inadequately operated.

        An example was Homeland Security in taking over Immigration & Naturalization Services (INS border guard operations), and then sabotaging it by withholding needed funding to guard our borders. The US Gov literally stopped enforcing laws (already) existing, laws that would have prevented such a problem were it not for the cheap labor provided Corporations, who then reduce both pay and benefits across the board. Added to this is the bizarre such as U.S. Border Agency alerting the Mexican government to the locations of civilian boarder patrol that help detain suspected illegal immigrants. And as American tempers flared at the injustice of putting up with illegal immigration problems, the Bush-Admin excuses the Illegal's while they secretly have Homeland Security award contracts for Halliburton (KBR subsidiary) to build Detention Centers within America to supposedly hold illegals.

        In New Orleans FEMA deliberately sabotaged by inadequate funding strategic programs and operations of both dam building and emergency operations after the storm devastation. Further involved was a crooked contractor who cheated on already inadequate construction plans that were inadequately monitored in turn by the Army Corp of Engineers. A long list of corruption in the building of the New Orleans walls to hold back the ocean. Collusion, price-fixing, bribery, pimping, all forgotten with the next round of emotionally contrived and purposely manufactured PSYOPS. Soon after the New Orleans flood the Homeland Security contracted Blackwater Mercenary and perhaps others with apparent and considerable leverage concerning citizens.
        Today Americans can no longer discern when they are being lied to, even after the lies they were told are revealed to be lies, then are told other lies in hope to distract the failed lies from memory. Promised laws against same-sex marriage that were never implemented, propaganda about Stem Cell research that was a con-job from the beginning. You see Stem Cell research by Corporations was never effected, the greatest majority of Stem Cell research was and still is done by Corporations, and in fact that actually increased. Corporations in fact were never prevented from continuing to buy human sperm and egg, artificially beginning a living embryo, and killing the embryo to collect Stem Cell's ensuring a continuous supply of fresh Embryo/Stem Cells, their only restriction being that they could not get Federal Taxes to pay for their operation. Has anyone heard of food products today sold as GMO.
       Some of the weird weapons and technology today in the hands of our government makes 'tinfoil-hat conspiracy' sound down right preferable. The US Military had posted a webpage concerning this 'Non Lethal Weapon', but has since pulled it off the internet, and little can be found except this gov-posting. It states that the sound transmitted silently into a human or animal skull can be an irritating sound or a voice. Such a weapon (described to the right) actually exists, to transmit voice or sound silently and directly into someone's head. Jesse Ventura in his "Conspiracy Theory TV-Program" did and excellent report on this device having a scientist with valid credential's as expert witness testimony.

       At the same time to keep the general public emotionally unstable, emotional diatribe is being stepped up, escalating the emotional citizen into demanding additional destruction of Constitution and Civil Rights, screaming out charges that any sane person would know are foolish and in most detail are pure fabrication. Seemingly unaware that misleading information is soon proven false and intentionally meant to mislead, regardless many citizens seem completely unable to shake off proven lies even after well publicized as lies.
        Christian values as prophecied in the bible are deteriorating at unprecedented rate due to deception and teaching error. An example is pastor John Hage in his crystal palace, teaching that Christ did not come as Messiah for the Jew's, apparently understood only by scholars (some) that Christ omitted the twelth tribe of Judah (Jew), an English word by the way that did not exist in English literature nor bible before the 17th century. These teaching error much like the pastor that took over the 700 Club, who taught about the Venezula President Chavez that the US Gov tried to overthrow, saying if the CIA still did assassinations, this would be a needed case, instead of going to war.

        Today we slander anyone using intelligence or logic who find fault with charges that literally contradict fact and reality. Using fake patriotism and fake Christian damnation, while many Christians allow themselves to believe good can come of evil, or that the ends justifies any means. That more stringent government of holy laws are needed to make others holy, or possibly dead. In other words, America has become a Godless nation of misguided law-givers, where the blind lead the blind, and many in truth are spiritually blind.

        Today Preachers and Priests tell their flock to blindly vote, yes they say there is good and bad, what else can you say of a system of choices (DEM/GOP) that most say is a 'Lesser of Two Evils'? Are the DEM/GOP entirely evil, of course not, except that part entrenched in the upper levels of control and prove themselves evil by the evil they serve and do. These are found within both DEM and GOP leadership, almost daily reports that escape Media censorship concerning corruption and subservience to a special interest few whose soul's are evidenced as black.

        What has the church accomplished by telling their followers to blindly vote, they have endorsed the anti-Christ, the false Christ. They neither know or want to know about Homeland Security contracting Halliburton (KBR subsidiary) to build for purposes yet unknown Detention Centers within America supposedly for illegal immigrants, nor about the Pentagon (North American Defense Command) wanting to use US-military inside America and against US civilians (which once was against US Law). Nor of the Pentagon/CIA modern and immoral torture methods called "No Touch Torture" and code named Kubark. Nor of the numerous high-tech arsenal developed by the Pentagon called "Non-lethal" weapons, specifically designed to control citizens who might finally begin peaceful dissent.

        This pastor hates Muslim apparently because of the WTC attack on 911. What he as many without discernment don't know, partially because US-Media has deliberately omitted reporting the facts, is that nine (9) of these (supposed terrorists) are still alive, and back in their home countries. Interesting also is the audio below of (vice)President Cheney admitting Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with the Sept 11, 2001 (9-11) attack.

        This type of Christian leadership in America today appear no different than Evangelical's during the mid-1990s who enabled in Peru the election of a man now known as Dictator Alberto Fujimori. A president who later threw some of these same Evangelical's into prison for speaking out against corruption. Some may remember in 1998 when Peruvians called terrorist's took hostage a Japanese Trade delegation to air their plight. Or in year 2000 when this President Fujimori was forced to flee in disgrace, and his Intel-Chief then imprisoned for 'Death Squads and Paramilitary' crimes against Peruvian citizens. Of course the Evangelical's all sighing a sigh of relief. Does this sound familiar, it should, and I am not referring to Nazi Germany. This same dictator was tried in Peruvian Fed-Court for 'Crimes Against Peru Citizens', and sentenced to 25-years in a Peruvian prison... could never happen in America.

How many Christians know it is not LAW that saves

The United Nations is a front-agency for five (5) Super Power Empire's (Britain, Untied States, China, Russia, and France) that formed and control the organization of 195 member-nations. The control is from Veto-Nay Power they gave (only) to themselves, this control enables along with threats and bribery control over all other lesser nation members. For additional control they formed within the UN a Security Council, now they are down to only 10-nations (5 Perm Member don't count)... to control.

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