It Is By Faith From First To Last - Rom 1:17

       This study is to show that Gods' relationship with man; His creation, was always a relationship of 'love', and this love relationship made possible remaining in faith. This does not mean man was not subject and indeed would stumble on occasion to fall in sin, and so in covenant's with God both had provision for sin. So it was and is today, from first to last, Gods covenant's made with man are by faith in obedience as saints called the upright and righteous.

       So it is first by Faith that we believe, and from this faith it is by obedience that we keep Covenant, and in this Covenant Faith, Genesis will show that God created man as both of the natural and of the spiritual. Of the natural we learn we are of flesh weak and subject to sin, it is of the spiritual that we repent and seek forgiveness for sin. So in both Old and New Covenant it was by faith, under the Old Covenant in obedience to Law, under the New Covenant in obedience to Grace.

       It was the man in Genesis that was created and sent out into the world to have dominion and repopulate the world. Also at the fall of the morning star called Lucifer, Satan or the Devil had led astray by deceit in the natural world all nations or peoples, and so also in the garden of Eden this great serpent led Eve and with Eve then Adam astray in sin to eat the forbidden fruit being the knowledge of good and evil.

       God within the inspired word unfolds the story of man under covenant's, of the first covenant under law with provision for sin nature, and under this covenant the upright and righteous lived by faith. God concerning this love relationship explains in Genesis saying, 'I hate divorce said God, so do not break faith.' This also explained by the Psalmist saying, 'the righteous will live by their faith.'

       From the beginning God knew that man in both natural and spirit would continue to fall in sin, so we learn when the first covenant is broken by man, from this God brings forth His Christ to begin a new covenant of grace, in grace with forgiveness of sin the righteous in obedience will live again by faith.

       It must be understood that both the old and new covenants find the upright being those righteous, both will keep covenant in obedient love, this love relationship will be by faith. In faith man would take on in part the nature of their God, in this nature as a priestly line before God, sharing as would a servant among themselves also this love relationship. In such a relationship there can only be rule by the creator, yet the creator enables His bride to reign along side in His eternal Kingdom. In this Christ sets example that to reign before God is to serve, and this is the nature of God in love relationship, what greater could we aspire in hope but to reign in love.
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