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Does History Repeat Itself

        Reviewing news reports regarding statements of the Bush Administration used to start our war against Iraq, today helps better understand actions the Bush Administration employed for their preemptive war. Notable today are acknowledgments by the Bush-Administration indicating they are backing away from many of their past charges. To preface these charges, it is worth remembering that in May 28, 2003, Paul Wolfowitz on Vanity Fair interview said "For bureaucratic reasons, we settled on one issue, weapons of mass destruction (as justification for invading Iraq) because it was the one reason everyone could agree on", and vicePres Cheney acknowledge knowing almost the exact locations of the WMD in Iraq.

        Besides the commitment of the US government to the United Nations that was broken for a "pre-emptive invasion and war", Richard Perle the advisor to Rumsfeld admitted the Iraq war was illegal. This came about when Perle on Nov. 20, 2003 was at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London, when Perle admitted the war was illegal, saying "I think in this case international law stood in the way of doing the right thing." Not only did international law stand in the way, even forgetting that Blair and Bush began a saturating (soften up) bombing of Iraq even before Congress began their War-Resolution, the Office of the Presidency was used once again in an Unconstitutional "Emergency War Powers" Executive Order ignored by Congress that is dictitorial and unknown to perhaps 99.99% of American citizen's.

        Perhaps as important is the many times one or the other would say "Iraq weapons factories had been refurbished allowing production of new and vast quantities of Chemical, Biological, illegal missiles and possible Nuclear weapons, stockpiles that were ready for deployment within 45-minutes." Nor should startling statements about weapons (and) factories be forgotten, such as Rumsfield in March 30,2003 during ABC-interview stating "We know where they are. They're in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and East, West, South and North somewhat." This would seem to indicate President Bush senior in 1992 sending CIA agents into Iraq as UNSCOM Weapons Inspectors was not a total loss. Nor President Bush in 2001-2 sending CIA-Paramilitary and Delta Force into Iraq prior to the invasion in 2003.

        From 1991 until forced to leave, the United Nations mandate to find and destroy WMD 'weapons and factories' achieved destroying approximately 90% of Iraq WMD. The Nuclear-weapons capability from Niger or African 'Yellow Cake' in time was found baseless, these original charges of both British and American Government's were referred to as "Single Source" document's, the witness testimony later found fabricated. The Niger Uranium Mines in Niger are predominately owned and operated by Western Corporations, these along with the Niger government held mine ownership. Besides requiring permission by this cartel, all were involved with and closely monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Much of the testimony and witnesses involved were those the CIA had reported as very unreliable. This included aluminum tubs charged as for uranium enrichment, but according to experts in this field not suitable, being wrong dimensions for equipment and plant that had previously been destroyed in separate Iran and Israel airforce bombings.

The charges made against Iraq requiring Pre-emptive attack were:
  1. Niger Uranium and refurbished Nuclear-weapons capability.
  2. Two dozen Scud Missiles, illegal Drones, and long range missiles.
  3. Iraq and Al-Qaeda co-operation and connection in terrorism and 9-11.
  4. Stockpiles of Chem/Bio made possible by refurbished manufacture facility.
  5. Although Reagan/Bush/Rumsfeld enabled Saddam to obtain WMD legally, he is a bad guy.


(1)     The Niger-Uranium is now known to have been investigated by a US representative back in early 2002, being told by both Niger authorities and US Embassy in Niger (who had done their own investigation) that Iraq purchase of Niger Uranium or yellow cake was completely unsupported. The US-Embassy reporting they had previously reported these same conclusions back to the US Government. Later the United Nations (finally) obtained copies of these documents, they reported complete agreement that the documents had many serious errors, and for this reason were declared forgeries. Important also was that several Western Corp's and the Niger-gov were joint owners and operators of the mines, and besides needing joint agreement, would also have been closely monitored by the Atomic Energy Commission who had oversight.

The US Ex-diplomat Wilson who had in the past been assigned as diplomat in Niger was sent by the CIA to investigate this charge. Upon return Wilson was debriefed in such a manner, that Richard Cheney who initiated the CIA investigation would then have become informed. This means the US government and British Intelligence were aware these documents were unsupported forgeries one year before the Bush-Administration used them before Congress as WMD evidence. This would include British Tony Blair who was reported as having repeatedly returned the documents to British Intelligence for 'sexing up'. It was during this time in Britain that the "deployment capable in 45 minute" was entered into the document, and shortly after the British whistle blower in this "sexing up" matter was reported to have committed suicide.

According to a British source, the 'Niger Uranium' documents were from the Cambridge University, and except for sexing up with addition of "deployment capable in 45-minutes", were identified by the professor who graded them as term-papers with spelling and grammatical errors unchanged. Also, an Iraqi representative contrary to charge of having traveled to Niger in attempt to purchase 'yellow cake', instead is now proven to have been on a normal trade mission for general trade purposes, with no proof at all of attempt to obtain uranium. The Bush Administration "expert' from Iraq later proven not an expert, who again a single source agent who later backed out of the charge he had made.

The "Aluminum-Cylinders" mentioned often in our news, now accepted as totally unsuited as a nuclear-enrichment component. Instead, IAEA Officials state the dimensions of these cylinders were wrong size for uranium enrichment equipment Iraq was known to once had, besides the fact this facility had been bombed and destroyed. This Iraqi Nuclear facility in which all this depended was bombed and destroyed in late 1980 first by Iranian airforce, and again bombed in easily 1981 by Israel airforce. The Yellow Cake ore then sat useless in Iraq (US-Gov well aware) until well after the 2002 pre-emptive invasion, and then shipped off by Occupying Forces to Canada.

(2)     Although the Pentagon charged as verified that SCUD Missiles had been fired at our preemptive attacking military, Donald Rumsfeld was later made to admit before a Congressional investigative committee, that not one shred of evidence has yet been found regarding SCUD Missiles. Nor have any other illegal missile or drone been used or found in any significant quantity. The MIG Planes found buried in the desert-sand not listed as WMD, and were definitely not suited for "use in 45 minutes."

(3)     The Bush-Administration now admit that there is no evidence of an Al-Qaeda and Iraq connection regarding 9-11. This view is shared by most intelligence agencies around the world. Cheney at first charged that Saddam permitted Al-Qaeda bases in Northern Iraq (where instead MeK-terrorist military bases were permitted), until reports were released that this is where the Bush-Administration had established Delta Force and CIA Paramilitary (in same area's) long before the war was declared or the invasion had commenced. It was found however that British and American bombing of Iraq was greatly increased shortly before Congress permitted Bush to declare war on Iraq. Also experts around the world generally agree that the Saddam regime and Osama 'Al Qaeda' were mortal enemies, unless Osama calling Saddam a 'Western Whore' is a compliment in the East.

(4)     To date there has been no trace of evidence regarding Chem/Bio Stockpiles, nor of the "Refurbished Factories" that were charged to have manufactured "Vast Stockpiles of WMD." Keep in mind the Bush-Administration charges were (not) "Old WMD & Production", but based upon refurbished (new) rebuilt factories and (new) WMD. This being necessary because of the 90% destruction (1991-98) of Iraqi WMD-Arsenal by the UN. The two-vans shown on TV were quickly identified as equipment sold by a European nation to Iraq, whose purpose was to fill balloons with launching-gas. Absolutely no trace of Chem/Bio agents were found in either van, nor for that matter were any (new) refurbished factories found (above or buried below ground). This was somewhat a surprise, considering the Bush Administration reported knowing with precision the exact locations of both Factories and Arsenal Stockpiles.

        Of these charges made by the Bush-Administration against Iraq, the only charge that has not been completely found groundless, is the stockpiles of WMD (prior to 1991). Hans Blix in this matter now says "I never gave Bush reason to believe that stockpiles of WMD existed." Colin Powell during the 1990 war said we destroyed many WMD with our very accurate Smart-Weapons. Additionally between 1991-1998, the UN according to reliable documents and reports, advise they destroyed 90% more "WMD." Contrary to what the Bush-Admin said, the Iraq leaders who departed Iraq before the war, now are reported as having said "Iraq destroyed the remaining WMD." Let it never be forgotten Iraq would not have had these WMD weapons had not the US-Gov removed Iraq in 1982 from "Terrorist Supporting Nation" list, that was essential embargo against selling Iraq WMD... and afterward made it totally legal to arm Iraq... which the US-Gov among others did.

        Hans Blix also reports that while UN Weapons Inspectors were trying to do their job in Iraq, the Intelligence provided to them by US and British governments was essentially useless. Instead Hans Blix said the Intelligence had them running around in unproductive circles, adding the best Intelligence received led them to a Fire Engine. After a period of time and finding no WMD, Hans Blix says the US Government began putting out stories slandering him. What Hans Blix then called Bush, would give the impression they are no longer friends. The UN Weapons Inspectors finally concluded US and British were deliberately wasting their time with totally bogus information.

        Questions remain as to why the US-Gov had the UN remove (from Iraq report sent to the UN) names of Western & Eastern Corporations who sold Iraq the WMD-Materials. Even China and Russia are on the list of nations connected to the sale of WMD to Iraq. Contrary to popular opinion, these WMD-materials were sold (1982-89) to Iraq legally. Earlier in 1979 President Carter had placed Iraq on a US list of "Terrorist Supporting Nations", effectively an embargo stopping all sale of WMD and dual use military materials to Saddam. Unfortunately when Iraq began losing the war with Iran President Reagan in 1982 removed Iraq from this list, effectively legalizing the sale of WMD to Saddam, made official when President Reagan sent Donald Rumsfeld to Iraq for purpose of allying Saddam in the US governments war with Iran.

        Unanswered and very important is why the Bush-Admin delayed for one year (until after starting the Iraq war) the release of WTC-report, considering it showed no Iraq connection, but does show Saudi/Pakistan both furnished and financed essentially all the (supposed) WTC terrorists. Adding to this question is why the Bush-Admin removed a section of the WTC report, those familiar with the complete document say it discloses Saudi connection to the WTC terrorists, and has little to do with National Security. Answers need also be found as to why Bush at first stopped any WTC investigation, and after finally relenting, appointed first Henry Kissinger and then Thomas Kean to lead the 911-Commission. Of interest is Kissingers covert Agency with connections to US-Corporations in affairs involving WMD-sales to Iraq, also Thomas Kean who has financial connections to Saudi/Pakistan leaders involved with WTC-Terrorists. Beyond belief were Mossad agents rounded up immediately after 9-11 and quickly shipped back to Israel, especially one young man later in an Israeli TV program saying, "they had been sent to record the attack", apparently one of the five atop a van observed videoing the entire 9-11 attack upon the WTC's. Perhaps less suspicious were most of the '19-Muslim WTC Terrorist Flying Commercial Jets into WTC/Pentagon' later found alive back in their native countries.

        Few are familiar with the "Project for the New American Century", a group whose origin goes back to the Nixon/Reagan era. In early 1990-97 it coalesced into the PNAC organization, and Dick Cheney then working in the Pentagon establishing Wolfowitz as author of many of this groups policy and military goals. It would do well for Americans to learn about this group, President George W. Bush is following their policy to the letter. A preemptive war with Iraq was deemed necessary by this group as far back as 1992. Under President GHW Bush it is now evident that sending CIA-Spies into Iraq as United Nations UNSCOM Weapons Inspectors had little to do with WMD, and much to do with acquiring data for a preemptive invasion. By 1995 their plan had progressed into invasion regardless if Saddam still ruled. This group realizes that as the worlds surviving Empire, they have a duty of establishing their form of democracy around the world. To accomplish this, they state in their policy they will need a significantly larger and high-tech military, with "Constabulary" bases established around the world. It will require American dominance on Land, Sea, Sky and all of Space. The result of this Empire will insure ‘our way of life', and no less important the ‘security of our enterprises' around the world. Essentially everyone in the Bush-Administration with real power are members of this PNAC organization.

        Worrisome beyond the above is that Congress has again abdicated their authorities to the Executive Branch, they legislated Bush-Administration a ‘Resolution' granting him addendum to his existing "Presidential Emergency War Powers." Congress cannot give the Executive Office their own Constitutional "War Power" authority, making their Resolution an enigma of contradiction. Those not familiar with this "Executive War Powers" (not Executive Orders), it has Executive-Powers available that can make our President similar to a Dictator with Unlimited Powers. A further fact of interest being that every President since Franklin Roosevelt has had this War Powers, and every (DEM/GOP) President since FDR has passed it along without terminating to the next ruling Administration. This means President Bush already had the 'Emergency War Powers" regardless that we were told Congress made possible through their 'Special Resolution.' For those interested in the Congressional Resolution, it was in fact a document to (limit) the War Powers of Bush in Iraq. More importantly the Resolution gave him authority to 'defend' America, and authorized no "offensive-invasion" Pre-emptive-War authority at all. Most will in fact remember that Clinton would have had to enact an Executive War Powers Order in taking military action in Iraq. For those who cherish the US Constitution, this War Powers is a Violation of the US Constitution, Fed-Law, negating all US-Gov Branches and many Int'l-Treaties.

        Of additional interest is Pentagon "Depleted-Uranium Weapons" (aka U238 with traces of Plutonium among others) that when expended in war becomes DU-Oxide (Heavy Metal) Dust so fine it passes through gas-masks issued to soldiers, some of which is soluble in blood, some ingested, and some that would lodged within the body organs . Soluble in blood this dangerous material travels to all parts of the body, the rest ends up where it ends up, and all dangerous both as low-radioactive 'hot-spots', and as Heavy Metal poison concentrated in organs of the body. It has a half life of 4.5 billion years, and is free of charge as waste-material from our Nuclear Industry for those involved in Weapons Manufacture.

        US and British militaries have used hundreds of thousands of tons in wars around the world, specifically for armor-piercing or as deep Bunker Busters. In penetrating armor it literally burns a hole through armor resulting in extreme temperatures or super-fine and super-heated dust, this dust resulting in humans inside the armor being what US soldiers now call 'Crispy Critters'. These DU-weapons used in Urban locations like Bagdad of Iraq, or Kosovo, Afghanistan and Africa, may one day prove more dangerous genetically than previous (Geneva Convention) violations using Napalm, Agent Orange, or White Phosphorus weapons. An important reason Depleted Urainum as a 'Heavy Metal Poison' and 'Low Level Radiant Meterial', is that the half life of DU is 4.5 million years... how would you like this material in your back yard?

Pentagon Stockpile of Dangerous Gas-Weapons

        It appears poetic justice the only Chem/Bio-Weapons found to date, turns out to be Pentagon stockpile's now found all over America, and they now have the problem trying to incinerate these very dangerous and aging materials. Another unfortunate aspect of this dangerous material is, America had long before signed a number of International Treaties against these horrendous materials, those especially used (such as Depleted Uranium munitions) in war where it will remain with half-life of 4.5 billion years as dangerous (to civilians) long after the war has ended. This Depleted Uranium munitions as spent-dust is smaller in micron than filter of soldiers gasmask's, soluable if in the bloodstrweam, and when lodged in the organs of the body, is both a heavy metal poison and low level radiant or double agent cancerous material.

Eph 5:11 "Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them."

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