After careful study, it is easy today observing how Satan as prophesied in the Bible will succeed in corrupting mankind. This accomplished by the deception of Satan, convincing mankind with double think that good is evil and evil is good. This obvious when Satan's methods and accomplishments are openly and honestly analyzed. Unfortunately many if not most including many Christians allow themselves to become trapped in these twisted schemes. Unfamiliar with the spiritual man of God, the spiritual war, and the spiritual weapons needed in war, they fall victim of double minded delusion believing and doing as is natural of the world.

       I wish it were as obvious and understood what the Bible teaches. Christ used the simplest teachings such as family relationship, beginning with our love of God and one another, and how this forms a successful relationship between a body of people. Christ taught and illustrated that to lead, one must serve, and the greatest leader would be as a slave. Christ taught many other important truths, an example being how to handle those who refuse to work or cooperate in the interests of unity and success of everyone.

       Satan influences those immature of Gods word with subtle words masked within words, enabling some to be double minded, believing good and bad is relative. Now in double think believing that good can come out of evil, unknowing that only evil comes out of evil. This is the victim of double minded or double think, having in mind that opposites yet may be equal if accomplishing the same outcome, unable to discern good from evil as delusion obscures both spirit and soul from discerning truth. Some equate this to what one learned professor after experimenting with social condition found, naming his thesis as the 'Lucifer Effect'.

       Many in America believe that Democracy and Capitalism is the most successful method to establish a successful community, yet in fact the very opposite is taught in the Bible. What made the American success possible was not our present Democratic and Capitalist system, that which made America successful was the morality and ethic gained from God, as each contributed their talents and gifts in service to the entire body or nation. This is the method of love described in the Bible, without this love commitment no project involving people is long possible. It is the same relationship and commitment as in a marriage, the opposite of self gain whose purpose most often is to enrich self, and just as often at the loss of others.

       Capitalism and competition relates more closely in games of sport, where a final score of 11 to 12 designates a winner and a loser. A situation in which development of ideas may span generations and spread to opposite ends of earth, yet the first to receive patent is declared sole creator and owner. Where as result of this competitive 'survival of the fittest' there often rise schemes of advantage. And in these schemes it is often the lowest form of character that may stoop to the lowest methods for survival and success. In truth creativity is not combative nor competitive, but is a gift of inventiveness within the mind. In fact invention is the mother of need, not related to scheme or survival, but providing for purpose and to fulfill need. It is a positive and legitimate addition serving a purpose, building rather than tearing down. The exception being only with the competitive and combative who might misuse what has been initiated and invented by others for their own personal gain or egregiously against others.

       This nations success began with stories of hardship, accident and struggle, requiring an entire community working together when and as needed. This was the era of beginning with stories of barn raising and community harvest, or food and care provided by community when a family fell to sickness, a testimony to the entire nations success. Apostle Paul addresses this best in saying "those who produced much did not have to much, and those who produced little, did not have to little." Paul was not speaking of a servile sector serving a upper caste who did nothing but enjoy life. Paul was speaking of those in life who at one time may have abundance, yet in another time may have need. It is not unbridled competition by undercutting or misusing others that we should see as honorable and enabling success. Truthfully it was those whose contribution and produce was of real need by others, using fair and equitable exchange between their brothers and community, this is what enables an entire community and nation to both succeed and prosper.

       Take a closer look at the means and methods used in America that fulfill this method of forming a successful community and nation. Take insurance in which a community participate so that during extraordinary times the extraordinary needs of individuals may be cared for. Or taxes collected according to each persons means, that insure the operation and well being of an entire community and nation. Industry and commerce to employee all who need work in producing commodities and services needed, and this enabling an entire community to live and prosper. Or Social Security, whose very name suggests a form of 'Socialism', and this we have been conditioned to visualize with images of Godless people. But this is not true, for the first Christians established out of need just such a commune, those who could actually selling possessions and willingly contributing these proceeds to enable the first Christian community. The lesson here is to truly understand what Christ referred to as the poor and the dead within a community or nation.

       This is the deceit I've found often used to control people of the world. I found that one of the most feared methods used to develop a community, should the attempt be construed by Super Powers as Socialism, had these God fearing Super Powers quickly putting a stop to such a community. I found that after dark and covert means were used in stopping this Socialist evil, regimes were then established to make sure no further attempt was made to restart the Socialist evil. The God fearing Super Powers then setting themselves up in these same locations, and because of the vulnerable condition now existing, easily exploiting "Gods Blessings" from these locations and people. Who can debate that of the vast importation into America, estimated as high as 80% of all consumables, that much of these blessings come primarily from 3rd World Communities described above. Give thought to what we give these people in exchange for the value we place upon their resources or themselves in this nation.

       Next I began studying the bogey men used by Satan to bring fear into the minds of men. I looked closer at the Russian Communism, setting about to resolve how this military dictatorship became related to Socialism. No connection was found, except that the Russian people had overthrown the Czarist Empire rulers who had oppressed the nation. A Socialist or Bolshevik revolution had thrown off their rulers, the purpose to establish a Socialist Commune. Yet what occurred almost immediately after, a Comunistic Military Dictatorship took control. It next struck me that this Military Dictatorship was similar to the dictatorships described earlier, a covert idealogy and mindset whose history traces to biblical times, evident today of surrogate Empires controlling many 3rd world locations long held in colony and protectorate domination.

       In logically determining cause and effect, or winner and loser in almost every enterprise of man, all that is usually necessary is to see who truly benefits afterwards. In the case of the USSR, it takes little discernment to see the Russian people lost in this matter, or that the Russian government was again a despotic ruler of the people. Then who did benefit from Communism taking over Russia, for this we need only look at world events during that period, few knowing Communism has far darker history than acknowledged. Communism (Military-Dictatorship called Socialism) became the bogey man enemy of Western Super Powers, yet Interesting are the Super Powers or 5-Permanent Members formed the United Nation were Communist China and Russia, Socialist France, also Empires of Britain and America. These began after Yalta a great dividing of strategic portions of the world, much evil became "necessary" to gain and protect weaker nations (and resources) within each strategic-location, but dirty as this job was the Super Power's remained in some beneficial fashion. After the realignment in Russia, even the new Muslim bogeymen who are now our enemy appear unable to stop this beneficial success. Coincidently, these Arab-sect being the same established as Freedom Fighters earlier by our CIA, and by the very leaders that later sent our youth off in war to regain control over these same now called Al Qaeda.

       From this we should be able to see that Christ has no need of mans governments, but man has great need of Christ. We should be wise enough to know one man does not decide policy of an entire government or nation, nor does one man decide policy of a political party. In truth both political parties as corporeal organizations establish their own platforms, although these found as words that are seldom followed. Ashamedly today the fruit which America displays, is damnable proof of the nations people. We should have been wise enough to know it is not what a government representative or one man says, and it is the entire nation that becomes known for the deeds of their nations representatives. It is not by accident that many Americans call our present government political system the "lesser of two evils." The warning we as Americans should taken long ago is, we have been unwise in accepting promises only, whose words often empty or lies. It is long past time to begin weighing words against deeds regarding who is being served in America, and who America serves.

       Usury does not build, wars have yet to improve mankind or the world. It is evident that a system of classes does not unify, it divides, and those who benefit from this are usually those who initiate them. Wise men have given names to different forms of governments, but in truth all fit one of two basic realities, serving Godly and Ungodly purpose. Very few understand or follow Gods ways, and surely the Godly have no reason to have superiority over others, although the nation testifies to the Godly obedience of Gods word. If any one man thinks he has greater knowledge of God, that very one should know they are a servant, not a sole benefactor or ruler. Any name by man for their government and society is an act of foolishness, and a foolish name in no way diminishes what God has commanded in the Bible, "His Kingdom come, His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

       Today we see Western Empire's sliding ever more certainly into the depravity of their own making, within a world and time even the elect are led astray if possible. Today Empires glutted with spoils of war, are Empires and people seeing their accomplishment's in fruition. These spoils of Empire today showing fruit, now sufficient unto themselves where the sanctity of marriage has become a cumbersome bondage, children a chain of restriction if not aborted keeping these accidents at minimum. These Empire's and their treasures disappearing before their very eye's, infertility Statistics showing future population in dangerous decline. And who or what is responsible for this undeserved catastrophe, certainly it must be their victims from generations under bondage, that because of their suffering under bondage must now procreate the many hands that a family might survive. And this they do as people in need for survival against the injustices of life. In all of this the question begs answer, who among these today are the godless?

       In a corrupted government of which America is found with great measure, it is not forbidden of Christian's to be good stewards responsible within a nation or a people. Rather than be yoked with evil, we need instead discern the fruit of this government and all leaders concerning what needs be encouraged, and what needs be exposed. The Bible teaches our Christian light exposes that which hides in darkness, the salt preserves that which is worthy. This does not require being yoked singularly to either political party, certainly most are aware both political platform's rarely meant what said, nor often followed of purpose. A Christian in discipleship is more than a yoked member of one political party or the other, instead more the sentry upon the wall attentive to an approaching enemy, and about the enemy we are commanded to give appropriate warning.
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