Bank of Commerce and Credit Inc. (BCCI)
Also known as (CIA)
Bank of Cocaine and Criminals Inc.

       Perhaps you are one of the very few who wonder what happened regarding the International Bank of Crime Inc., in the 1980's called the Int'l Bank of Commerce and Credit Incorporated (BCCI).

       This is the bank that the US Justice Dept (and) CIA spent some years in trying to curtail all outside investigation. The explanation given for the cover-up, is that they were indeed investigating the operation themselves. I am a little suspicious that the multi-millions of CIA monies later found in account at the bank, may have been principle plus interest as part of the over fifty-plan. The reason for this being the extended time before a Senator named John Kerry and a small group of Citizen Activists were finally able to bring an end to the BCCI cover-up by our government.

       This is the Bank that by 1970's was headquartered in Pakistan, a small nation later found deeply involved (Pakistan ISI Intel) with an American agency called the CIA. It is believed by many that this was the bank our CIA was using to launder drug money and around 1979 used to set up Muslim sects in Afghanistan. The CIA called this Muslim-sect Mujihadeen "Freedom Fighters." They were financed, trained, and armed to fight 'godless' Russia during the Cold War, Russian at the time making inrodes with the Afghanistan government and Afghanistan leaders. Another Cold War operation included working in 1979 helping Saddam Hussein begin his 1980 all-out war with the Iran. Unfortunately the war began going bad by 1981, requiring President Reagan to begin open backing of Saddam and providing WMD.

       To those of you who keep a large shovel handy (should these extensions of Big Business speak), I suggest an interesting book called "The Crimes of Patriots", by author Jonathan Kwitny, put it on your coffee table to display how much better informed you are than the Presidents advisers (CIA or CIA Paramilitary). The book begins with the CIA drug laundering Hands Bank headquartered in Australia, all investigations of criminal activities world wide stifled through some mysterious means, until the front is mysteriously assassinated. Concerning both the Hands and BCCI banks a surprising number of Americas Leading citizens are found involved, all are named in this book as involved representing various BCCI Offices or operations around the world and in America, this includes an inordinate number of US Generals, Intelligence Agency heads, and others involved in US government working deep-black drug and secret war operations. The final BCCI bank is finally outed by citizen's in America raising a stink regarding use of this Pakistani BCCI bank in Middle East Mujihadeen Freedom Fighters brought into Afghanistan to give Russia their Vietnam.

     It is a story of International crime, drugs, and important people involved in the operation of an international bank. Sort of a part-1 segment of 50 years in this never ending story. In part-1, we follow the operation of Hands Bank of Australia through world war II until it's untimely (or timely) demise around 1980. Various individuals within different nations tried to get their governments to investigate this bank, but for some reason never prevailed in this endeavor until the bank operator was assassinated. At about this exact time (what a coincidence), the BCCI bank takes over (part-2). It is of interest that for years, just as the predecessor Hands Bank had bribed international leaders to halt all investigations, so also did the BCCI Bank enjoy many years of profitable crime, theft, and drug-money laundering even within and making mergers in America.
       Now you can see why I am wondering, if the CIA slush-fund went back this far (the CIA actually has not, but our Justice Dept has), surely the fund in this Banking scam is entitled to (over 50) perk.

       It is evident in 1976-7 CIA Director GHW Bush should have been aware of the CIA relations to the BCCI bank. In 1987 when the Saudi branch of this bank was used to help George Bush with his oil business problems, surely young George had some opportunity to make slight acquaintance. By coincidence it was 1987 or 1988 that Salem bin Laden mysteriously died in a Texas plane accident. This is the man well acquainted with the Bush family, who was using his Texas agent and mutual friend of Bush family in financial arrangement involving the previously mentioned Bush Arbusto oil operation. Among people holding a BCCI account that was a surprise, is Abu Nidal, the Middle East terrorist and Ollie North nemesis, birds of a feather apparently.

       Henry Kissinger who can generally be found in most of the US-government (very shady) activities as usual played a part. Of course other gov-elite were also involved, but the CIA financing of the Afghanistan Mujihadeen "Freedom Fighters" was their latest and greatest achievement. The BCCI actually took over CIA covert accounts when their Australian Hands Bank finally detonated with excessive drug cartel monies and greed. The most interesting part of this CIA bank, is the close connection of the CIA and Pakistani ISI (Secret Service), and financing the WTC terrorists. That and financing the KOSOVO-KLA "Drug Cartel" and possibly the US-mercenary called Military Professional Resources Inc contracted by the Pentagon to train them.

      Some believe the CIA as an agency is innocent, simply being used (in covert part) by the Shadow government or Empire who control our government. Perhaps saying, forget tax monies as the background of this CIA slush fund found in the BCCI bank, more than likely it is an internal transferal of BCCI drug monies to cover rental of CIA planes. This is in reference to CIA assets in the Iran/Contra period caught hauling drugs around the world and into the USA. There are others who point out that this is almost exactly the amount still missing from the Iran-Contra affair. I suppose if a person looked around long enough, they might finally find some really frightening explanations of the whole affair.

      What is discouraging is the longer list of names regarding Whistle Blowers who have reported US-Gov drug-cartel activities, and who then end up in prison or places they no longer are heard from. Some Whistle Blowers who then end up dead if government leaders are threatened strongly enough, however the endless Whistle Blower reporters can't all be killed off, as this list attests.
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