Angels Among Us

        In the beginning of the Bible, we are immediately introduced to Gods existence, involved at this time in the natural earthly creation, and the supernatual or spiritual creation. The immediacy of this introduction gives us relative importance that God wants us to understand. Within our own existence in this Bible, we learn from the Old Testament of Law, and from the New Testament of Grace. Those under the Old Testament Law we find will be judged by the law, and those under New Testament Grace, both will be justified and judged by Grace, in this judgment there is both a natural, and a spiritual.

        In Gods creation are other beings, among these and very important are the angels. Of the angels we learn that a third followed one of the brightest angels into rebellion, we know their leader as Satan. Little is known of the angels, except those who followed Satan in rebellion were defeated and cast down out of heaven and onto earth or into Shoel or Hell in chains. Of those who remained true to God, a small number are known and referred to as Archangels. On occasion in the Old Testament Christ appears to be referred to as an angel. Angels are not mentioned in the Bible as having wings, although they are mentioned flying, Cherubs and others are mentioned in this context as having wings.

        The angels of God described in the Bible appear to man in both dreams, perhaps in spirit, and in bodies that although spiritual appear very like our flesh body. Some even take meals offered, although apparently not needing food as we know it. Prophets, false prophets, and men are described in the Bible as having received messages or discernment from angels, and these in the form of dreams although false prophets apparently receive their dreams from other than God or His angels.

        The spiritual world we are told must all answer to the Lord. Of these it is sometimes taught in error that God has commanded evil be done, when in truth God does not tempt or do evil, although He can and will send or permit an evil spirit to act for a specific purpose and duration. The only time the fallen angels are mentioned among men, and at these times called spiritual demons (unclean or evil), is while they are messengers in spirit form. This is evidently because these heavenly bodies or fallen angels when defeated were cast into hell bound in everlasting chains. When a fallen angel or demons is cast out of an individual, if not as Christ directed they go into a specific place, apparently will wander as in arid places looking for a covering to again reside.

        Satan only is unique and the accuser before God, Christ as Savior ends Satans accusations against those saved by grace. Archangel Michael in argument with Satan over the body of Moses dared not slander Satan, but said in rebuke "the Lord rebuke you." The fallen angels however are another matter, the Bible promises those who by grace are new spiritual man, that these spirits will submit to them. Also we are told in regard to Satan, resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

        So the angels of God are messengers or ministers of good news, and the dark angles are messengers or ministers of deception. The angels of Satan have no authority over new spiritual man, unless receiving opportunity or invitation, or unless God allows for temporary purpose. In the Old Testament God sent or permitted an evil spirit that went to people deserving such, yet it is not nor was it God who tempts man to do evil.
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